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  1. More exploration, possibly more missions. Been on a brake playing Zelda Breathe of the Wild and Cyberpunk 2077. Playing these games reminds me what is missing in the current open worlds.
  2. I would love it if DE to hired a few of the star citzen developers to build a full scale solar system or at least a full scale planets. If they are looking to be more like an MMORPG then the open world's need to be larger and have more quests sprinkled around.
  3. Still waiting on an expansion on what happened to the new strain of infested creatures, deimos seems to focus more on the older ancient strain.
  4. So with the (upcoming) release of the new infested planet I think I should revamp my concept. Prior to the Heart of Deimos announcement, the infested had a benign presence. Lurking but not harmful outside of the few quest or events like the plague star event or the certain Warframe quests like Once Awake or Patient Zero. Unless you were around in 2014 to play the series of events and operations that centered around the infested and gave them recent relevance and threat, including their evolution to infect non-organic life. Below is a quick story/event outline if you do not already k
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