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  1. The one time you truly know when you're officially a God in this game is when you become really really really bored.
  2. Hmm, I'm not entirely confident with what I have seen so far. It looks like the Tesla grenades basically become those mini-rollers some Grineer chuck at us every now and then. Like I guess it would be good if they did more than shock enemies. Also, it looks like the horrible gimmick grenades like the tripwire one aren't being removed which is a missed oppurtinity. That new orbital strike looks cool, but I hope it offers some kind of AOE and decent damage. Bastille and Vortex basically do the same thing; incapacitate enemies, so IMO I think Bastille should be removed entirely. Vortex does more than enough of a job making enemies immobile and it groups them all together as well so Bastille is kind of vestigal at this point.
  3. That is the early stages of a video based on Yatus' Nion warframe skin series. You can see it on his twitter. Specifcally the animation was done by a guy called bbwb anim and the music was done by someone called Hakatzz.
  4. I disagree in that Limbo is not as good as Frost in defence. Frosts bubble is only as good as it's health. However, Limbo's Cataclysm can make a defensive point/object completely invulnerable for quite a long time and it can cover a much bigger area if you want it too. Frost has basically been dethroned as defence king.
  5. You do realise you just wasted at least five minutes of your time replying to a troll post.
  6. Baruuk. He's a frame that doesn't really have an identity of his own, as he's too busy trying to copy everyone else, but failing. His abilities feel like they were designed by four people who never had any contact with each other, as it is simply the worst case of anti-synergy in the game. I mean your first ability is about dodging bullets, but your next two can respectively put enemies to sleep and disarm them. What is the point? His mechanics are clunky, his Exalted weapon is terrible and he's just an inferior version of a load of different frames. Another example of "student of all, master of none" type of warframe.
  7. It has the same range, it's just that Serene Storm is wider in it's spread. So EB is more precise, but SS has a wider cone. You don't actually need Bloodrush to be completely honest, because the status carries it all the way into late late game. What Flitz is specifcally referring to is how much damage one frame can face tank stat wise, not gameplay wise. This is becuase he's trying to prove Baruuk's Desolate Hands is an awesome ability. I know that tanking can mean more than just having DR, but thats not what Flitz is focusing on. Exactly. No other Exalted weapon requires this sort of effort and it's not even worth it. The problem is though is that you do not have any control over the daggers and they have insane range unless you purposely cripple Baruuk by building for negative range. It's not neccesarily disarming enemies I don't like, it's just that it does it incredibly slowly and as a result is really clunky to use. If it was changed so that the daggers only seek enemies once you recast Desolate Hands a second time, a timer would be neccesary, otherwise you could just run around with a permanent 90% damage reduction, which isn't very balanced. As for allies I don't think they should be getting any of the daggers at all. Gara already provides a far superior form of damage reduction to allies. It's an example of Baruuk trying to do too much with one ability. Yea I know. It's just that the disarm would be a lot more useful if we had more control over the daggers and would make it a worthwhile side-salad to the main damage reduction. Its still just a problem with the AI though and it doesn't mean enemy input abilities are bad, which vFlitz is claiming they are. Well I mean, my cat can get pretty scary if he hasn't been fed at the right time haha. Give me an ancient war machine any day over that. Couldn't agree more.
