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  1. (XB1)Nightseid

    [Warframe Concept] Paradox, a time-theme warframe - 1 HP challenge

    For sure, that was my intent but 1 health would cause I let of balance issues that would need to be addressed. So I'm thinking about upping it to 50 (maybe 25). Yeah link a post, would love to see your ideas.
  2. (XB1)Nightseid

    [Warframe Concept] Paradox, a time-theme warframe - 1 HP challenge

    Thanks. Stay tuned. I'm going to be releasing a 2nd version ( a 50 hp version) with an updated passive and a new ability as time distort is now too close to baruuk's elude. 😕
  3. (XB1)Nightseid

    Vauban tweak- passive, mine layer & bounce

    I like the extra damage of reinforce but it feels telling what playstyle is expected for this frame as this ability only affects two abilities. I feel this passive should also have increase the chance to drop extra loot when enemies while affected or by an ability – so death by pad, bastille, vortex or grenades have a chance to grant extra loot. Bounce in its current form is practically useless, sometimes fun but mostly useless. It has limited charges, its directional and it’s has a small range. So I thought to myself what if bounce was a large area of effect ability that acts as an emergency CC ability when players activate it. 1-bounce pad – bigger than current bounce ability, however actives when a slam attack is perform within it. When activated it will bounce all enemies back a few meters (away from the center of the pad), this also knocks them down. Infinite bounces. Same damage Strength affects knockback range: 10m Duration: 30s Increase range to: 6/8/10/12ms So with bounce now in the one slot, it makes sense to move Telsa to the 2 slot. Now my issue with minelayer is simple – either they do not provide damage or utility. Also I would really like to see more grenade functionality too (you know, immediate explosion). 2- Mine-layer – Telsa, shred (mine version: when shred explodes it releases other cluster bombs on top), concussion (mine versions: lets out high pitch noise, stuns enemies like banshee’s silence), trip wire (grenade- ties up the closest enemy) Tab – to throw grenade that immediately blows or… Hold to lay down mine. Strength: 400 dmg (blast explosion), 700 dmg ( mine explosion ) Same durations Explosion range: 6ms Increase mine range to 12ms
  4. (XB1)Nightseid

    Gara - made-of-glass [ability concept]

    Bump... Augment idea. Weapon of stone. Place your weapon on the ground, summoning mirrors that taunt enemies..."insert spectrorage description"
  5. (XB1)Nightseid

    [Warframe Concept] Paradox, a time-theme warframe - 1 HP challenge

    Well what do you know baruuk's second ability elude was exactly what i was thinking for time distortion. I guess I better think of another ability. Whomp whomp. Actually I have been comptempating updating paradox with a proper health stat version, probably no more than 50 or 25 health. Only cause I feel there is too many issues trying to balance a no health frame.
  6. (XB1)Nightseid

    Puerta: The Doorframe

    Lol. Next, pollito-the chicken frame
  7. the town would be an orbiting ship, the surface is much too dangerous to land on. when you leave for the surface your orbiter lanuches you and your archwing. i add more info, art and change somethings around on: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1038213-syndicate-concept-matagi-plague-hunters-open-world-the-depths-of-eris/?tab=comments#comment-10373660
  8. (XB1)Nightseid

    Morpheus, the Dreaming Warframe

    no problem. looking forward to see how Morpheus comes along.
  9. (XB1)Nightseid

    Morpheus, the Dreaming Warframe

    looking good. it's a straightforward concept. > ability 1 is a good first ability. > ability 2 could get trolling, but it also seems too powerful for a number 2 slot, perhaps 3 or 4th slot. > ability 3 would be tricky to implement, as this ability concept has been suggested before. we have many enemies and some that aren't humanoids. > ability 4 sounds underpowered for an ultimate, perhaps switch ability 2. Numbers do not have to be exact - a ballpark would do - it gives us and you a good idea of how you want the concept to play.
  10. Well the second dream quest takes place after he is cured from the mutalist virus- so this could be explained by either the players helped him (if you did the event) or he found a way to cure himself. DE really should incorporate some of their lore in these timed events as codex entries.
  11. + new arts - Nyx and Sudek
  12. thanks. its showing up for me (might be im logged in) so i added a link to both my Deviantart page as well as the imgur just in case.
  13. lol. you caught it. lol
  14. added Eris open world concept