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  1. In general my feelings towards Xaku are "why bother". They fall into a similar role as Protea or Chroma (survivability and damage), but do so very poorly. There are too many limitations and hitches with their abilities that make playing them unenjoyable. Buffing the damage output from Grasp of Lohk and making The Lost and The Vast Untime more responsive and easier to use would go a long way towards improving things. Xata's Whisper It's probably fine, since the Void damage is multiplicative with elemental/damage mods. Void isn't a very good status effect or damage type, but The Vast
  2. Khora doesn't really need anything added to her kit, but that just means you've got more freedom to play around! Dispensary is obvious. When combined with Equilibrium and Health Conversion it gives you infinite energy and a ton of health. Larva is another pretty obvious one. It's a cheaper-to-cast version of Ensnare but without all the bells and whistles. Resonator should combo pretty well with high-level farming setups as a way to CC enemies and get them to wander into your dome. Khora lacks built-in survivability tools (outside of Venari Bodyguard), so any of the DR a
  3. On the Corpus Ship tileset in this sort of hangar room with the shooty bit in the left-hand corner of the tile when facing out towards space. The sculpture is behind a wall with no visible way to access it.
  4. The Khora Urushu Helmet does not align properly with the neck of the standard skin. It sits too far forward. The Khora Urushu Body does not align properly with the heads of other helmets. It sits too far forward in most cases, with the exception of the default helmet. Even the Khora Urushu Skin's own helmet seems to sit too far forward. The Khora Laveau helmet barely attaches to the neck at at all, and even has placement issues on the standard skin.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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