  8. Doesn’t matter. The newer frames are being made to work better in open worlds. The range is a cone unlike Exalted Blade which does give it a better spread, but the speed is basically the same. I took two clips of EB and DW side by side which I will be turning into a gif later. Some major differences between them though are; Exalted Blade does more damage and has more status. Exalted Blade does not require a combo counter to be good. Its not being nitpicky, you said survivability, which is not synonymous with tankiness. In the umbrella term it falls under that label, but as demonstrated a tank might not necessarily be the best at surviving. On paper, Baruuk tanks better than Wukong. In game, he does not due to his incredibly poor mechanics. And in game function is where the final judgement is made as to whether a frame is good or not. Baruuk was judged to be inferior. Because we’re going by how much an Exalted frame can handle and how much damage it can do on its own. If the frame abilities are good, the weapons aren’t need. Excalibur and Wukong can handle endgame just fine with their abilities and Exalted weapons. Baruuk can’t. False. I took Baruuk into the simulacrum with 250% power strength and the level 150 Corrupted Lancers took far more time to kill than it would have done had I been using Excal or Wukong. And you have just pointed out why Desolate Hands has issues once again; its trying to be too many things at once and not dedicating itself towards one specific purpose, which is exactly why its a bad ability. Loki’s Disarm focuses only on disarming and his invisibility keeps him alive. Gara’s Storm focuses on keeping her and others she chooses alive at the same time. Baruuk is trying to do both of these frames jobs at once, with one ability and he really does not need too. Its way too much and it suffers for it. Its not silly to point out that CC is simply not need on that ability. It’s not comparing apples to oranges, its pointing out that the orange is trying to be an apple and a strawberry alongside being an orange. Bear in mind you are complaining that a 40 second timer is not enough for a reworked Desolate Hands. It absolutely makes a difference if the ability is 20s or 30s. That ten seconds in a game as fast paced as this is a gift. He more duration your CC has the better it is. Thats what happens with all sleep abilities apart from the fact that with Ivara and Equinox’s they wake up once 50% of their current health is depleted. It’s compensation for the ability having such a huge range. Although I do admit the slow effect is annoying it would be great if it was an instant sleep. It’s still an amazing CC ability though as it puts enemies into sleep for a long time and it gives you time to have some free shots. Yea because its permanent. Obviously a timer is going to shorter compared to that. By timing standards, its a pretty nice amount of time to have damage reduction and you can get by fine with that. And is another reason why it is terrible. It takes a full 15 seconds to disarm 15 enemies. That is straight up awful. Having a real, good timer in which you can cast the ability before it runs out and all the daggers fly off at once, would be a lot better. A pitiful amount compared to the amount of restraint you could loose if all the enemies where disarmed at once, which would be a decent chunk, therefore making it easier to work with his four. You see how these changes would make his synergy better as opposed to worse? According to the rest of the player-base, thats not exactly true. People don’t want pre-rework Wukong, but they don’t want to have an anti-synergetic frame thats clunky to use either. There is a fine balance and Baruuk does not meet it. So are a lot of popular tanks like Rhino, Nezha, Chroma and Inaros. Please post an example of this. One because it sounds hilarious as hel that enemies can be distracted by a cute kitty so much that they don’t shoot at the ancient bio-mechanical war-machine that is sitting in the middle of them. Two, because it doesn’t happen. This is pure hyperbole. No it doesn’t. If all the enemies prefer cooing at your cat than paying attention to you, despite you being in their faces then thats a problem with the AI, not the ability. This is probably one of the funniest attempts at making an ability seem bad I have ever seen haha. Which you immediately start to loose due to enemies around you. Defy never looses its buff like that. Dude, you’re using the concentration thing again. Thats not a real defence/argument as a players concentration has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not an ability is good. Just because you don’t like timers because it requires you to pay that little bit more attention to your abilities, doesn’t mean it is bad. Stop putting this forward. Personal Concentration levels are utterly irrelevant in judging an abilities usefulness. If I’m using Gara and I did not notice my Splinter timer run out due to me not paying attention and subsequently dying, that doesn’t mean the ability sucks. At all. No one would take you seriously if you used that as criticism. Not if you actually concentrate and use his other abilities like Lull and then recast DH, therefore creating more synergy between abilities. Apart from the ones that have been listed and you demonstrated. Desolate Hands suffers from the same poor design as his other abilities in many ways. It tried to do too much all at once, its clunky and annoying to use and it could be so much better. I honestly don’t know why you think this is good argument. You’re basically promoting less synergy when that is precisely Baruuk’s problem. Simply looking at it like that doesn’t mean everyone will think “Oh okay this ability is fine” because they evidently have not. Its poorly designed way of making the daggers run out and a true timer would suit the ability for better. You haven’t provided any strong arguments as to why the ability has no issues and instead have only highlighted how good some changes would do it. I mean you used your own personal attention span and a non-existent situation in which enemies are more interested in your cat than you try and make enemy input tank abilities look bad, as your defence points. Its not a convincing argument.
