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  1. Stop being ridiculous and be happy you were lucky enough to get mask that fast. I have 17 Wolf Sledge sets right now but his mask didnt drop for me yet. Stupid 2% chance.
  2. Atlas, Wukong, Ivara, Titania, Nezha, Inaros, Octavia, Gara, Nidus. Something like that i guess.
  3. I did topic about that almost month ago and they didnt answer. Seems like no one cares.
  4. Yup probably around 6h from now on.
  5. Vasto Visi-toxipha 350p Vasto Toxiata 400p
  6. Baro is selling sometimes Volt Prime relics (and we got his armor with Nova and Mag), Trinity Prime is Twitch Prime reward. We got Saryn Prime relics from anniversary event. They were giving Ash Prime as Twitch drop reward during last Tennocon so maybe they do the same this year. At first i thought Ash and Loki combo is good but having 2x sentinels (Carrier and Wyrm) and 2x sentinels armor during 1 unvault seems little awkward. Sooo maybe Loki and Vauban?
  7. @SPEKTRE76 Yeah, its Oberon, Sybaris and Silva & Aegis.
  8. Got one of them, he droped Target Aquired for me. Curious what other mods they put in him.
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