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  1. Nekros. No more loot frames. No more loot specific abilities. Loot increasing mods or arcanes: yes!
  2. Yep. Xbox - Hold ability select menu and press left of the direction pad and it will bring up a map.
  3. Storm Cloud themed Warframe. Based of the Japanese thunder god Raijin or other storm deities. This character abilities focuses around: Spreading elemental damage Lowers enemy accuracy. Provides group cover by creating a fog cloud that stealth crouched allies. Dodgy character Provides other utility buffs by playing short drum solos – ocarina of time style. Provided is link to a Warframe concept I posted of such a themed Warframe with some WIP concept art & yes that’s a Cloud Afro: Thanks for your consideration
  4. Allow player resource trading. Grind would be less of an issue for everyone if we could trade resources.
  5. In my humble opinion I am not a fan of loot abilities and the descreate ability as it works now should be a warframe aura mod, so every frame has the opportunity to be a farm frame.
  6. You know k-drive lack a principle mode of travel. I have always wanted the underground tunnels of this worlds infested maps to force folks to use k-drive the primary method of transportation.
  7. Here is a video example of what the ultimate ability might be like. Except that players would create the solo and it provides bonuses based on the notes played.
  8. Ok. So away teams. Could there be some way we can teleport from rail team and away team or ... perhaps a timer or objectives of how long the away team has to complete their mission and should they fail an alternate win condition is presented?
  9. Changed rework passive to be blood magic - nekros abilities cost health not energy with enemies having 50% of dropping addition health orbs.
  10. Revamp on slot4....again. Battle beat Energy cost: 100 Duration: 14/16/18/20 Activate the storm drum to play quick beat that creates an aura that boasts Cirrus and his allies Activating the ability will cause a small blast explosion at Cirrus location. Cirrus will have up to 4 seconds to play a 4/4 (100 bpm) melody, during this time Cirrus will invulnerable. Cirrus’ other abilities will transform to drum beat. Each beat providing a different buff. Slot 1- Rain – regenerates health. Heal per beat = 200 (tap) Slot 2- Thunder – increases power strength. Boost per beat = 200 (tap) Slot 3 - Lightning – increases attack damage. Boost per beat = 200 (tap) Holding the beat will add a multiplier. 2x, 3x, 4x Should Cirrus decide not play any beat after activating battle beat, he and his allies attacks will be silent or not alert enemies. To cancel storm buff, hold battle beat. This will cause a lightning strike at Cirrus’ location that will blast nearby enemies and cancel the aura.
  11. Here a couple reworks ideas regarding I favorite would-be summoner frames that doesn't overhaul the kit...well maybe. A little. V3 Nekros rework Blood Magic (passive) – Nekros' abilities cost health instead of energy. Enemies have a 50% chance of dropping a health orb in addition to other loot within Nekro’s presence (affinity range). Soul Familiar (replace Soul Punch) - Nekros casts 2 familiars to ravage enemies for a short duration. These familiars will leech health of other nearby enemies healing Nekros and nearby allies (including Nekro’s Shadows) and curing any alignments. Downed allies will have their bleed timers extended. Dark Command (moved from my Revenant rework concept) – Mark a target. If the target selected is an enemy, it will receive a debuff that amplifies damage target receives; if the target is an ally they will receive a buff that amplifies healing regeneration. If shadows or soul familiars are active they will concentrate attacks on target or protect the target. Charging Dark Command will cause the shadows to rush the target and explode; if the target is an ally the explosion will be a heal burst. Terrify – cast fear into the hearts of enemies, causing them to run away in Terror. Shadows of the Dead – summons shadows of vanquished foes to fight alongside Nekros. Augment ideas- Waking Nightmare (Terrify) – enemies affected by terrify also receive radiation damage. Minion AI Shadows – will seek to engage and destroy the targets with the lowest effective health unless they are in close range to another enemy, basically fighting trash mobs first, leaving Nekros to deal with