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  1. Haha, yep. I'm in this same boat. T_T I've always sold my Antiserum Fragments, Javlok Capacitors, and Nav Coordinates, because they're used for practically nothing. It's no different than when one sells all their extra Harrow Chassis's or Oberon parts. I might as well turn them into something useful i.e. credits. (For those that don't know, Antiserum Fragments are for the Antiserum Injector gear item from the dojo, which used to be used in the Jordas Verdict Trial. But now it can only be used in Invested Salvage missions to restore your armor, so that you don't have to use the con
  2. So I've currently subsumed 10 frames; no rushing with platinum or anything--just fed one frame a day to Helminth. I started with Excalibur in the evening of August 28 and didn't run into issues until my fourth subsume; Ash's flower never showed up. This was also about the time when the Flower Script was beginning I think. But Ember's flower also didn't show up (I didn't notice this soft orange glow in the top of the wall until today, so that might be Ember's flower) and neither did Loki's flower, even when the Flower Script finished. All my subsequent subsumes though, have all produced a visib
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