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  1. I enjoy playing Railjack however there are still a few improvements I would like to see added to the game mode. 1. Completing the mission - When a mission ends in Railjack and players receive the rewards, it’s gets a little confusing what to do next when other players want to continue exploring. Do I abort mission to go back to your orbiter, if so, do lose those rewards? Do I wait until we dock at a dojo? In regular missions or landscape missions when I feel like exiting, I simply go to the extraction point and end my session without fear of losing my progress while other continue exploring. I feel some sort of QoL feature needs to be added to indicate players can safely end their session once the mission is completed because the only way to end your session, I can see is to abort the mission and that message “you will lose progress” is completed is worrisome. 2. Overhaul how engineering works - I do not like the forge aspect of Railjack, especially if you play solo. Having to grinding resources to create missiles while you are actively in mission feels like I'm already losing the mission and takes me away from the action. It does not help that the Railjack crew member(s) that I assigned to engineering do not automatically forge more items when I need either. I propose an alternative solution: instead of players having to always manually forge items instead have omni resources and munitions restock automatically much like arch-wing ammo - perhaps 1 unit every few seconds with an option to manually forge items. This could open the door for players to further customize their Railjacks by upgrade these forges to increase the restock rate. If an enemy sabotage the forge it will pause the restocking processing until it is repaired by the player. Whenever I play multiplayers games, I hardly see anyone forging new items anyways. 3. Railjack abilities should be on cooldown and not share the energy pool of Warframes - I'm confused as to why enemy ships do not drop energy orbs when killed if our Railjack abilities use energy to be casted. For this reason, I tend to always use Larvos for Railjack missions. As his abilities are cooldown-based I do not need to worry about insufficient energy to cast my Railjack abilities. I feel this overpowers the Railjack. It forces me to properly time when to use the abilities but does not screw me in when I do make a mistake, forcing me to disengage from the pilot seat and drop an energy pizza. 4. Introduce some archwing missions into Railjack - I like that I can board ships switch to regular mission temporarily in Railjack, although not for the endless types. I surprised DE has not added Archwing missions in Railjack already, specifically the archwing sabotage missions. I feel it could be easily integrated as far as mission progression goes as players can sabotage the ship via the boarding party, then they blow a hole in a corpus “Deathstar” with the Railjack heavy gun and then fly into the ship’s interior to destroy the ship’s core. The current archwing tile ship for corpus sabotage already has that appearance. 5. Introduce an endless skirmish mode - I find it silly to have regular endless missions in Railjack because you are not using the Railjack. So why do a Railjack mission if you are simply going to jump into a regular endless defense? Railjack needs a proper endless for itself so folks that enjoy Railjack and continue playing this game mode. So here is an idea for an endless skirmish defense idea; let's call mission type: scramble. Scramble is a military term used to quickly mobilize aircraft against a hostile threat usually in defense of an airbase. The idea here is players must defend a colonist’s relay against waves of enemies. In this mission type players will enter the mission via their own Railjacks to fight off the enemy invasion. Yes, my idea for this mission type is have all 4 players pilot their own Railjacks with their crew, however, once a player's ship is destroyed then each other player will have 1 crew member will loaded out of their Railjacks allowing other players to board each other's ships. The game ends once all Railjacks have been destroyed (failure), the relay is destroyed (failure) or players decide to no longer continue the mission after every 5th* wave (success). This mission type will use the standard defense mission of 5 waves rounds with a rotation of a, a, b, c.
  2. Could give the tenet diplos an alt fire where it depletes the entire magazine into the marked targets. The homing is nice but weak considering you shoot a like 3 sshots into each target.
