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  1. Sigh... I wish Desecrate was a subsumed ability. I feel its very unfair all frames do not have capability to also be farming frames.
  2. http://imgur.com/a/KmNKLCv so I took your idea here about a new assassin and made a new frame. so basically you need to hunt for these assassin enemies whom are hunting you in order to obtain the part blueprints but must fight the boss in order to obtain the final blueprint to put it all together. Warframe – (Apex) Nyctimus: The Tainted Zanuka Alad V did attempt another Zanuka when bonded with the infested basing it off a relic of the old war. Obsessed to creature the next evolution. The result was a Mutalist Zanuka a monstrosity of a Warframe and the new strain to hunt all
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