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  1. Yes it does matter what I think when it directly correlates with the issue at hand. You could buff the sentinel rivens to have a 10 disposition and yet still they would fall short of an unmodded Kraken.
  2. Hi guys, Why did you make Sporothrix BP non tradeable? I'm trying to trade Arum Spinosa set now but I think it'll be the same thing. Is it a bug or intentional?
  3. IGN : Stane666 Current clan : Researchers Of Existence MR : 29 (22.5k off 30) 1650 hours 5+ years playing Country : Croatia, EU Languages : Croatian, English Discord : Stane666 #9359 Hi guys, honestly I'm just looking for someone to do 3-4-5 + h Surv, 100+ Def, 7k+ Exc, etc. I've sunk too many forma into everything just to make it perfect to not have anyone to do any of these missions with. Been looking for clans/discord servers such as these for probably years now, even the "Warframe Endurance Runs" dis server is completely empty. Really sick of w
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