heavy hitters. Rework thoughts: Shadows synergies. Healed by 1. Directly controlled by 2. Effectiveness also increased by 2. The goal of the rework is aligning Nekros towards being an effective minion master – using enemy souls to heal shadows and allies. Then command a small army to concentrate fire upon a cursed enemy. ++++ Revenant rework Mesmer Skin (passive) - Revenant is enveloped in sentient energy, which redirects damage and stuns all enemies who attack him. Revenant receives a charge whenever he reaves a thrall. Enthrall - convert a target into a Thrall for a short duration. Charging this ability will covert multiple enemies into thralls. Reave (move to 2 slot) – the movement ability remains the same except whenever Reave passes thru a thrall it sacrifices, granting a charge. If Reave is charged, Revenant will sacrifice all thralls leeching health and shield and disintegrating enemies killed into pillars, each Thrall sacrificed will restore Mesmer skin. Twisted Beast – sacrifice all thralls and summon an eidolon remnant (kubrow-like eidolon) for a short duration. The remnants power and defense will be based on the number of thralls sacrificed. Danse Macabre – erupt with a multitude of beams and sweep a circle of death around revenant. Remains the same. Rework thoughts – Revenant’s minions are now a resource gain Mesmer charges or summon a Twisted Beast. Mesmer skin is a passive, so Revenant needs to work towards becoming invincibility like Nidus’ mutation stacks. added. Revenant is missing something, I could not articulate it before but with all of revenant's synergies I simply feel he is missing a big payoff. This is why I re-worked Revenant in the manner that I did in order to make thralls a more versatile resource while trying to keep his favored functionality. Honestly I feel we should work for our immortality and not simply press 2 to get up to 14 free Mesmer charges and recast whenever we feel like. I mean what's the point of reave if I can simply recast Mesmer skin (healing is too weak for any real benefit). So my rework he loses instant immortality and has to cast enthrall first and decide whether he will sacrifice thralls for Mesmer charges via holding reave, heal via tapping reave, gain overshield via danse macabre or summon a temporary DPS companion via a new ability. Previous ability versions V2
  12. Forward. My first vision for Syndicate Concept, the Matagi, is meant to be a side-runner syndicate, like Cephalon Simaris, that focuses on the infested faction. This syndicate becomes available to players complete the main quest portion of Patient Zero (not the Alad V fight). My second vision for the Matagi is this group, who basically trains the Tenno to hunt and kill infested creatures is also the precursor to an Eris open-world node, revealing the node after players reach the rank of Slayer (rank 5). Telling the Tenno that they have received an invite to join the elite team of infested hunters on Eris. First up the syndicate Concept that introduces the players to the new open map at Eris. New Syndicate: The Matagi Location: Relay Lore: After the events of Patient Zero, players receive an invitation to join the “Matagi”. The Matagi can found in the relays. Players meet the syndicate contact, Virgil. He proceeds to provide a brief exposition of who are the Matagi. Player discdiscoverst Matagi are a small band of Tenno dedicated in the eradication of the infested. He explains that is the Matagi that have halted the infested efforts to expand into other planets in the system – keeping the infested isolate in Eris, mostly. New character: Name: Virgil Faction - Tenno Appearance – is an elderly Ostron with a robotic arm and a few visible scars. Background: Virgil was once exposed to the infested but was saved by having his arm severed and burned. He has dedicated his life in helping the Matagi monitoring Infestation Outbreaks from the Tenno relays. Once Tenno have proven their dedication in hunting the infested, he sends word to Sudek in Eris. Syndicate Ranking 1. Tenderfoot 2. Scout 3. Ranger 4. Jager 5. Slayer Hunting Bands (New Invasion) – These missions would have Tenno track, hunt and kill/capture infested monstrosities all before in-mission timer is expires. Hunting Bands would cycle thru the INFESTION outbreak invasion missions. Maps – These alert encounters would mostly take place in regular infested version Boss map tiles whereas the bigger infested