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  1. I'm not too sure about the first comment's idea about quick ranged fire and merging guns and melee weapons into a single mode... For some people who use weapons of similar uses, maybe, but I use sniper/bow, castanas/gammacor/pistol and single dagger, all 3 of which work at completely different ranges and situations. How am I going to scope and shoot normally without it being extremely janky and painful to control, with the constant risk of me cancelling my sniper combo counter by accidentally locking myself into a melee attack animation then taking too long to re-adjust my aim after scoping again Maybe if there were a system where you can have 'stance profiles' to switch between (instead of primary-secondary-melee) where you customize them by selecting a weapon for each hand (or only one hand, if you really want, or if it's a ak- weapon, or a really heavy melee weapon), and can choose the bindings (so I bind primary fire of weapon A to left click, secondary to right click, primary fire of weapon B to Q, secondary to E, etc etc.) I'd be 100% supporting it. The ability to throw castanas, then detonate them while in sniper scope, would be lit. Channeling while using sniper rifle though... oh god yes
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