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  1. A Hydroid rework. But admittedly at this point hoping for that is like hoping for world peace.
  2. For those who are unfamiliar, Mortal Kombat is a fighting game. Think Frame Fighter, but a whole game and a lot more gory. In it there are a multitude of different characters. Rain is character who can manipulate the element of water (as well as lightning but that's irrelevant). Mortal Kombat just released a new Rain gameplay trailer and it made me incredibly sad for Hydroid, because that gameplay just shows how badass water manipulation can be; You can solidify water into any shape you want, such as deadly spikes, saws and even handheld blades. You can turn into water form (not a
  3. Exactly. So its not a Shield of Shadows type of deal as the enemy damage increases Danse’s damage. I never said it was... I said it was similar in the concept of using enemy damage to boost your damage. I didn’t say they did it the exact same way. Why are you even arguing about this? You’re splitting hairs. Yes I know that functionally Mallet is more similar to Danse than Vex Armour, but I was never arguing direct functionality. I said they all share the theme of using enemy damage as a way to boost YOUR damage output against them either by directly giving you a % boo
  4. Do you actually know what Danse Macabre is? Its not enemies directly doing damage to other enemies through a Shield of Shadows style mechanic, its enemies damaging you which in turn increases your damage output on Danse. So yes Vex Armour is a good example as it is the same concept of enemies increasing your damage output by shooting/hitting you. Danse does not directly reflect the enemies damage back at them, it adds the damage they do to the damage Danse does. Nothing to do with enemies directly damaging each other like they do when Enthralled. I agree that trying to using enemi
  5. Not at all. Someone was putting words in my mouth, deliberately misunderstanding what I was trying to say and putting forth redundant scenarios in which the player was the problem, not the frame. If you actually look at the conversation properly, like with my original post, you’d see that. And now you’ve just joined them in trying to basically attack my character instead of actually focusing on the subject matter by saying me getting annoyed with others in another thread who refuse to acknowledge facts about Hydroids abilities being bad due to their RNG reliant nature and camping-promo
  6. Well, sorry your Royal Highness, but if making the frame better by fixing janky mechanics means you have to be more careful with Danse and not spam it like an AFK turret which you apparently do, then its a microscopically small price to pay. And Danse Macabre is a nuke ability, that is why it has scaling damage reflection. I’m not going to repeat myself for the fifth time. I’ve explained in detail how the scaling does not work properly and doesn’t kill high levels enemies quick enough due to its interaction with Mesmer Skin and I’ve said it very slowly so even a monkey could under
  7. I know. I’m just quite bitter it wasn’t added the first time. I hope VoidPunch does work on it again one day because it looks amazing. It certainly feels like the spots excalibur keeps taking could be filled by frames that need it more. I know thats not how it works but it really does feel like DE give Excal too much favouritism sometimes. DE share 50% of the blame for accepting the damn skins and I don’t think I’m the only one who is getting annoyed that Excalibur is still getting more skins despite the fact he has more than any other frame in the game and he’s not really
  8. I’m not. I’m using the simulacrum solely to show how the damage scales without Mesmer Skin on, without dying because that is the only environment where you can make frames invulnerable for testing purposes. That is why I mentioned it. Yes I did say that. What of it? Like I said; the simulacrum allows you to be invulnerable, so it allowed me to safely test how effective Danse could be without Mesmer Skin, which in turn is why I said that the energy consumption should be increased if they tweaked Danse so that it gave you invulnerability and temporarily disabled Mesmer Skin while it was
  9. Whats your point? Okay, I’m not sure if you’re deliberately trolling, or if you genuinely can’t seem to understand what I’m saying. I didn’t say it wasn’t about Danse’s damage, I was saying Danse didn’t need an outright buff to damage due to the fact it already has scaling damage. Can you actually understand what I’m saying with that? I’m saying remove the Mesmer Skin interaction so Danse the scaling damage can actually work to its fullest. That is exactly what I’m saying, which is why the energy consumption would need to be increased in order for Danse to not be ove
  10. I did. I said DE should disable Mesmer Skin and give Revenant invulnerability while Danse Macabre was active. You misinterpreted my post. Thats on you, not me. Other people haven’t gotten confused about this, only you. The range on Danse is pretty good already at base, but this part we can agree to disagree on. No it isn’t. This is a flawed way of thinking. Not every ability needs to synergise with every other in the kit. In this case its abundantly clear that removing interaction between Mesmer Skin and Danse Macabre would only benefit the latter. Like I said, Danse
  11. And I’m saying that is 100% pointless when you already have the potential of scaling damage which by definition, can boost your damage infinitely. You’d just be adding a pointless layer on top of an already janky interaction between two abilities that don’t need to interact at all. Simply letting the scaling damage do its job is enough as its far more powerful than a wonky capped damage multiplier. Yes it doesn’t synergise, its called anti-synergy because while one ability does interact with another, it hinders it, not enhances it. My proposal isn’t to make them synergise, but sto
  12. You’re getting confused. I never said Danse needed a buff to damage, due to the fact it has scaling damage. I said Danse’s damage potential is being held back due to how it interacts with Mesmer Skin, therefore not allowing players to take advantage of the scaling damage. Thats not how the simulacrum works. Every time you rank up in Mastery, the level of enemies you can spawn increases. If you’re at MR29, the enemies you can spawn are Level 175. Also, Steel Path has enemies lvl 100+ so you’re quite likely to encounter that level if you’re doing a survival. No Danse does not have the
  13. We already have scaling damage built into Danse. Simply adding invulnerability to it would be far better than getting a multiplier every time you’re hit, since you don’t even need them. Scaling damage beats damage multipliers every time.
  14. Danse’s drain really is not that bad when you add in a Streamline, so don’t exaggerate. If you have a Primed Flow or even a regular Flow it makes it pretty much a non-issue. Also, its definitely not “slightly better damage”. It’s scales. Have you actually taken Revenant into the simulacrum and tested Danse on a high level squad with invulnerability on? The damage they pump into Danse Macabre means they die pretty quickly due to the scaling damage. That is why I proposed that the energy drain be higher, so it still remains useful at high levels, but not where you can just sit arou
  15. Got anything else to add to that or are you just not going to elaborate at all?
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