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  1. So sad how this is EXACTLY my case.. She was my most used and loved frame (still is) but as I got closer to end game content, I found myself using her less and less.. Not because I stopped enjoying watching enemies being so confused they hurt themselves in their confusion, but simply because it was becoming way to hard for me to keep up with my teammates, I was plainly being useles.. And that felt horrible. I even bought her the Carnifex tennogen skin for her and nowadays I just use it when I'm trading QwQ This, this is the most important thing about her being useless on high level, since Chaos is her most powerful ability and enemies health scale way more than their damage, when you use it, you'll see tons of enemies just tickling at eachother.. If only they would, idk, give the affected enemies a damage buff against their own that scaled with their health somehow, I would be fine with the rest of her kit being useles..
  2. So +1900 hs is limited play time? Geez..
  3. THANK YOU, I was beginning to think I was insane..
  4. I don't consider it a "rework", that's why I said "tweak"... I remember them saying they would completely changed her 2, but w/e, if she's as "pretty good at her current state" as you say, why is it I never see one? (Even less the higher enemies you're facing)
  5. Sorry if this have already been asked, but it really troubles me (since Nyx is my fav frame) to see that Wukong already got his rework when Nyx was promised one before him together with Titania (my second fav frame), and both of them just got some tweaks to their abilities and called it a day.. Did I miss something? Is a real rework actually coming for Nyx? Or should I just abandon my hopes of actually being able to use Nyx on high level missions comfortably?
  6. Prueba desactivar "Habilitar UPnP" en las opciones del juego, eso me funcionó 👍
  7. Yeah like, if you wanna prevent excessive effects decorations to break the servers, just make those a higher capacity cost, but some room's capacity is really underwhelming
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