  3. Warframe Idea: Vulcan The weaponsmith and master of the forge. Lore Deep in the molten mines of Mercury, Vulcan was tasked to protect the miners in the first sentient war. Well-armed he performed his duties with relative ease demolishing waves of sentients ensure everyone escaped before the mines collapsed upon him. Acquisition idea: TBD Stats Height: 4 ft 5 in or 1.37 meters - yes, he is the dwarf-warframe Health: 150 – 300 MR30 Armor: 225 – 450 MR30 Shield: 200 – 400 MR30 Power: 90 – 180 MR30 Speed: 0.90 – 1.8 MR30 Abilities Passive – a portion of ammo from ammo drops is stored in Vulcan ammo reserves. Vulcan ammo reserves are equal to the ammo capacity of his exalted weapon. 1. Eruption – Vulcan causes the ground to explode underneath him launching himself in the air X meters. Dealing blast damage to enemies. · Energy: 25 · Strength: 7/8/9/10 m (height) · Duration: N/A · Range: 2/2.5/3/3.25m Blast radius 2. Volatile Cocktail – fuse some of your ammunition for your ammo reserves into a grenade and toss it at enemies. The longer you hold the ability the more ammo Vulcan consumes. While holding the grenade, use the alt fire to throw it. · Energy 50 · Strength: 100-300 blast damage, 150/275/300/400 puncture damage · Duration: N/A · Range: 5/6/7/8-meter explosion radius, 6/8/9/10-meter shrapnel radius. · MISC: Each round of ammunition consumed raises VC damage by 1%. 3. Reloaded – Vulcan instantly restores his primary and secondary weapons with ammunition stored in his reserves. He also receives a X second(s) bullet frenzy buff, that gives his guns infinite magazine capacity. · Energy: 75 · Strength: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% ammo restore · Duration: 3/4/5/6 seconds buff duration · Range: n/a 4. Terminator – Vulcan summons his archwing mini-gun to mow down enemies. This minigun uses ammo stored in Vulcan’s ammo reserves. · Energy: 100 · Strength: 60/90/130/175 damage · Duration: n/a · Range: n/a · MISC: Vulcan cannot swap weapons while wielding the Terminator. Signature weapons Breaker and Fixer – Vulcan wields his two signature Warhammers into battle. Smashing through waves of enemies that come close. Weapon Synergy – whenever Vulcan executes a slam attack from 8 + meters high, he causes the ground to explode blasting enemies within 4 meters and leaving behind a small fissure (4 meters) that spews magma causing heat damage to enemies that step on it. Exalted weapon Terminator – Vulcan’s exalted archwing minigun.
  4. Warframe Idea: Freki The Apex Predator, The Ravenous one Lore Alad V did attempt another Zanuka while bonded with the Mutalist Strain. He based his new design from warframe print. The result was a Mutalist Zanuka, a monstrosity of Warframe and the Mutalist Strain to hunt all enemies of the infested. Acquisition idea: First players will go through a story mission, where they must destroy a few infested hives in Eris to keep the virus at bay. This story could be a continuation of the Mycona Colony from the Glast Gambit mission. As the player progress thru the quest it is revealed that while Alad V was still bonded with the virus he created a continued his Zanuka project work (see above). Completing the story will grant the main blueprint. Afterwards whenever a player accepts a hive mission on Eris they may encounter a Mutalist Zanuka protecting the hives. These enemies have a chance of dropping the Freki blueprints. Stats Health: 100 Armor: 75 Shield: 75 Power: 115 Speed: 1.10 Abilities Passive: innate 75% faster recovery from knockdowns. 1. Alter – Freki changes her stance from humanoid warframe into a quadruped. In beast mode, Freki gains a bonus to her evasion, critical chance, critical damage, and status chance. · Energy: 0 · Strength: 30/40/60/80% (bonus buff) · Duration: n/a · Range: n/a · MISC: 2. Nano Swarm – Freki launches a small pod of toxic spores at enemies. Enemies caught in the path will be repeatedly stung reducing their armor for the duration of the ability. · Cost: 50 · Strength: 100/250/350/500 (toxic damage on hit), 5/8/9/10% (armor reduction per second) · Duration: 8/10/12/15 seconds · Range: 15/16/18/20m · MISC: 3. Outbreak – Freki allows the infestation to overtake her for a short duration. This gives her with a temporary health bonus and allowing Freki’s melee attacks to debuff enemies with life leech. Enemies attack with life leech will heal the attack by X% of damage dealt. · Cost: 75 · Strength: 50/75/100/200% (health bonus), 5/6/8/10% (life leech) · Duration: 15/16/18/20 seconds, 8/10/13/15s (life leech debuff) · Range: n/a · MISC: Activating this ability will not allow Leto to active her passive stealth ability while in beast mode. 4. Apex Alpha – Freki summons two Helminth charges to fight alongside her. · Energy: 100 · Strength: 