  9. Its starting to be and that is a clear focus with the new Duvuri open world and the incredibly spaced out Sentient ship tileset. Not to mention Railjack. Thats the direction the game is going. The tight corridors and claustrophobic environments while slowly be phased out over time in favour of more open tiles. Slightly bigger, not faster. That also doesn’t suddenly make the ability better evidentially. Distance wise it is the same. Ask anyone which Exalted ability they’d rather take. Okay you’re officially moving the goalposts now. We are discussing tanking, survivability is another matter entirely. They are not synonymous. Tanking is about how much damage you can take. Survivability is how good you are at surviving. For example, Desolate Hands is a tank ability, Elude is a survivability type power. If we go by survivability, Limbo is the king, hands down. All he has to do is go into his Rift and he is immune to everything but nullifiers. You have blatantly confused tankiness with survivability here. At level 150. You just said yourself Baruuk struggles at level 80. That high level, the frame won’t be killing anything fast. We’re excluding guns and normal melee in this scenario. Put Excalibur in front of Nox and accompanying mob and he takes care of it just fine. A Baruuk, not so. False. You stated that the scaling was the issue as to why Baruuk’s DH doesn’t function well as opposed to its poor design. Loki completely disproves that. Loki’s Disarm doesn’t need to give allies a damage reduction, simply for two reasons; 1. The Radial Disarm is useful enough on its own. 2. He’s not trying to copy another frame. He’s focusing on what makes him a standout. So you’re saying that the current way of one dagger floating off at a time without your control is better than having a timer that allows you to keep all your daggers. How exactly does that work? Changing the goalposts again. You said the ability would be inferior as you would actually have to pay attention to the timer, otherwise you die. I was using Gara and Mesa as an example of how 90% damage reduction abilities can be very easily managed with a timer. Deliberately trying to misrepresent what I’m saying helps no one. They do exist and you provided them for me by talking about how timers are “bad”. It also doesn’t mean timers are bad. The reason why we have timers on certain abilities is because they would be very OP without them, which means other methods of balancing would be made which could render them as useless as Desolate Hands. Timers are far more comfortable than what Desolate Hands is right now. The whole reason for a timer would be so that the ability is not overpowered. Like you said; you can’t give a frame a permanent 90% DR buff. Its not balanced. The timer would be a compromise to having more control over the daggers but loosing the ability to have them float around you permanently, which they do right now. Gara can refresh hers and Mesa cannot. Your point is what exactly? That a timer is useless if it can’t be refreshed? Again this is provably untrue with faithful Loki. The enemies that come into the line of sight are affected by Lull as well even if they were not in line of sight during the initial casting. CC never falls off in usefulness. That is fact. It is the only thing that can stand up the games scaling. Its the king of end-game even though its no longer the meta. Not if the defensive ability requires just a decent investment in power duration to be good. Like say 20-25 seconds at base. You’d only need a small investment of duration to make the ability perfect to use while also not making Lull last too long. For example, Mesa’s Shatter Shield has a 25 second base duration at max rank. Add on a Primed Continuity and you’re looking at a pretty nice 38.75 seconds. Thats nearly two thirds of a minute. A pretty decent amount of time if you ask me. And thats just with one mod. Lull lets 7.75 seconds with one Primed Continuity. This can also be tweaked to make it last less as well. This is the whole reason why this thread exists; to make Baruuk’s kit better. My issue is not just with the fact that you can’t send the daggers out all at once, its the fact that the daggers currently seek enemies/allies of their own accord when they come into range and you have no control over that. Like I have been saying since the beginning; the daggers never seek out enemies randomly on their own anymore and stay with you. They should only seek enemies when the timer runs or you cast the ability before it does, whereupon all of the daggers will fly off at once. That’s fine. I’m guilty of misreading