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  1. What would be the point? The weapons wouldn't feel the same in Warframe. I haven't played Killing Floor 2 but Destiny 2's gunplay is completely different to Warframe's. The ported gun might look the same but it wouldn't function the same nor feel the same as it does in its origin game. That aside, what would be the motive for the competing companies to allow this?
  2. You might want to take another look at those numbers. I don't see millions, just hundred thousands, and that's with a 3x combo multiplier. Meh.
  3. JazaJ

    Make the Game

    IMO the main reason the game is still in "beta" is so if something breaks or doesn't work then "beta" can be used as an excuse.They already spend way to much time adding things and not fixing existing problems in the game, it might not appear so because it takes months and months for new content to actually be released and most of the time it's "release and forget". Hopefully Railjack will be the type of content that adds great value to the game and not another hollow inflated grindwall.
  4. While I can agree that they need some sort of rework, I'm not keen to see what DE gives them instead of a grapple. Considering that 90% of the new enemy types that DE have introduced have recieved some sort of knockdown or stagger ablity. That seems to be their go to mechanic to give enemies, and I really hate knockdowns and staggers.
  5. It's the same problem with the infested Disruption. Way too many Ancients spamming their grapples. I think there should be some sort of cooldown where you cannot get hooked more than once within a certain time period.
  6. Here you go guy. Tnx Yes they are hard to find, you won't find them in a few missions. Doesn't mean my previous post is not applicable.
  7. Or you could just find them yourself like everyone else in the game. Stop rushing through missions and stop to explore the tilesets. You'd be shocked what can be found when you don't rush through missions.
  8. Yeah but we stockpile everything else in this game. I don't see the point in adding another syndicate where players need to grind points in order to get what was available from 1 alert before. Yes, people miss alerts, but the game doesn't need more grind attached to more sydicates where your "rep" expires. Sorry don't like it.
  9. Unless I am misunderstanding, why do the "wolf credits" expire? Seems pretty silly. Rank up > get wolf credits > don't spend them > they expire > ???? > no grofit.
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