boss creatures would take place in open-area maps like the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis or Archwing maps. This would be based on the monster(s) the alert has you hunting. Mission Progress: Tenno can only gain reputation for this syndicate by successfully completing hunts. As Tenno gain new ranks, they gain access to harder/high monster levels. Monster ranks- each monster rank becomes available upon reaching a new rank. NOTE: these are examples of boss type. These can be refitted with original infested creations. · Lvl1- Kaijin: This category is filled with humanoid size infested creatures like infested versions of certain bosses. i.e. like Gen. Ruk, Lt. Kril, or Mutalist Hyenas, or Mutalist Raptors. · Lvl2-: Kaiju: this category features larger creatures such as Juggernauts, Mutalist Razorback, Phorid, etc. Ø Juggernaut Phorid – this juggernaut variant has the following abilities psychic bolts, rush, and can cast Chaos – like Nyx ability, this ability casts initially blinds you then sets an illusion spell on top of yourself, your allies and other infested enemies alike to appear as J.P. This also ability enables friendly fire. · Lvl3- Seijin: contains even larger creatures or creatures that’s intended to have more than on Tenno to take down i.e. J-Golem, Lephantis … Ø Lephantis Hydra – this Lephantis variant has the added effect of re-growing its heads if not taken down within a specified amount of time. Ø J-Golem Leviathan – a J-golem variant is a sea-dweller that has crashed into the deep waters of Uranus. This Golem has developed tentacle arms. · Lvl4- Daikaiju: these are creatures would be massive beast that would be designed specifically to be fought in at least pairs or more. Ø Mother Golem – unlike other hunts, this boss is a massive infested Corpus Ship, so the hunt is actually a sabotage mission. Tenno must fly (archwing) in and destroy several hives then destroy the Golem’s infested heart (Ship Core). Ø King Moose –original– this a giant infested monster. This monster requires at least one Tenno to fly on top of its back to pop hive cyst that reveal weak points on King Moose’s limbs – once all limbs are destroyed, the final blow (finisher) can be taken from above. Example Rewards/Purchasable - Potent Pherliac Pod Blueprints – works as normal except has an added function of increasing threat level when equipped. Affect finishes when pods are unequipped, or all pods are deployed (in mission). Pod last for 10 sec when deployed. - TrapGun (1,2,3)– this is a harpoon ray gun (or Ghostbuster proton pack) that players will equip on their gear wheel. This TrapGun is design to work against the infested only. Player will need to shoot and hold the fire button to tether enemies stopping or slowing their advance. Trap Guns tether foes up to 15 meters away, walk backwards to pull them back. - Composites – like Zaws and Kit guns, these are craftable precision weapon: Bows, crossbows and Spearguns. -Limbs- bows, crossbow -Laucher-bows, crossbows, speargun -Stock- brossbows,spearguns -Grip - Bows, spearguns - Possible Arcanes o composite arcanes (various) o other - Codex Scanner > Forecaster Widget – install this widget (or swap it) on your synthesis scanner, this widget will provide a buff that telegraphs when the scanned creature is about to attack/AOE. NOTE: it only telegraphs the last scanned creatures attacks, not all scanned creatures attacks. Infested monster design concepts Part 2 - Planet Eris & The Nagasa Eris Open-world concept.There are no longer any active military or research campaigns in the Eris region – it is overrun. Long evacuated Corpus and Grineer vessels drift aimlessly in orbit, slowly being devoured by the techno-organic parasite known as the “Infestation”. What remains is a twisted graveyard of partially-digested ships that are disfigured versions of their original forms... Abandoned, but not unoccupied. — Eris Fragment General Lore.Eris is desolate planet, a graveyard. The infested has taken over everything, it would be genocide to try build anything there.Another group of Matagi, the Nagasa survey the largest infestation mound on the surface planet. They encircle the area above the mound in their sloop ensuring the infestation do not expand. Periodically a small band of Matagi go down to cull any forward moving infested, looking for the source.Few members of Myconia help supply the Matagi in their efforts as after the