sometimes. Everyone does it. Exactly. A stone-cold example of Baruuk’s Anti-synergy. You end up making the job harder so you can survive better. The new Defy is pretty straightforward. Press a button and get extra armour that stays with you for a good while. Don’t see how that means its more clunky than Desolate Hands because that is just not true. You have full control over Defy, you do not have that with DH. DH is more reliable in the fact that it can be refreshed. Nothing else. Loki and Mesa still are far more effective and more frequently used than Baruuk for that reason. They can’t refresh their two core abilities but that doesn’t mean the are inferior to DH. Null Star I’ll give you that one as it disarms enemies rather than applying a pitiful 200 slash proc. Stat wise you are correct. Mechanics wise it really really isn’t. The daggers having a mind of their own just makes the ability an absolute annoyance, far more so than unreshreshable tank abilities. The grand majority would rather take a Mesa or a Loki over Baruuk any day, simply because they are more reliable in their mechanics and are easier to manage as a result. The purpose is to keep you alive. A timer has no effect on that concept. Desolate Hands being tweaked to make it duration based and have the daggers stay with you would be a massive benefit to his overall tankiness and reliability. You can already refresh it as well. Also DH wouldn’t just be the one ability getting looked at. This is what we’ve been talking about, Baruuk’s whole kit would be looked at. Desolate Hands is not the only ability that suffers from anti-synergy/poor design. You’re saying Baruuk is designed poorly which I obviously agree with. But you don’t seem to recognise that Desolate Hands is also included in the reasons as to why people don’t play Baruuk. Its as much of a problem as the other three abilities are. Changing it would not nerf Baruuk at all, but rather buff him and make him that little bit more attractive to the crowd. Then his other abilities would need work to and then he could actually become a meta frame. At the end of it all, Baruuk needs a good going-over by DE. To be honest he really does feel like a frame that DE hastily threw together and then forgot about, which is the mentality reflected within the community. He’s the new poster-child for being an apprentice at everything but a master of nothing. Trying to cover too many fronts at once just means he has no actual identity of his own and as such is a confused mess of abilities that try and do multiple things at once but end up failing at all of them. All of Baruuk’s abilities need to be given another look.
  10. Investing in a really good CC ability is not going overboard. A lot of our new locations are now large open areas. You can tell with the new Gas City tileset that DE are making the mission areas less tight and more spread out. I’m not exaggerating at all, unlike you. Excalibur’s Exalted Blade has the same range. They both have Exalted weapons that send out energy, only Excals is far better and less clunky. Serene Storm can clear out trash like no tomorrow, but that can be said of any frame. You are definitely exaggerating there. He squeezes by that level and unlike the other user who falsely claims he can “one-shot up to level 100”, he is having a much harder time than say Wukong or Excalibur. This is debatable. Wukong is probably the tankiest Exalted frame right now with the right build. His abilities enhance his stats and yes he is popular for both his stats and abilities. He’s the best tank in the game and a popular choice for people who like that gameplay. You see absolutely no one complaining about him and he is played frequently by high-level players. I never ever once said that disarming is not a good ability. I am saying Baruuk’s disarm is completely random and annoying compared to Loki’s, which is far far far superior. That 150 level Nox will usually be surrounded by a number of fodder and your daggers simply do not prioritise enemies based on their type. They are random. So that Nox could get a lot of shots off before one of the daggers actually goes for him, which means you’ll be dead. Compare Baruuk’s DH to Loki’s RD and there is zero guesses as to which is better. Not at all. Like I said; Loki’s Disarm serves him beautifully and is a very good and easy to use ability. It is also a “hit once and forget for a bit” ability which you are apparently not a fan of. Desolate Hands has issues. You seem to have completely misunderstood my post. I am suggesting that the daggers fly off all at once instead of one at a time, once the duration is