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  1. Its the principle of leaving important things out of the video games themselves and forcing the player to go and look for them on the internet. Story and gameplay are the two halves that make up the whole of video games. It's detrimental to the gaming experience since you have to actually stop playing the game to go and find out stuff about the game itself.
  2. Yes it is. I've long railed on the cesspool of mediocrity that is the Destiny franchise for not having any of its important lore in the actual games themselves, but Warframe has it even worse as basic gameplay systems are not very well explained in the game at all. For new players this is outright terrible as they have to go to YouTube or the wiki to figure how the freaking game works.
  3. Because the game is not intended for real balanced PVP and as a result, it sucks.
  4. I had this thought after replaying Assassins Creed Black Flag a few days ago. For those who are unfamiliar, Black Flag is a game in which you play a pirate in the Caribbean and have your own ship. In that game, your ship is your home as well as the weapon you do battle with and it really adds more attachment to the ship. If the Railjack replaced our Liset as our home ship after its been built, it would feel a lot more personal for the player to take it out into battle, since its basically your home, the place where you come back to after a mission and you'd feel more emotional investment
  5. Week 2 of the scheduled reminders that Hydroid is a load of dog-poo DE. See you next week.
  6. They already addressed how similar some of his powers were in one of the devstreams and are going to be changing some of his abilities, so you don't need to worry.
  7. Everyone here has pretty much taken the words out of my mouth. Got nothing else to say really other than the usual "Hydroid is steaming hot garbage". Wouldn't make any difference if you did mate. I speak from nearly a decade of seeing myself and other Hydroid enthusiasts craft incredibly interesting and detailed rework proposals on this stupid forum and all its amounted to is a tribute to the God of Wasting-Your-Slimy-Peasant-Time. DE don't care about Hydroid and just straight up ignore any mention of a rework for him, even when he is getting some new skin or something. I wouldn't
  8. I remember when this was the case with all exalted weapons. Still amazes me DE can't seem to figure out that if a Warframe comes with a weapon built in, they always need separate slots. Exalted weapons in general just kind of suck regardless.
  9. No they didn't. They said the Lavos Devstream will be on December 16. You can also forget about console players getting Lavos this year. We're not even sure we'll be getting him on PC this year and consoles are usually at least three weeks behind us.
  10. No he isn't. He's located on the very first beginning planet and is farmed like most frames; from a boss. Also, if this were true we would see his usage be much higher in the higher MR, but again its not. His usage stats are low across the board. Frost has higher stats because he is factually better than Hydroid and thus people choose to use him more. Stop acting like Frost is worse than Hydroid because it is factually untrue and the stats show this. Look, I wouldn't say no to a Frost rework either, but the fact is that he is definitely further down the priority list than Hydroid, a
  11. Again, how does that matter at all? Hydroid is still mechanically and statistically terrible. His abilities are awful and his augment doesn't suddenly mean he isn't worse than Frost because he is. No he isn't. Frost's abilities are not RNG based, they do not require charging to be effective and they do not require augments to even be considered sub-par as opposed to just being a profound waste of time and energy. Frost can lock down large groups of enemies with Avalanche and also strip armour with that ability (without any augments), he can effectively defend an objective due to h
  12. Again, how on earth does this somehow excuse his awful mechanics? Guess what, Frost has a niche within the community as well but that does not mean he is not terrible. Hydroid being a farming frame is not related at all to how bad he is mechanically and statically. Players used to be forced to use Hydroid due to the Pilfering Swarm augment since it was essentially the only thing in the game that made farming a lot easier, not because they actually want to use him. When Khora got her Strangledome augment, Nekros and her have firmly unseated Hydroid as the preferred farming set-up. Pilferin
  13. So? He's still mechanically terrible and in a far worse position than Frost. How is this even related to what I was saying?
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