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  1. Ah, great! Argumentum ad cooperante. I started to think no one would remind me of this. I happen to still enjoy playing in public squads, but apparently, because I'm asking for an option to convert healing into something that doesn't invalidate my playstyle it means I should shut up and stick to solo with much lower target density. Thanks for the advice. And to get back into topic - sorry it took so long, busy week. The healing is seriously underwhelming benefit. Amount gained is capped at my pitiful maximum health, and since I'm spamming Bloodletting trying to reach 2 health, I'm far overcapped on energy about one second into the buff. I'm not sure which of my suggestions do you mean. If it's to increase amount drained - trivial change. If it's implementing held drain - much more complicated in comparison, but still not hard. All it'd take would be copying functionality of Inaros 4, just with drain increasing over time. Most resource intensive part would be altering animation to fit in, I assume. If it's freezing health for one second it takes to cast second Bloodletting - it'd require detecting second ability cast attempt and making health unable to go above set threshold. After having more thought, it's also least elegant solution. I'm not sure what do you mean by being based on Duration. I'll assume it means that after casting Bloodletting, incoming healing will grant damage based on amount of health that could be restored, if maximum health wasn't already full. Yeah, I think I get it. I also think we're on different wavelengths here. You propose that Garuda could benefit from passive at full health. That'd be an augment directed at tank playstyle - letting you build for bulk, but still having increased damage. Not that it's bad thing, or wrong build - if someone enjoys this playstyle, then more power to them. But I'd prefer to keep playing barely alive. It's pretty unique aspect of 'zombie' build - and as far as I'm aware there's no other build on any other frame that purposefully runs at effectively zero health. Sure, there are other Quick Thinking builds, but most of them try to restore their health as soon as possible or use it as safeguard when trying to restore energy with Rage. Running at 2hp is interesting to me because it's different. To end, I believe the best balance between simplicity, ease of implementation and utility would be Bloodletting granting passive effect converting health to energy at reduced effectiveness for some time after cast. It'd remove the problem with healing outlined in OP, it'd vastly increase utility of Blood Altars (since they'd become energy beacons, encouraging Garuda players to place them whenever possible in effect also benefiting the team), it'd smooth out 'rotation' letting us focus on using other abilities (since we'd no longer need to spam 3 every few seconds). The only problem I can foresee is deciding on how much effectiveness it would have. 50% at max could be excessive.
  2. If I understand you correctly, the main problem (continuous abilities) is still present in your suggestion. If I'm affected by Renewal and regenerate 40 hp per second, I'm unable to reach 2hp to fully benefit, so most I can reach is 50% buff. Of course, the augment could also deplete health in one cast, let me hold it while accelerating drain or have grace period where you can't heal if you queue another Bloodletting. Another 'problem' I see with that suggestion is also that outside being unaffected by healing, I gain essentially nothing. That makes it a bandaid augment. Now if it granted me some bonus, I'd have no issue with it. For example, if buff for being healed was stronger (for example 133% total), I'd have incentive to stick to healer or purposefully chase health orbs. Or if it had passive Natural Talent embedded, that'd also be pretty cool. I suppose total depletion in one cast would be some benefit, but it still doesn't really feel good to sacrifice mod slot for. As for having full health, it doesn't really do much to my survivability because I have 75 health maximum anyway (so it's only 5.5% of my ehp not counting shield). I could remove Bleeding Dragon Key but it is quite important here because Bloodletting scales with % health. That means one health orb gives me around 60% of max energy, easing sustain. By "take Zephyr instead" I've meant that for my one exact strategy in lower level missions I could substitute Garuda with Zephyr entirely and benefit. "Unfortunately", because I wanted to use Garuda but she's pretty much worse at this. Additive 150% crit chance from passive grants me bonus 85% crit chance on my Zaw. That means I'm going from 102% to 187%, essentially granting my Exodia Contagion 83% more damage. So for my purposes Zephyr trades off ~9% total damage for consistency and better shield. Zephyr also has more shiny bits to paint blue. I am aware on higher levels both frames play completely differently, Garuda is my second most used frame. At lower levels (so anything below some time into Grineer Steel Path) there's no reason to cast neither ult because everything dies in one or two hits anyway.