over. That gives Baruuk a little breathing space to recast the ability again. Other frames for more popular than Baruuk like Gara and Mesa have timers on their tank abilities and they somehow manage just fine. This is a completely hollow argument as well because a players level of concentration is entirely irrelevant to whether or not an ability is good. The fog will continually put any enemy aware of Baruuk to sleep, so I don’t see why you’d need to recast Lull when one is already out. I took two builds one of low duration and one of high duration. I found the latter to be more useful in late game personally as the enemies sleep for longer and the field is more useful. Thats entirely pointless though. Why would you want a slow gradual disarm that takes one second between every individual enemy when the daggers could fly off all at once? It makes zero sense. You either wait 15 seconds to disarm 15 enemies or you could just disarm them all in one instant. The former is just a headache and not useful at all as by the time you’ve finished disarming those enemies, more will have shown up and are already taking shots at your now less tanky Baruuk. I have not ever suggested that Baruuk should have a permanent 90% damage reduction. Again you seem yo have completely misunderstood what I am saying. I said his daggers have a timer, which will eventually cause the daggers to fly away from you all at once when the end is reach or when you recast the ability early, as in before the timer runs out. Also just for the record, you do know that building for extremely low range gives Baruuk exactly what you just described; a permanent 90% damage reduction buff that requires little to no upkeep thanks to the negative range and positive strength. How would it? Unlike now you’d actually have control over who receives the daggers and when. This is also another case of Baruuk trying to be another frame. Gara can already cast her Splinter Storm on other players (along with a lot of other things), giving them a full 90% damage reduction and she doesn’t have to wait patiently for each shard of glass to transfer over either. IMO the daggers should not be given to players full stop. Baruuk needs to stop focusing so much on trying to cover every other frames ground and actually focus on making a niche for himself, because he currently has none. He already has good team synergy by providing a really good CC ability. It really is not fine the way it is as evidenced in-game. It is clunky, anti-synergetic and is just plain inferior to other abilities of its type. DH suffers from trying to be three abilities at once and consequently is worse than all of them. Tweaking the ability so as to allow you to keep the daggers until the timer runs out or you recast the ability before it does, upon which the daggers fly off all at the same time as opposed to one at a time, is a far better state than what it is right now. There is a reason why Baruuk is one the rarest frames to ever see outside of Hydron where people are just levelling him as MR fodder. He is not in a good place. His kit needs to be looked at. All of it.
  11. There is no debate about his fourth being incredibly weak at high levels, his first being rendered useless by his second and third and his third being annoying to use as well as less effective than other disarm powers. Also there is no “supposed” about my playing him at high level. Its the whole reason I made this thread to begin with because I can see Baruuk’s potential. We’ve done this before; a frame that tries to do everything is a frame that focuses on nothing and ends being inferior to everything its trying to emulate. Oberon used to have this problem before he got tweaked. Baruuk can resolve low to mid level content alright, as can most frames. High level content is where he struggles and is outclassed easily by frames better designed then he is. Baruuk is most certainly not OP. Most frames in the game can handle whatever situation is thrown at them and some do it a lot better than others. Baruuk is not part of the latter category. He’s in the category of being an inferior version of things we already have and consequently does not get used. No he is not. This isn’t something you can say with confidence. He is not a popular or commonly used frame and his abilities were poorly designed as they conflict with each other, are inferior versions of powers we’ve already seen and are just straight up useless at high level in the case of his fourth. The changes proposed would not overpower Baruuk in any way. It would actually fix his anti-synergy and poor mechanics. This is false.