450/600/750/900 (health), 600/750/1050/1501 (slash), 100/125/175/248.5 (toxic) · Duration: 15/20/30/45s (Helminth duration) · Range: n/a · MISC: Beast form While in beast form, Freki loses access to her equipped weapons, however she can still utilize her warframe abilities in this form. Additionally, she is able to bite, claw, lunge and swipe with her tendrils. Melee attacks for Beast mode Normal Attack > Swipe, Freki deals damage with her claws Slide Attack > Tendril Swipe, one of Freki’s tendrils juts out dealing damage to multiple enemies Aim glide – Freki will produce wings to help glide through the air for the duration of the aim glide. Aerial Attack > Lunge, this attack may knock down a target Slam Attack > whenever Freki performs a slam attack, Tendril Spikes will protrude upward from the ground around her. Wall Attack > swipe Blocking > Freki tendrils will help block and deflect in coming damage. Heavy Attack > Dual Tendril Swipe Beast Form Stats Health: 100 – 300 MR30 Shield: 75 – 225 MR30 Armor: 50 – 100 MR30 Slash: 304 Crit chance: 10% Crit Mult: 3.0x Status Chance: 5% Evasion: 3% Abilities Passive – In beast mode, Freki will cloak herself whenever she detects an enemy within 24 meters if she is not running, and enemies are not in an alert state. Running and attacking will break this stealth. In beast form, Freki will still have access to her original abilities.
  5. Infested lich idea: Kaiju Lore For this concept we will use Arlo, the main antagonist from the 2nd nightwave series: the emissary. - Arlo is trying to grow the infestation by invading the other planets. Players must fight off the infestation by enlisting in invasion mission to stop them. Acquisition - To initialize the infested lich system players must be in an infested invasion mission. Here a story pop-up will appear that will indicate to the player an infested zealot is lurking the map. From there the player has to hunt the zealot. If the player choose to mercy kill the zealot then the infested lich is activated... pretty much like the current system. *Infested Devotee- these characters will mostly appear like Devotees first appeared in nightwave but they will clear have already exposed themselves to the infested with major deformities, like mutalist Alad V The lich Appearance - The lich will appear to the player as a heavily infested version of the warframe the player used to kill the Devotee. The lich weapon will utilize the same Lich/Progenitor system currently in place. Zealots - much like the grinner liches, the infested will utilize various zealots thralls players must kill to decipher the Requiem. Final form. Once a player figures out the requiems needed to kill the lich. The lich will retreat and the player must then hunt them down in a railjack mission. In order to fight the lich you must battle a jordas golem using your archwing or railjack. Once defeated you will be able to gain access inside the ship. One inside players will encounter their liches that have transformed into Lephantis-like creatures. The killing blow Once defeated the lich will devolve back to its humanoid zealot/frame form. Where the player choose to either convert or kill the lich for the final time. My thoughts. First, I chose Arlo as we never truly faced off with them in the nightwave series and the idea of an infested enemy appearing to be normal only to cause chaos and an outbreak is very much like John Carpenter 's the Thing. It makes sense for this character to go around undetected and spread the virus. Second, Why invasion mission? From a story perspective the infested are constant trying to invade new worlds to spread the virus and an infested devotee would be the one to lead the charge or continue that outbreak. Also invasions do not seem as relevant any more since we have most of the event weapons/better weapons have appeared. Third, the monstrous transformation. I like the idea of the an infested lich becoming something gigantic and horrific. This could introduce a monster hunter vibe to warframe and which has player fight a variety gaint bosses. Although I stuck with the railjack set up for the final lich fight, I can see an infested gaint or Kaiju landing in an landscape map like the pains of eidolion, orb valis, the cambion dift or unique procedurally generated landscape map like those in duantless. For this landscape map idea though I feel a scenario like plague star, would be more appropriate. Where once a player defeats one kaiju another meterotie hits the landscape and spawns the next infested lich until all liches are destroyed.
  6. Same. Also I don't know if this is a wardrobe malfunction but I was mix matching item and opted to back to my original skins and got this. Now I have the cloth bits of the Pyraxis over the vermillion skin.
