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  1. Yea I've pretty much done all of the above over the years. Check codex find something not vaulted to run, write down all the vaulted on paper to check when I run, spreadsheet, ect. Specifically I would like to see a gold V or something on relic pictures when you have to select during the 20 second selection phase. Having to alt tab and check spreadsheet, check phone app, or run my eyes down a huge list during that 20 seconds usually leads to not picking one in time.
  2. When running relic cracking missions one of my biggest problems is identifying vaulted relics. Just for giggles the other night I added up all the relics I hand and was around 1,410 relics (not that many compared to some people) since I've benn playing for years. Especially with tennocon coming soon, I will need to run lots of relics for ducats. A nice gold V icon or somehting on the relic icon so I don't use up valuable relics would be nice. Thanks
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