  12. He’s not underrated. He is weak in terms of mechanics, certain abilities and synergy. Everything he does other frames can do simply much better and with much less hassle. There’s no illusion of him being some hidden gem. He’s not in a good spot and not very well designed. Pre-rework Wukong is where I’d put him at right now. Which requires you to be doing nothing in order for it to work and like other users have said; Elude suffers directly as a result of his other abilities which put enemies to sleep and disarm them. It also doesn’t help against splash damage, which a lot of enemies have. You are really overselling Desolate Hands. Twelve enemies is hardly what many would call “the whole world” and Loki can disarm a lot more enemies than that, plus he can do it instantly, whereas the daggers only fly off one at a time with a period of at least one second between each dagger. That is not fast at all and enemies will be getting more shots off at you long before they are all disarmed. DH is also supposed to be one of his primary tank abilities, but it really is not a good choice as the daggers fly off instantly with a high range build. You’re overselling Serene Storm now. It is one of the worst exalted abilities we have in the game. For clearing out trash, its great, but any frame can clear out trash. For mid content, it really really struggles and for high level content it is practically useless against the high armour values. You can make a case for the weapon being good if you accompany it with an armour stripping weapon, but thats a symptom of how Exalted weapons used to work; forcing you to use certain weapons which you might not like in order to get maximum efficiency out of an ability. There is a reason DE made Exalted weapons their own thing. Serene Storm cannot hold a candle to Chromatic Blade or Iron Staff. The weapon has pitifully low status chance and the waves from Serene Storm do not count towards the combo counter. It’s rag-dolling mechanics also work against it as in order to build a combo you have to physically hit the enemy with the fists themselves, but that is impossible as they go flying after the first hit. Speaking as someone who spent a decent while running Baruuk, I can say I have given him a chance to shine and my conclusion is that he is weak right now due his mechanics. Many others have given him a try and found him lacking. That is why you do not see Baruuk’s common in the star chart, in any sort of request in recruitment chat and high level content. He is simply inferior to a lot of other frames. He most definitely is not perfect. You are really trying hard to make an awkward frame seem good. Everything Baruuk can do looks good in writing, but in-game he falls down. Other frames do his job easier and with less hassle and their kits synergise with each other, whereas Baruuk’s does not. He needs looking at one way or another.
  13. Lull is probably one of the best CC’s of its types in-game only surpassed by Equinox, as the range is insane. Yes line of site is required, but that doesn’t mean you should not invest in it. Thats exactly the reason why I suggested Desolate Hands getting tweaked, since building for range means it gets rendered useless. Elude and Lull are his two main abilities due to the fact they way Baruuk is designed, it actively encourages you to no use his 4 or his 3 really. Investing in strength for Serene Storm is absolutely pointless as it is one of the worst Exalted weapons we have right now in terms of mechanics and stats. Worthless status chance means that it won’t be stripping armour anytime soon and that is what many players will be encountering in high level missions. Its damage levels are abysmal due to the waves not counting towards the combo counter, so you can’t get a decent stack going nor is it feasible to try and get in close to enemy because the minute you hit the attack button, they go flying. You’ll be lucky if you can get more than two hits on the same enemy unless there are backed up against a wall. Desolate Hands is really the only ability that benefits from a strength investment, but again, you both have little to no control over it and now your other two abilities are not as useful. Elude might as well be thrown in the trash at that point and Lull won’t have the same CC level (Yes I know CC is no longer the meta due to no real rewarding endless missions or raids, but it is still king in terms of scaling). There are many frames out there with “activate and forget” abilities and they are still popular, like Inaros. Wukong got his Defy reworked because it was a press and forget ability, but one that was boring and basically the only thing useful in his kit. You can have this type of ability done right. Like say adding a timer. The daggers automatically flying off is incredibly annoying and does not benefit the player. Before you say “it disarms enemies how is that not beneficial?”, the daggers do not out all at once, they go one at a time. This incredibly slow and not beneficial in a practical sense when you are surrounded by enemies and you have to patiently wait until they are disarmed. Having the daggers be permanently surrounding the player until either a timer runs out (like Mesa’s Shatter Shield, or Gara’s Splinter Storm) or the player casts the ability early upon which the daggers fly off all at once towards the nearest group of enemies, would far more useful than the current state it is now, in which they just fly off randomly. Elude is very anti-synergy of course, but I view DH and Serene Storm to be on the same priority level.
  14. This is something I mentioned before; his kit is fighting itself. I disagree. You have virtually zero control over it beyond the initial casting. Baruuk is normally built for range as that is what the majority of his powers benefit from but that renders the daggers entirely useless as they fly off the minute you cast them. Tweaking the ability so the daggers stay with you until cast again would really make the ability good.
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