events of the Glast Gambit, some members believe the ritualistic sacrifice of the Tribuna needs to end and a new way of life is needed for all. Supply the group with weapons, etc.Map Premise.So the surface of the planet is riddled with crashed corpus ships and grineer ships, all surrounding a large infested cyst that engulfs what resembles a corpus lab. This map is about 3/4 the size of the plains but the infested hives lay deep underground in a network of tunnels, players must descend deep into the infested mound.Surface Sub level -1Sub level 2-Sub level 3 - Etc... think Dante’s Inferno -- this may require an update to the mapping system as now this would have layers players need to navigate though. Several large shaft would exist, allowing players to archwing down deep into the massive mound – be careful the deeper you the more acidic the atmosphere is (the infested salvage effect) hopefully players have their mobile Vaporizer (1-time craft) with enough antiserum charges (re-craftable). World Event Cycle What I am looking to sink my teeth in is a world event. I have always felt that the Plains of eidolon and Orb Valis were missing a big group event to tie everything together. I'm talking a world event more akin to MMOs, where the map has a series of events that anyone can complete to progress everyone. The world event would run in addition to bounty missions. The premise is when players enter the map they have a world tracker of what battle phase the world is on – this would act as the world day/night or temperature cycle. Players can find the event objectives via the map screen. Each phase will have a couple of objectives. Any player can complete the objective to move the next battle phase. I would love to have the world event would be designed to have 8 player participation but possible with 4 top tier players, I envision this needing a dedicated server, but it most likely is designed for 4 player participation but solo-able for top tier players. The surface and tunnels are accessible without doing any of the world event objectives, allowing players to harvest, mine, hunt or complete bounties within those sectors. The only restriction is the lower chambers, players must complete all battle phases to unlock the lower chambers to perform the boss bounties*. Below is a 3-phase world event approach example: Phase 1- Foothold - Clear the surface and control the tunnel entries (4/4) o If successful, a team of Nagasa will occupy the territory to hold. The team will periodically come under attack until the 2nd phase is unlocked. o Failure of the event or failure to protect the outpost will result in the infested invading and summoning an “invincible” infested worm enemy for a few minutes locking the territory. Once the worm retreats into the tunnels player can reattempt to capture. - Hunt the four Goliaths. The surface is patrolled by massive infested creatures, these creatures must be dealt with or the invading force will not be capable to land. Goliaths will respawn continuously until the 2nd phase is unlocked. Phase 2- The drop – players descend into the infested tunnels looking to complete phase 2 objectives to open the final tunnels. This phase consists of one objective. Player has 60 minutes to complete phase 2 if not the server will reset pushing them back to phase 1. - The Hives – Players must find and destroy all infested hive chambers hidden throughout the second phase. The player should be wary some Hives are protected by higher level kaiju/goliaths. Phase 3- Destroy the source – After phase 2 is completed, the Boss chamber is opened, allowing players to access the boss bounties. Players will have 40 minutes added to the “server” reset timer, meaning the player will have an additional 40 minutes to free roam or complete the boss encounters. - - Brood Queens - Twisted Dr. Tengus (infested - boss) Server reset event – when the time expires on either phase 2 or 3, the atmosphere in the infested tunnels becomes toxic poisoning players by the second, smoking the tunnel entryways. Players must return to the surface quickly. Players that do not, will die. Players can continue playing on the surface and wait until the infested tunnels return to a less corrosive state (perhaps 30 minutes). The example is a simple idea, but the main point is the world event would be the main objective of the map, everything else is a side-quest. It would be designed to be a slow burn to allow