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  1. Yeah man. When is this coming out!
  2. (XB1)Nightseid

    Qol suggestion for config builds

  3. (XB1)Nightseid

    Please bring the Old Raids back.

    Another problem with 8 players (at least on console), console is limited on the hardware. So hosting and process is limiting too. Whenever the game bugs out it is normally when I enter a populated community hub (cetus, or relays). Anyways other problems with raids were god builds, and enemy a.i.
  4. (XB1)Nightseid

    Plaque star hunters - monster hunting in warframe

    Perhaps this mode can replace or combine with the infested invasions.
  5. (XB1)Nightseid

    Please bring the Old Raids back.

    Raids simply need to be re-formatted. I loved the design but looking for 8 players it took too long w/o a look for group function to speed up the process. Note I'm on console - we have smaller and more casual population than PC. It took literal hours to find/keep a group. 8 player raids I feel is only the small problem or at least contributed to the bugginess issue. The raids system had other issues, which have been addressed previously in the thread. Hopefully this new railjack mode will mark the return of a new type of raid.
  6. (XB1)Nightseid

    Please bring the Old Raids back.

    No, I get it. You have forgotten that folks were able to beat the 8 player raids with only 4 members (min max) - so what's the point of an 8 player raid when 4 players beat the missions anyways? The point of a longer 4 player missions is simple - (1) easier to get a group together and (2) hopefully, easier to design. Like I mentioned, raids would need to completely reformatted especially considering all different god builds.
  7. (XB1)Nightseid

    Please bring the Old Raids back.

    Old raids felt like 8 player regular missions/sorties anyways. I did not feel it offered much in ways tactics and challenge, that wasn't already offered in regular missions.
  8. (XB1)Nightseid

    The brigand

    Design idea. https://goo.gl/images/eorCE7
  9. (XB1)Nightseid

    Please bring the Old Raids back.

    I would like raids to return but for Warframe raids to come back I feel they will need to be completely re-formatted. - No 8 players – limit raids 4 players just every mission other mission. That is a team layout everyone is already used too and it will reduce bugginess due to player-hosting (hopefully). - Have a group finding system – so players can search for a specific team build. i.e. healer, tank, etc. Having to wait and search hours to find another player killed the momentum of raids. - Raids should take place on 1 uniquely designed large map with several objectives (like P.o.E. bounties or other FPS games); having to do a 3 map series (like sorties) was painful and took too long with a large group. Also there are many well designed mastery rank trails and I would love to see a lot more MR-like situations integrated in the game. - Enemies should be reworked to not just be a swarming horde of bullet sponges – a bullet sponge enemy is fine for regular endurance missions but I feel raids should offer more tactics that equipment checks. Almost every situation results into just being mob-swarming. - Biggest issue of Raids are the God Frames, God Builds, etc. I feel for raids to be truly effective we (players) need to be capped in our builds. Either raids have a mod capacity cap, disabled player mods or simply players choose from a role-based build template for raids. Seriously certain frames with certain builds can single-handedly break the game with players able to 1 shot a 100 enemies at the same time. o Mod Template builds – mod builds based on raid-members role. This mod set up will replace player’s mod set up with a pre-built mod layout – these are based off the current set mods to help provide an idea of what each role could be: § Gladiator § Hunter § Augur § Vigilante
  10. Eidlon hunting is great and I like the set up - although I wish there was more variety and it was less grindy. Same goes for the plaque star event and dealing with infested overall. I love the idea of hunting down infest and using their parts to build various weapons or consumables - the juggernaut drops parts that have not used for anything past the Jordas quest. This is not the first time I have made this forum: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/943437-plaque-star-hunters/ Reward ideas: Craftable infest weapon skins for non infested weapons. (Blueprints) Infested syndanas and armor (blueprints) Infested lures consumables (blueprints) Infested kubrow and infested kavat mods. And/or infested weaponary (including those in dojo) - personal note: I always felt that dojo weapons should not be exclusive to the dojo and should be obtainable in missions, syndicates, etc. Crafting weapons in the dojo (in my opinion) should be an alternate way of building your arsenal to reward team based players. I feel this would be great for new players, who may not know many players or prefer playing solo. **also Nidus blueprints should be part of infested hunting because outside of him, infested salvage was easy and ...meh... If the debuff mechanic were simply incorporated into regular defense missions I think it would be better, especially for "dark sector" nodes. Hope this makes sense.
  11. (XB1)Nightseid

    Gara - made-of-glass [ability concept]

    So... Glass weapon Melee stats: Attack speed - 1.0 Channel - 1.5x Block - 60% Disposition - n/a Crit % - 15% Crit multiplier- 2x Slide - 200 Slam - 100 Radius - 5m Status % - 15% Slash - 70 Puncture -70 Impact - 70 So basically the stats for the weapon are "god-like" and has a naturally high reflection. But since the weapon is powerful, it now has a health counter. the health of the glass weapon will based of power strength like iron skin and gara's armor. Strength:400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 (base health) ? / 1.25 / 1.75 / 2.50x (armor multiplier)
  12. (XB1)Nightseid

    Machete stance not so bad

    Really looking at the machete stance, they arent that bad. They need more weapons like axes. I feel a lot of 1-hand short axes fit that hack and slash combat style.
  13. (XB1)Nightseid

    The brigand

    I think having the frag grenade be a proxy mine is too much like minelayer from vauban - I dont mind it as a mod though. Your suggestion for wide shield is good but i feel that would work better as a mod too. One thing I was thinking though was that when ROIT-SHIELD is turned on, when you hit the melee button brigand will shield bash enemies, knocking them down. Thoughts?
  14. (XB1)Nightseid

    There should only be one - relay

    Having one relay is fine for me. It semi expands the lore, although I wish they had more to do in the relay especially when you can access everything else from your ships. I just do not see the benefit for having multiple relays that all do the same thing.
  15. (XB1)Nightseid

    There should only be one - relay

    I am super excited for the new Pyrus Project event but if I were honestly (and I have suggested this before) we should really only have the one relay - considering we have cetus, iron wake and margoo's bazaar. Having multiple relays dont offer anything except limiting new players access to baro.