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  1. Boy, girl. These things dont matter. What matter is, when is Nakak getting more inventory?
  2. Scapegoat - target an enemy to look like loki, all nearby hostiles immediately start attacking targeted enemy. Target is still not you friend and will try and kill loki but they will need to survive its "friends" first. It's a gimmick, yeah but it would funny and semi offensive distract ability for loki.
  3. Check out this chroma rework idea.
  4. Whenever I’m in a group I rarely use razorwing, I primarily use razorwing for solo missions. So I would argue that her cc capabilities are actually her bread n’ butter but it depends on what you are going for. Anyways I like your analysis and agree with her most of her flaws. Some comments regarding your rework though: I feel the Razorflies passive is unneeded, only because the offensive/defensive stance is a bit much. Spellbind - If I’m reading this right you suggesting spellbind to work like hydroid’s tempest barrage. Are you including the charging effect? If so, that would be neat as I can quickly CC an area especially in archwing mode as target can be a pain. Tribute – there is a lot going on here and if I’m honest I feel a simple tweak of tribute would suffice. I’d prefer Tribute be made into a cycle ability to provide more control over the buff I want. When I cast it on an enemy I’m instantly given the aura buff and blast from the enemy knocks down nearby enemies and provides the buff to nearby allies and the buff would be given small bonuses based on the health of the enemy sacrificed. Lantern – I like your augment idea for lantern but I think current lantern is fine as is. I will say your razorfly synergy gives me an idea, what if Titania whether in normal or archwing mode gains up to 12 razorflies that defend her whenever she nears the Lantern. Razorfly damage can be scaled off power strength and base health of enemy sacrificed, though the trade may mean you do not start with razorflies whenever you activate Razorwing. Razorwing – I feel current razorwing simply needs to be faster. Overall I enjoy playing as Titania because she is unique warframe that allows archwing in regular missions – so she can be a refreshing break from most frames. Titania is lots of fun and a very powerful CC warframe, who at this time truly suffers a lot because her abilities’ ragdoll effects. If Titania were simply to receive a tweak to how enemies are affected by Spellbind and Lantern to simply float in place, it would massively improve her. These spelling and lantern are great cc abilities but are severely countered by the fact that enemies float away. if the ragdoll effect only activated if I melee charge attacked the floating enemy, like a piñata, that would be ok.
  5. I have always felt atlas' kit was a mix bag as none of his abilities synergies with each other or had center theme. He was a mash of brawler, caster, and summoner. His first review which introduced the rumble passive was nice attempt to tie his abilities together but he still feels unfocused. I had a separate idea where I had focused atlas on being a summoner but I like where you are going. My comments on your Atlas the brawler rework is as follows: Landslide- I personally have always had issues with this ability since it felt it went against most Atlas' kit but with your rework it definitely fits a lot better. I would love it if landslide had the ability to ground slam which sinks enemies towards atlas, bring them in for melee combat. Tectonics- the boxing ring idea is amazing. A place where enemies enter and atlas' traps them to fight. Will there be a taunting mechanic to draw enemies in the ring? Petrify - for a brawler Atlas i would remake this ability similar to saryn's toxic lash where melee damage from atlas has a chance to turn enemies to stone. Thus allowing atlas to pick up more rubble, but this change would not work with your passive suggestion. Rumblers- soild suggestions. I like the synergy of keeping the rumbler in the ring to deal with those enemies. Boulder - neat and great for open maps like the plains, but alot of our mission maps are cramped and narrow i.e. kuva fortress, and we may get unwanted clipping and getting stuck issues like we do with archwing.
  6. If chroma's 1 and 4 would leave behind a small "fire" trail on the ground they would be so bad... or if they had a rework like what was suggestion here.
  7. An exilus augment for passives. That's super interesting and can open up many build possibilities.
  8. I like that you suggested sonar be a toggle/channel ability. It's really the only major change that I would want for banshee - dont get me wrong i like you other suggestions as well. Sonar being a toggle would really take the pressure off of players, especially new players but still keep her expert level. She is an intimidating frame with little to no survivability. hopefully it only uses energy every time sonar pings perhaps once every 3 seconds or something.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I made the following changes: Nekros Soul Familiar (replace Soul Punch) - Target an enemy and enslave their soul for a short time. Their soul will swirl around other nearby enemies draining their heath and healing Nekros and nearby allies health and curing any alignments. Downed allies will have their bleed timers extended. >>Soul Familiar is a callback to old school Renewal except the amount healed is based off the targeted enemies health instead draining your warframe's energy. The range would be closer to Mesa' lasso Soul Siphon - (channeling) drain an enemy's health to restore Nekro's energy. Channeling this ability stores energy that increases his ability strength for a short duration (increasing the damage his shadows). If an enemy is killed they become a shadow copy of that enemy. Nekros is invulnerable when channeling this ability. As for keeping the despoil/health conversion combo here is an augment change - Despoil (aka Blood Magic) - Health increased by 300%, abilities now cost health instead of energy As for Revenant, I made the following tweaks to make his thralls the principle mechanic. More thralls he has the more invulnerable he is. Then folks can decide whether to sacrifice them to tons of burst damage to one enemy or heal allies. Mesmer Skin (passive) - Revenant is enveloped in sentient energy, each charge makes Revenant resistant to most damage. Revenant receive a charge for every active thrall. Enthrall - convert a target into a Thrall for a short duration. Charging this ability will covert multiple enemies into thralls. Command - Select a target for your thralls to either attack or protect. If the target selected is an enemy it will receive a debuff that amplifies damage target receives; if the target is an ally they will receive a buff that amplifies healing regeneration. Charging this ability will cause the thralls to rush the target and explode; if the target is an ally the explosion will be a heal burst. Target marking will work even if no thralls are active.
  10. I would argue that devour is pretty useful. Need to heal, eat an enemy - although inaros' sand shadows seems gimmicky. If Warframe was more like Diablo, Destiny, borderlands or even Anthem where there is a lot of RNG common, uncommon, rare, epic and mythic samey gear we have to sift thru to find the one with the best stats then I can totally get behind having a pure loot ability.
  11. I didn't admit anything, simply requesting you defend your position
  12. @tCartmant @JohnLemon123 Nekros' Desecrate is still there, just as a passive and wouldn't necessarily take away from those builds except maybe the despoil augment because it no longer cost energy or hp.
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