player exploration while keeping players engaged so there is less chance of choice overload, an issue I have with orb valis and the Plains of Eidolon. Resource gathering Harvesting & Cultivating. The infested pits have an entire ecosystem with new types of flora. Players will be able to scan and grow plants back in the orbiter to use for creating consumables needed to hunt these infested beasts. Players can experiment with plants, combining species together to possibly create more potent consumables. To cultivating a plant you need 3 things: Seed, water, soil. Players will obtain seeds by scanning plants and obtain water and soil by deploying a harvester unit. These items can be bought via vendors but they are expensive. Each plant has specific water and soil needs and growth time (but no more than 12 hours). Once a plant is harvested it continues its next growth cycle. Some plants can be harvested indefinitely while others will wilt after they reach their harvest limit. Harvester unit – are deployable consumables that players can utilize to gather water and soil. Player simply need to deploy them wait 10 seconds and pick up harvester to collect the resources. . Eris Open World Activites Eris Open-world Activities Hunting Bounties: Sudek will offer players hunting bounties; Ranked 1 to 4. The hunting ranks will determine the monsters rank level (Kaijin, Kaiju, Seijin or Daikaiju). These hunting bounties work like a combination of conservation and Eidolon bounties. Sudek will simply provide players with the infested creature initial whereabouts then players will need to track and find the beasts on Eris. This part of the mission should be timed, as the trial will go cold afterward. Once the player finds the lair they must lure the beasts out to start the fight. The fight is not timed. Hunting bounties only reward players with Nagasa reputation, as the creature parts serve as its own reward. Side Bounties: While the players are out on Eris, Frohd Bek, Margoo, or Darvo will contact players via a communication console. Here he offers a few other bounties to players to retrieve or salvage items from Eris. You see the facility that the infested had made their home was a large corpus robotics factory. Missions include types - infested salvage, spy, interception, excavation, hi jack Etc. Side Bounties will reward players with the stage bounties we are accustomed to with the PoE and Fortuna. Random EVAC encounter missions: Players may have a random chance of encountering a group of survivors while exploring. These missions are broken into following: Rescue mission – players may pass an active radio console within the factory, where a corpus worker is trapped. Players can accept the mission to go race and free him/her before their air runs out. Escort/Defection mission (or a combination of sorts)- while roaming Eris, players may encounter a group of survivors (5) that need the players help to reach an extraction zone. Players will speak to the main NPC and lead their group to an extraction zone. They must defend the extraction area for about 20 seconds, so NPC to be picked up. These missions are not available when the player is playing an active bounty Eris, field Boss – Baphomet, the Hunter becomes the Hunted – So as players hunt and kill infested creatures in Eris, they will increase their threat level, drawing the attention of infested sentries. Should the player's threat level raise high enough docile worker drone infested will start to attack the players on sight. Once the threat is at maximum level, players will trigger the infested field Boss – Baphomet. Please take a look @[DE]Bear's original post for details and art on his concept. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/105211-baphomet-the-betrayer-infested-boss-full-3d-render-by-razix-112616/ *Used with permission from [DE] Bear During your encounter Merihem, Bephomet’s charger mount (seriously take a look at the link) will cry out and summon more infested to its aid. Lesser Infested killed in Baphomet’s presence adds to his rage (damage output & armor). A 4 main-Trial mission (Spoiler) Hub- Name: ??? Acquisition – upon completing the Glast Gambit quest and obtaining the highest ranking with Matagi, Tenno receive an invitation from Sudek and coordinates of their location at Eris. Location – this hub is a low orbit spacecraft, a Dojo of sorts – that monitors the infested from a “safe” distance. Art- the craft is of Tenno design. Main Hub character – the principle quest giver Name: Sudek Faction - Tenno “what you thought you were the only one?” Appearance – when you initially meet Sudek in her warframe form, she wears a Nyx warframe, in a custom Syndicate skin. It is not until you reach the exalted ranking where she then engages with you in her operator form. http://imgur.com/0oJ6qtx Thoughts/Comments? Previously related concepts updates
