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  1. In my humble opinion I am not a fan of loot abilities and the descreate ability as it works now should be a warframe aura mod, so every frame has the opportunity to be a farm frame.
  2. You know k-drive lack a principle mode of travel. I have always wanted the underground tunnels of this worlds infested maps to force folks to use k-drive the primary method of transportation.
  3. Here is a video example of what the ultimate ability might be like. Except that players would create the solo and it provides bonuses based on the notes played.
  4. I have always wanted a Shield mod slot and shields offer damage type resistances and damage reductions. The current resistance mods are so useless.
  5. Ok. So away teams. Could there be some way we can teleport from rail team and away team or ... perhaps a timer or objectives of how long the away team has to complete their mission and should they fail an alternate win condition is presented?
  6. Changed rework passive to be blood magic - nekros abilities cost health not energy with enemies having 50% of dropping addition health orbs.
  7. Revamp on slot4....again. Battle beat Energy cost: 100 Duration: 14/16/18/20 Activate the storm drum to play quick beat that creates an aura that boasts Cirrus and his allies Activating the ability will cause a small blast explosion at Cirrus location. Cirrus will have up to 4 seconds to play a 4/4 (100 bpm) melody, during this time Cirrus will invulnerable. Cirrus’ other abilities will transform to drum beat. Each beat providing a different buff. Slot 1- Rain – regenerates health. Heal per beat = 200 (tap) Slot 2- Thunder – increases power strength. Boost per beat = 200 (tap) Slot 3 - Lightning – increases attack damage. Boost per beat = 200 (tap) Holding the beat will add a multiplier. 2x, 3x, 4x Should Cirrus decide not play any beat after activating battle beat, he and his allies attacks will be silent or not alert enemies. To cancel storm buff, hold battle beat. This will cause a lightning strike at Cirrus’ location that will blast nearby enemies and cancel the aura.
  8. Khora or wukong says I can fish or mine in peace Or Nekros says I'm in farm mode cause what other reason is there to play nekros.
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