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  1. I think it was intended for the normal Detron ( a godly weapon). But hey, they buffed the Tonkor riven after the weapon was nerfed (that balance change). I think we should play more with Kraken maybe it gets a well deserved nerf. I mean the weapon is great you can kill level 8 enemies with it but i think it's overpowered. That weapon is intended to kill max level 2 mobs with it. Have you seen Mitter in action? It really makes a difference in excavations or defences when you are swarmed by a battalion of mobs but you are still trying to charge your weapon just to hit one poor Charger. Mitter still has the same bug where you can damage the Assassination Targets with 50 dmg per charged shot. So nerfs is the logical way to go. Excuse me i meant tweaks.
  2. This is a trash move DE. Nerfed all the useful rivens ( Which by the way no one asked for in the first place). I played with Panthera which didn't need the nerf, go ahead and nerf the melee and while you are in nerf year 2018 you can also nerf the movement speed. Let us play in slowmotion. I bet those "2 mil registered loosers" would love that. At least give me the Kuva back.
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