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  1. Thanks for saying this. The Design Council needs to go the way of the Guides of the Lotus program. Its stupid to give one small group of nobodies the power to choose things like this because they usually choose stupid stuff when the vast majority of people would have voted for the concepts that were genuine and had effort behind them. Now we’ll likely never see that option come around for another half a decade.
  2. There is no dark theme left. The moment they started introducing ridiculous themes for Warframes and making us overpowered, the darkness of the game died. Trying to salvage it at this point is completely pointless, unless you're in favour of removing most of the customisation in the game, locking animations back to being exclusive and reworked the entire game so that players became squishy again and it focused entirely on newly designed infested units on dark ships with flickering lights a la Deadspace, then the dark theme will never be present in the game again. I do and that was a minority. Most people just wanted universal Vacuum avaliable for all companions and that would have been fine. We got what we wanted. DE listened to the majority. You insulted me before I ever called your opinion stupid, so if you'd like to point fingers, do it in a mirror. There is, it just got passed a very long time ago, according to your and others view of how the game should be. Adding new walking animations would not be pushing boundaries that were already broken many years ago. To be honest with what you've said here I'm surprised you still play the game, considering its about as dark as the Sun these days. You seem you'd be more at home replaying Deadspace or Alien Isolation. Questioning and scrutinising fall under the same category as inquiring, Monkey. Surely you must know that...
  3. How? Warframe lost darker theme a very long time ago, when they started adding Davy Jones themed space pirate ninjas into the game. Also once again; you can already use goofy idles on frames. All this would do is allow them to remain in that idle while walking. For someone who falsely claims not to care too much, you're a real hypocrite. This is what I mean by arbitrary boundaries. We asked for universal vacuum that was previously exclusive to Carrier. DE went through a myriad of bad comprimises which at one point inculded breaking Vacuum up into three precepts that would only pick up certain things, which was obviously awful, then they did the nerf which was then reversed. We got the vacuum we wanted. I have not offered anyone any sort of insult, unlike you. I have just openly questioned as to why people seem to be have such arbitrary lines for immersion breaking and "removing the dark theme" from the game. And as I said, their preference should not stop things from being added to the game. Questioning is not whinging.
  4. My question to you is; how would it not ultimately be beneficial? I cannot see how it would not in any way as it opens up more customisation options and you have given absolutely no convincing argument as to why DE should not do this. How would it negatively affect DE or the game and in what way on earth could it be considered "controversial?" And the ultimate deciding factor behind their decision is based on us, the customers. So yes, we do actually have a lot of weight in their decisions. Pretending like we don't is a complete lost cause because it completely defeats the point of them even being a business in the first place. I don't know why you think this is a good arguing point. If DE only listened to DE, they wouldn't get very far. Simple as that. Universal Vacuum was nerfed when it was first introduced yes, but guess what, the extreme amount of negative backlash from us, the customers, caused them to reverse that change and now the range is the same on all companions. DE did not comprimise at all in the end and nor did they even need to, because that change ultimately made the game a lot less linear in your choices and opened up more varied playstyles. So it was beneficial and it was because of our feedback. Who would have thought. You're right, I'm scrutinising. That's going in the Oxford Dictionary as an example of irony. Do you want to keep up this ridiculous "turing the tables" fallacy argument or are you going to just drop it because it goes nowhere. Questioning why someone is particularly afraid of a pink floating Grendel is not caring too much. You do know that the devs don't just look at the feedback section the entire time right? A lot of issues, such as Universal Vacuum, were discussed here as well. GD is not the official place for feedback, but it still takes place here nonetheless.
  5. These ideas are good. The first one sounds a little like Gauss' Mach Rush, which is never a bad thing. Second ability sounds good, but other players may find it annoying, since flying enemies are kind of a pain to hit. Fourth changes to pumping damage into the torndaos actually sound amazing. That would be a really nice change and would make them more damaging as well as CC. Although I'm not too sure about continiously tapping to spawn four of them. Maybe just leave it as it is and having them spawn four at the beginning. Saying that, it might be slightly OP to have four gigantic tornados going around the area scooping up enemies for 50k+ damage a tick, as awesome as that would be. So maybe just the one giant tornado.
