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  1. (XB1)Nightseid

    Warframe Concept - Cirrus the Cloud Warrior

    Thanks for the feedback. Passive –hmm, I’ll consider thyour suggestion. Ability 1 – the ability is supposed to absorb the damage allies deal into the cloud not enemies, much like zephr’s tornado. I was envisioning this ability working well with the ultimate which shoots elemental damage. Ability 2- float as a augment for cloudscape. That’s an interesting idea. Ability 3- I will re-visit those numbers I see that fog was a bit too powerful. Initially I was struggling with making this ability either an on/off toggle (like equinox’s provoke), a simple press (like nova’s molecular prime), or a channeling ability where you hold the ability to increase fog’s range and density. Ability 4 – thanks! And yes the trigger is supposed to be held. The idea was the longer you hold the trigger the more it forks.
  2. (XB1)Nightseid

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    I hope hildryn will be granted a shield immunity capability to specific damage types.
  3. (XB1)Nightseid

    Make syndicates great...at least once

    Why stalker mode? I mean we already have groups ripe for PVP presence and that’s the syndicates. Why doesn’t DE simply integrate a PVP system with these guys already. Below are a few ideas… First mode bounty hunter – like stalker mode – upon accepting the mission the player is sent to a random high ranked player who is “actively” representing their syndicates enemy faction. Failure = loss of rep, success = gain of rep. The major problem I foresee with this mode is with warframe/weapon stats – if left untouched it’s the egg vs God. So stalker mode might be a simple way to lock stats to have a semi fair fight; but I’m sure a similar thing could be done for syndicate hunting. Second mode. Squad vs Squad (4v4) mode king of the hill mode. a syndicate vs syndicate alert for high ranking players (rank 5 syndicate), I feel this is a straight forward mode. Since each syndicate has an ally this will help with public matchmaking. Players are restricted to conclave mods and must be actively represent their syndicate. Rewards massive syndicate rep and conclave rep. 3rd mode. Syndicate Lunaro. Much like above, squad vs squad. Better for match making. Rewards massive syndicate rep and conclave rep. Would these syndicate mode take away from conclave – if im honest to myself, I hope so – or at least integrate conclave into the main stream game better. Conclave is isolated from the rest of the game. GW2 has integrated ways where players can play PvP and not feel isolated from the PVE side of the game, either by gaining exp or unlocking high tier weapons or achievements. That’s my issue with conclave: I have to ignore the rest of game to play conclave, which I feel makes it that harder for newer players to access it.
  4. So I like the idea but *spoiler alert* we cured alad v of infestation through the operation tubemen event. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Operation:_Tubemen_of_Regor And Alad V has been our untrustworthy ally ever since, not saying he could not be an enemy again. Under my concept I took Alad V in a different direction and introduced a completely different but known villain.
  5. (XB1)Nightseid

    Gara - made-of-glass [ability concept]

  6. (XB1)Nightseid

    [Warframe Concept] Havoc - Dual Element Warframe(w Artworks)

    Love the arts. Would love to do a collab/commission one day. Anyways I like the concept but I feel the flipping elements adds too much complexity. Perhaps simplify by having the prime color be the energy color that emits an aura that does elemental damage to nearby enemies and the first ability cycle thru other elements (fire, ice, toxic, electric) and holding the combines them for a short duration or something.
  7. (XB1)Nightseid

    [Warframe Concept] Paradox the Sorceress

    updated Paradox with new theme and powers. the old version still listed.
  8. (XB1)Nightseid

    Solo frame fighter

    That's a dissapointing because with a little more work and integration to the conclave I feel more folks would play this mode. I'm not of fan of shooter conclave and you cannot do lunaro without a team
  9. (XB1)Nightseid

    frame fighters

  10. (XB1)Nightseid

    Warframe Concept - Cirrus the Cloud Warrior

    Ok. Another rework the forth ability– I’m considering removing the exalted weapon cause, well it’s not as interesting as I once thought it was, also there are a lot of exalt weapon in warframe already. So… here is a new forth new ability. +Eye of the Storm - conjures a ball lightning that electrifies the area shocking any enemy that enters its area of effect. EotS will strike and chain off any nearby cloudscapes. Strength: 200/400 Duration: 8/10/12/15 Range: 5/7/8/10 Misc- status duration: 30secs Or... + Thunderstrike – cirrus calls a lightning strike at his location knockback all nearby enemies and dealing impact damage. Damage: 400 Range: 10m Let me know which you guys think?
  11. (XB1)Nightseid

    Vauban tweak- passive, mine layer & bounce

    Bump, as I added clarifying sentence.
  12. (XB1)Nightseid

    True pacifist - John woo style

    Challange accepted. Lol But serious thanks for the constructive feedback.
  13. (XB1)Nightseid

    True pacifist - John woo style

    Well played on all parts. You made some very solid point particularly with the damage scaling. I'm sure there is a viable solution out there, as to what it is however I can say because it would been implemented by now. Regardless, I still think it would be a cool concept of disarming enemies and using against their weapons against them. I welcome you to review other concepts I have current or create later on. As for subdue - I missed the part that it was relatable, so I redact that comment
  14. (XB1)Nightseid

    True pacifist - John woo style

    Ok, so let’s think what could make this design at least a more viable concept. Passive: 1. Melee only– so I guess restricting all weapons is silly, so instead restrict the Baruuk to only equipping melee weapons, like “Pacifist” Morgan (from Walking Dead). 2. Add passive that melee attacks have a (30 -50%) to have enemies drop weapons. 3. This passive that allows Baruuk to pick up dropped weapons; Hold weapon swap to drop or throw weapon. a. I find most enemy firearms are within our own arsenals. For those with firearms not in our arsenal, they could have a chance to drop a faction-based secondary. b. Enemy weapon damage- so these weapons will have the same stats as our arsenal counterparts, since these cannot be modded as they are picked up in missions their base damage will be based off the enemy lvl that drop the weapon then Baruuk’s power strength will added on top. So a dropped Gorgan + lvl100 enemy + Baruuk Power strength = total weapon damage. i. elemental damage will be based of Baruuk’s exalted fists or equipped melee weapon. Ability 1 – elude – no change Ability 2- sedative – personally I’m like this feels like a wasted ability –it’s another slowing and sleep ability. But for the purpose of this thought experiment it can remains as is. Ability 3-subdue –instead of daggers seeking enemies automatically, they need to be manually triggered. So target enemy to disarmed (and 100% of dropping weapon) or target ally to bestow. Ability 4-Savage – no change Inspiration for this concept – a lot of kung fu movies, the bare-fist hero, and DE’s Dark Sectors- although Hayden does have a sidearm, you mostly pick up and use random enemy weapons for a short duration throughout the game. So Baruuk can be a nod to that classic DE gameplay style.