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  1. Agreed - and now even his hostage advantage is taken away. I now use Loki with a Helminth substitute of banish on him
  2. Totally agree with this - it rarely gets mentioned in these discussions, but the games people often hold up as examples of cross play are based on a client-server model. Warframe is peer to peer. I don't pretend to know the complexity behind the scenes, but switching from one design pattern of infrastructure to another is not something that is undertaken lightly. I think there would need to be a very robust business case to justify the expense.
  3. This effect happens for other subsumed abilities (for example Null Star) - does this fix apply to these please?
  4. Mainly solo for me (the majority of my time has been solo) - I don't mind taking longer to get things done and I have no burning desire to get all the things straight away (still farming Panthera Prime and Karyst for example). Multi player may be way more efficient, but, for me, it's at the cost of enjoying the game. If you're not host you're usually just running along at the back picking stuff up and you may as well take any old frame and weapon.
  5. My solo setup for Axi farming is a slow Nova (with Null Star augment) and Rubico (Prime). I actually find solo to be better for me as due to the rotation drops to optimise Axi drops you want to defend 4 in the first round, 3 in the second, 2 in the third and 1 in the fourth and I feel I can control things more easily on my own.
  6. I got quite excited when I read this as I thought it was a real thing - so yes please, a Maroo message "There's something unusual here Tenno" would be great for us (solo) explorers.
  7. You can indeed - there's a little console on the left hand side of the door as you go into the room. You can rename it there.
  8. Archwing: Amesha's Benevolent Decoy stacks with itself up to 3 times so you can have 3xduration. This makes the archwing mobile defence mission(s) so much easier. Benevolent Decoy also helps with Thermia Fissures in Orb Vallis (I found this works best solo to avoid AoE from other players). Deposit canister, apply Benevolent Decoy three times, fly straight up out of missile range. Rush mission on Phobos is made much easier at the final stage (kill drones to expose fleeing ships) with Larkspur as it chains between enemies. Not Archwing: To level amps I do spy - get to f
  9. "An unexpected color combination, Operator. My sensors are - bleeding - pleased."
  10. This also happens the other way round - put a subsumed ability on Octavia and use it followed by one of her own and weapons stop working. It looks like the common link is the dancing lady.
  11. It seems that Octavia is the common link - if you put any subsumed ability on her this occurs, and if you put her subsumed ability on any warframe it occurs.
  12. Also can confirm this applies to Null Star on Octavia - cast Null Star followed by any other power and all weapons become inoperative. Once Null star wears off weapons are still non-functioning until another power is used, however re-using Null star followed by another power disables them again. I tried this with Saryn and didn't get the same effect. Seems to be Octavia specific so far.
  13. Is there any way to turn off the 'Top Posters' block on the right hand side? It leads to a lot of wasted space on longer threads.
  14. Not on that frame - removing the cyst inoculates the frame. You can get it on another one though.
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