  6. It adds a lot more control and versatility than her standard Tailwind as it stands right now. You have a point about the airspace, but you'd definitely be able to get through doors. The reason why I suggested a drain is because otherwise it would kind of make Titania more redundant, but it could also be on a timer instead. So you'd still have to recast it at some point. When you're not sprinting (or boosting in the archwing sense) you'd move/hover a lot more slowly, which would allow you more control in general environments, so you wouldn't be smashing into things. We could also add a damage bonus to staying airborne, so it would have that as an added incentive to use that power. I wouldn't give her weapons. It'd basically be like using an Archwing while in POE. You get to use all your normal weapons in this mode. Having an Archwing movement system would improve her 1 by a lot if it is done correctly IMO. It also means she would be the third frame to able to truly fly without the need of an actual archwing. Thats not a bad idea at all. I hate the current hover mechanic as its adds virutally nothing of value, since you sit in the air completely static for aboout seven seconds max. I can see your suggestion working, especially if you could actually move around in the hover mode, kind of like Hildryn's fourth but faster. I still feel like having an archwing style movement is a viable option though. With that sort of movement it means you can just seamlessly hover around the area without needing to worry about launching yourself into the wrong position before you can stop in-time with this new hover-brake. Like I said previously; not directly sprinting with the new archwing mode would allow you more control with hovering and strafing. It also means you won't have to worry about extra things like actively choosing which direction to launch yourself in, looking that way, making sure you stop at the exact spot you want, then get back to the general action. It all seems a bit like busywork and a bit clunky when compared to other options though. Your suggestion is still good though and definitely better than the current way it works. Whta do you think about the suggestion of turning it into a direct damage ability like the one I mentioned. Air manipulation as a power has some devastating applications, internal rupturing being only one of them. You could remove the air from an area surrounding you, causing enemies to suffocate, oxidise the enemies themselves which causes direct physical damage. The possibilties are enormous.
  7. Fair enough. Both of those posts are in regards to Titania and floating, with some references to other frames. Like I said, making other animations for all frames isn't practical as you can only make a walk unique so many time before you start getting silly. Yes. DE wouldn't have made other customisation additions for the playerbase, like making syandanas seperate from armour, if they didn't ultimately pay off. And just a reminder, DE once removed a slot machine type mechanic because they didn't want that sort of thing in the game, even though they admittedly made loads of money from it. Go for it. If sarcastic quips and "turning the table" fallacies count as genuine criticism in your book then more power to you. Oh so its not the reason why they made the decision, its the actual decision making itself that counts. Right, because thats how the world works - without context. No DE ultimately listen to the community. We are customers at the end of the day and they are a business. If they do not keep the majority of customers happy, they loose money. Business 101. If something is too unpopular or heavily demanded, it happens. In a number of the previously mentioned changes, DE were at the start steadfast in their position. In the case of universal vacuum, they never wanted it at all, citing the long dead "uniqueness" argument. Then guess what, it got added anyway because there was such high demand. DE do not ultimately listen to DE. They listen to the customers. This again. You realise you can shout this from the rooftops but it won't change how wrong you are. Me questioning the arbitrary boundries/reasons people have for things, is not caring too much. False equivalency. I no longer respect you because your argument is entirely arbitrary and illogical. And you suddenly start resorting to cheap insults the moment someone questions your viewpoint. I have no problem people not liking pink Rhinos. I have a problem when they use that as a reason to not add something into the game.
  8. I haven’t seen anyone ask for every frame to have unique walking animations before this thread and I’ve been with Warframe since 2014. It does not give grounds for every frame to have a unique walking animation because it’d be virtually impossible. The game has over thirty frames. They couldn’t make 30+ unique walking animations as all frames have the same type of legs bar Wisp. There’s only so many times you can make a walk unique before you delve into Monty Python territory.
  9. Is there some kind fetish going around for Grendel or something? Seriously, why is everyone quoting this one particular frame? Also once again, this is not a valid reason to not have the animations since it is entirely cosmetic and does absolutely nothing to you or your gameplay. Who cares if someone uses female animations on Grendel or any other frame? You do realise that Wisps agile animation can be equipped on any Warframe already right? No DE would not have to make unique walking animations for every frame. Don’t know where you got that from since I never mentioned it once.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Fair point about the tornados. I'll edit the OP so it reflects that. Personally I don't think Zephyr can dp anything outright better than an Archwing, since it has far more freedom of movement. She's very fast sure, but Tailwind isn't really useful in most general missions IMO. The energy drain wouldn't be huge, since that would defeat the point of making her fly in the first place and Zephyr is mainly built for duration anyway. Turning it into an archwing ability would allow so much more versatility and freedom of movement. She wouldn't loose her speed either. Sure I''m interested in your ideas. Post them.