  13. Cirrus = wispy cloud work in progress:: +++++++ Lore: The dance of winds. During the final descent of the Sentient. The lovers of the sky and wind rained down glass and light from the bodies of their fallen in a harmonious dance of blade and gun. So swift and graceful the two were. Their dance endured for what seems an eternity but these two did falter. they managed to hold the Sentients back for what seemed days. That was until the red devil himself came. Legend has it, Cirrus and his sky goddess were once true lovers in another life before their transformation and he may have had some memory left for the nimble warrior pushed his winged sky-goddess back to the earth letting himself be plucked by the red devil, sacrificing his life for hers. The Red Devil tore his body, scattered his parts throughout the Origin system. Lucky for you Tenno, I think I may have found one his parts here in Fortuna but are you fast enough Acquisition Perhaps Tenno, we can help each other. So I have calculated my total debt and I can be debt free with your help. So, the corpus hold 3 special races and I have managed to steal…err, I mean, scrounge up enough credits to enter in the preliminaries. I’m not much of a racer, as you can see, but I have seen you zip by and I think we, I mean you, can help me break these chains and finally be free of the corpus. Oh and in case you are not convinced, I have a source that tells me that the grand prize is of a warframe blueprint. <accept> Ha! I knew you were interested. I’m glad we can be partners on this. So grab your K-drive and head down to the steam tunnels of Fortuna. Hurry they should be starting soon... Stats @ Rank 30 Health- 200 Shield- 300 Armor- 15 Energy- 225 Passive Float – Cirrus’ aim-glide is extended. While aim-gliding Cirrus floats in mid-air and it intangible phasing projectile damage through him. Abilities 1-Storm Front *cast more than once Strength: 80/100/120/150Dps; reduce enemy accuracy: 30/35/40/50% *stacks with fog Status Duration: 8/10/12/15s; speed 2meters per sec; cloud expansion rate 1/2/3/5 meters per second Range: 10/12/13/15m; cloud thickness (initial) 1/1.5/2/3m; degree 90/100/120/180 Cast a slow forward moving cumulus cloud that expands as it moves, this cloud deals damage to enemies based on the element it absorbs most from allies. Enemies caught in the cloud will their accuracy reduced. 2- Vapor *cast more than once Duration: 8/10/15/20s Cirrus goes into a gaseous state making him “lightweight (like zephyr) and only able to deal and receive elemental damage for the abilities duration. Cirrus can cancel this ability at anytime. 3- Fog Duration: 10/15/17/20s Wave speed: 5m/s Range: 6/12/18/24m Cirrus conjures a thick fog around him, making it tough for enemies to see reducing their accuracy. This fog, however, reveals enemies within and cloaks crouching/sliding allies. 4- Battle Drum Range: 12/14/16/18m Energy Cost: 100 Cirrus summons his drum of war to play a quick beat that generates an aura the boast him and his allies. Cirrus will have up to 4 seconds to play a 4/ (100 bpm) melody, during this time Cirrus is invulnerable. Cirrus’ other abilities slot will be beats he can play. Each beat provides a different buff. Beat 1 – Rain – regenerate health. Heal per beat = 200 (tap). Beat 2 – thunder- increase power strength. Boost per beat = 200 (tap). Beat 3 – lightning – increases elemental attack damage. Boost oer beat = 200(tap). Holding a beat will add 2x, 3x, 4x multiplier to that buff. Should Cirrus decide not to play any beats after activating battle drum, his aura will silence all his attacks. To cancel the storm aura, Cirrus simply needs to hold the ability this will cause a lightning strike that blast nearby enemies. retired abilities design concept WIP Cirrus and Hammer general concept: Cirrus' mane/afro leaves behind a trail of smoke. Thunder Cloud active: Cirrus - afro helmet Cirrus - Fan designs by @KronikPlague --update--
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