  7. I do use it. I just rather use deviantart, Instagram or any platform that has a better portfolio set up. I don't mind imgur but I usually forget the password because i don't use it often.
  8. Other than imgur, what other image sites work in the forums? I wanted to use deviantart bit that doesn't seem to post.
  9. Warframe has always been easy since they got rid of trails and changed the meta from CC to damage. DE needs to introduces more tactical mechanics and missions in the game, this includes better AI, armor scaling, etc, than just more endless mission types. Until then it's grind until you can one shot the enemy or find an infinite damage combo. My suggestion for gun stances is simply to even out the mod capacity for both guns and melee. As it stands you can have a powerful melee weapon with less forma than a primary or secondary because they are not going to reduce the mod capacity of frames and melee weapons. I'm glad guns are receiving some arcanes but it won't be long until melee receive arcane too then we might be back where we are right now.
  10. We need auras or stances slots on guns. More mod capacity is the way to bring guns to gap the divide between guns and melee. galvanized mods could be those mods instead of being just a regular mod.
  11. The "fixes" are good but I still see melee being more powerful. I feel guns need auras or stances like melee to bring them up to par because melee has more mod capacity. A possible idea for gun stance would be is to covert all the scavenger and amp warframe auras into gun stances, and they are only in effect when the weapon is being actively used.
  12. Redacted the previous volcano based frame for a new one. This one is loosely based on the Roman volcano and blacksmith god Vulcan. Codename: Vulcan Passive - excess ammo from drops deposits into vulcan ammo reserves. 1. Fissures - in a 45 degree arc in front of him, vulcan causes a small eruption that bursts with Magma. Setting enemies caught in the eruption on on fire. 2. Reloaded - vulcan instantly restores his weapons ammunition using his ammo reserves. 3. Volatile cocktail- press or hold to melt some of your ammo in your reserves into a grenade. Throw the grenade using your alt fire. The grenade explodes on impact dealing blast damage and shrapnel dealing heat damage to nearby enemies. Holding the ability will consume more ammo from your reserves increasing its damage output and explosion radius. 4. Terminator - summon an archwing minigun. The archwing weapon uses the ammo stored in vulcan's ammo reserves
  13. So I haven't played Grendel in a while, so I picked him up for a quick mission, and was just unimpressed...again. I get this frame can super powerful, he can eat enemies whole after all, but the energy costs required to get him going feels like a tasks in itself. As such, considering most of his abilities dont cost energy but can't activate unless he eats someone I feel Grendel would benefit from a mechanic that does not require energy. One mechanic that comes to mind is world of warcraft rogue combo point mechanic. This mechanic requires the rogue to combat tricks that adds a combo points, once they rogue sufficient points they will use a finisher move that is multiple based amount of points they consumed. The rogue can open with a finisher attack but it will be less effective. Could a similar mechanic work for Grendel? Perhaps. Passive: 5 Stomachs - Grendel recieves a point for each enemy he eats, let's say the max is 5. Each point, gives Grendel added armor. As time passes, a point expires and restores small portion of Grendel's health. Grendel cannot feast on any more enemies once his point meter is full. Feast - instead of vomiting enemies, when Grendel has a full combo point meter or whenever he holds this ability Grendel could blech, reducing the affected enemies armor values with corrosive gas cloud. Nourish - instead of devouring one enemy at a time, this ability should consume them all providing a larger buff return. Regurgitate - a tap will spit out on enemy whereas holding the ability, will puke out all the enemies in large toxic sluge, similar to the Tar Mutalist MOA, leaving a large toxic gunk on the floor for a short duration affecting with any enemies that step on it with toxic damage. If Grendel uses this ability without having an enemy in his belly he spilt out bile that will cost him some of his health instead. Pulverize - Grendel should be able to turn into a meatball instead of having this ability require him to have eaten an enemy. I think instead the damage it causes should be increased by the number of combo points Grendel has. Grendel can be fun but he is underwhelming. This is mostly because I cannot use abilities unless I eat an enemy but each enemy devoured drains so much energy. So I think an non-energy mechanic may help Grendel be a bit more playable, at least in my opinion.
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