  11. Adding walking animations into the game for plat would make DE more money and would not affect anyone in any menaingfully negative way, like interferring with others gameplay like WoF or pre-rework Limbo. They are purely cosmetic. Those are not opinions. They are facts. Also that bullet-jump mention is just.....I mean come on. Thats the ground beneath the bottom of the barrel.
  12. You know, before today I actually respected you. But after this, not so much. The fact you even need to ask this question is very worrying. The reason why "I don't want it because I don't like it." is a stupid reason is because; This game does not force you to do anything and the addition of new walking animations would literally not affect your game or anyones elses. You can simply not use them if you don't like them. If we could all stop things from being added because people didn't like them, then Warframe would not have got very far. All the reworks and new additions would never have come to fruition if DE listened to everyone who said "Eh dunt loike ut". Simply "I don't like it" is not a valid reason at all. Its a personal opinion/outlook and it should not stop things being added into the game, especially if said things are completely optional and cosmetic in nature. That is why its a stupid reason. Its an opinion, not an argument. You don't have to want it and like I said; you are 100% entitled to your opinion. Just don't expect your opinion not to be criticised, especially when its presented as an argument against adding new animations. Provably wrong. Universal vacuum for both companion types, Excalibur Umbra, syandana customisation being sepereated from armour, reversing an extremely unpopular nerf to vacuums range, making alert Warframes easier to farm, putting Umbra forma in the starchart. Need I go on? So you hope they don't add the animations purely because you just don't like them, even though you can simply not use them.
  13. Like a few other frames in the game, Zephyr has a lot of potential due to her theme. She is a frame that can manipulate the wind, which as a powers has a lot of varied applications. Right now though, DE don't seem to be making the most outof her theme. All she would need are a few changes that would make her more fun to use. Changes to her abilities; Tail Wind I would change this ability so that it functions similar to Archwing, like Titania's fourth. I have never really understood why Zephyr, a frame based on the element of Wind and is themed after a bird, has never been able to truly fly. Right now Tailwind just sends you hurtling in one straight direction and while it's useful for travel across large AOE maps, it's not very practical anywhere else and not as fun as it could be. Making it similar to Archwing so she can actually fly would better fit the theme, make the ability more useful/versatile and would make it more fun to use. This could either be a drain ability, with the drain affected by duration, or it could still be on a timer. Zephyr would also have her own version of blink, like how Titania is getting hers. While not sprinting/boosting, the hover mode would be a lot slower, which allows you to have more control in general environments. To add more functionality and incentive to the ability, I'd also add a damage boost to staying airborne. Airburst Rupture This ability is rubbish. It's only real use is to make the Tornados bigger. It honestly feels like a temporary placeholder ability until something better comes along. I'd remove this and in its place, I'd add a new ability called Rupture. This ability would be a spherical blast AOE that expands outwards very quickly, causing enemies to suffer from bleed procs caused by Zephyr manipulating the pressure of the air within them and crushing their organs, which causes internal rupturing. This also causes enemies to be stunned for a small duration. The AOE distance and bleeding proc ticks would be affected by ability duration, but the damage of the ticks would naturally be affected by ability strength. However, the stun duration on enemies would not be affected by mods. Turbulence This ability is fine as it is. No changes. Tornado Remove the unnecessary synergy with the second ability. Other than that, it stays the same. I think these changes would make Zephyr a much more fun and versatile frame. What do you guys think?
  14. Honestly, there is no need for sarcasm and insults mate. I've spoken to you before and we've had amicable conversations, which I enjoyed. I've also responded in a calm manner and have not offered you insult. I don't feel like I have exaggerated anything, as people have openly stated they don't want the walking animations in the game due to the possibility of someone using them for stupid reasons, which isn't a real argument. It's annoying. We all know that DE listens to its community and decisions are made based on popularity. So we do actually have some small sliver of control. If enough people want it, it happens.
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