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  1. do you still have it by any chance?
  2. looking to buy a chakkhurr with any % of heat
  3. I just got to Eris in the steel path and was surprised by the amount of damage i'm receiving from the local infested. I did a couple of runs to be sure it was not a single occurance bug, and the result are showing me a constantly higher amount of damage, but not consistant numbers. I made my runs with my 5.9k health and 534 inaros without arcane guardian (so no extra armor other than mods) and my 1.3k health operator (no unaru), and got thoses number: on my first run on a hive mission, i received around 1000+ damage from the claw attacks of chargers and runners on inaros, and was on
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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