  3. By "buff own damage" I've meant buffs applying to weapons used by frame (so ignoring other warframe abilities, which warframes can buff their guns/swords). It wasn't at all clear and for that I apologize. As for Harrow, Penance works perfectly well no matter what teammates do. Covenant, on the other hand, is severely punished by teammate actions, you're right. Unfortunately, modifying my playstyle here means picking Zephyr instead. Generally, in lower level missions Garuda has two things going for her: a) double damage, b) mobility from Dread Mirror They're both also provided by Zephyr, except with less restrictions. Dread Mirror provides front facing shield (mostly obsoleted by automatic blocking and besides it's worse than Turbulence) and charged nuke. That nuke by itself isn't bad, but it's much slower than relevant AoE weapons and can be dispelled. It also has bad damage typing. Blood Altar provides tiny bit of CC and healing. CCing one enemy isn't particularly impressive, and healing part is really clunky on low health build (because you want short burst of healing to refill energy, and it's really easy to miss 'release' part and hit another enemy). Bloodletting is great, but it only regenerates energy. There's a limit to how much energy one frame needs. Seeking Talons is really powerful, but very slow. It only becomes useful at very low levels (because initial slash is enough to kill through walls) and very high levels (when your guns start to fall off). Problem is that Garuda's weak range consists of majority of missions in game. All right, valid observation. Then let me propose some other alternatives that effectively accomplish the same but in more reactive way: After casting Bloodletting, convert incoming healing into energy at 12.5%/25%/37.5%/50% efficiency for 4/8/12/16 seconds. Basically gives you passive, weaker Bloodletting for some time. As a bonus it'd be also neat for the lazy, since your own healing also could be converted. Hold Bloodletting hotkey to consume all health and enter enraged state, increasing all damage dealt by 25%. Garuda cannot be healed while enraged. Instead, incoming healing boosts damage buff additively by 5% per 1000 health, subject to diminishing results. Cancel enraged state by pressing Bloodletting hotkey again. Boosted damage is reset when leaving enraged state. Would increase risk/reward aspect of low health build while also adding additional incentive to pick Garuda. Of course numbers are just an example, but both of these examples would benefit Garuda even without healers, while also making healing frames useful. Honestly, problem lies in hard-to-avoid, continuous abilities like Renewal and Vitality Reservoir. If one of these tags you, you're not going to benefit from your passive anymore until you find a cliff to throw yourself off. With Bleeding Dragon Key, even 100% Ability Strength Oberon will outheal Bloodletting (literally. You can't reduce your health to 0 without Natural Talent).
  4. This argument holds no water because there are several frames that buff their damage and yet they cannot lose their buffs due to teammate actions. How is Garuda different? Because it's passive? Zephyr also has damage boosting passive that can't be disabled by teammates. Except Garuda's passive is completely separate multiplier which is multiplicative with faction damage. This has nothing to do with it, I've posed this suggestion because I've been constantly annoyed by random healing sources lately. And I'd post this thread sooner, but I was on hiatus from the game. I even had photoshopped mod card to go along with it, with captura and everything :/ Again, this is only frame that can have its damage buffs sabotaged by teammates. Basically any heal will shoot you up to full hp which requires two casts of Bloodletting. This changes to 'every single heal' if you're running Bleeding Dragon Key (which is pretty good on Garuda by the way). Having to spam 3 every few seconds because teammate heals other players with Blessings isn't fun. I also don't need infinite energy nor tankiness, I can manage my energy and defensive cooldowns on my own. If I wanted to bunker down, I could use Blood Altar. I'm happy this works for you, but I'd like to use my on-the-edge 2hp build. I'm only asking that I'm allowed to use my build in public games without it being disabled by teammates.
  5. As in the title. Unwanted healing disables Garuda's passive. This effectively halves her damage in lower level missions and quarters it in higher levels (because passive applies twice to bleeding from ult). It also makes Health Conversion much harder to keep up (since one gas/toxin proc is enough to just deplete it). Let us mod it away with augment. It doesn't really matter how it's implemented, it could do any of the following as secondary effect: - buff passive ability by x% (so for example you do triple damage at low health) - convert healing into energy directly (less than Bloodletting, but passively) - simulate any mod commonly used by Garuda (like Ironclad Flight copying Aviator on Titania), I think Natural Talent would fit perfectly - grant some direct stats (+x armor) ... or anything else, just let me stop having to dodge Wisp Reservoirs in every second mission. To clarify, by incoming healing I mean all sources of healing that Garuda has no control over (so from teammates, Ancient Healers and Disruption lifesteal buff, but not from health orbs, equipped lifesteal mods, abilities, pets and gear items).
  6. Best way to look up enemy health is to use wiki, because to calculate health at certain level you need to find base enemy level as well. Some examples (health at 10000 lvl base/sp): Corrupted Heavy Gunners - 751,718 / 1,879,295 Corpus Techs - 751,455 / 1,878,637 Juggernaut - 3,757,275 / 9,393,187
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