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  1. I am such an idiot! I said semlar.com when I meant warframe.market - sorry OP for any mis-direction....
  2. That could be one heck of a list! And changing over time - have a look on semlar.com the site has lots of useful information about prime parts, rivens, assembled weapons etc.
  3. There appears to be a Corpus vault that exhibits the same behaviour - the vaults that starts with a descending lift. Alarms are triggered whilst the lift descends even as infiltrate Ivara. Happens consistently.
  4. Using Hysteria and then hacking causes the hysteria to pause (in a similar way to using a primary or secondary weapon) - energy drain continues but Valkyr is open to damage. Previously hacking did not interfere with hysteria. This was particularly highlighted in the recent Razorback event and my assumption is that the introduction of the parazon has changed the way hacking is perceived and it now inherits the behaviour of the weapon usage. It may be this is the intention, but if not perhaps it should be listed as a bug.
  5. I've had this now 3 times in succession. The vault is the Lua one where you can wall latch around the floating panels, or go into the past and navigate around the lasers and the big lightning rock. I've done this countless times as infiltrate Ivara without problem, but today the alarms trip for no readily apparent reason shortly after entering the vault. All the other vaults are performing as expected.
  6. One other thing I've found doing these rivens on The Plains is that the Fortuna Stunna doesn't appear to catch the fish, just stuns 'em. Swapping to a Cetus spear sorted the problem. HTH
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