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  1. This updates look awesome. Thank you for converting already bought Arcane BPs into crafted ones ❤️ Edit: It seems that Film Grain is permanently on without it being enabled and there is no way to remove. Please Fix🙂 Edit 2: My Orbiter Snow is gone!! NOOOOOOO! Please fix! 😭
  2. I feel like people forget that you don't have to do every challenge to fully complete the season. There's a significant leeway (especially in this first one) so you can pick and choose. Although, I feel like these challenges are not balanced correctly in terms of the standing rewards (3 zones of eso compared to the 60 min survival without ls). What I want to suggest is a system that has a hard cap of standing per week (let's just say 50k), but players get to pick from a long list of randomly generated challenges ranging from easy (pick up 10 rare mods rewarding 1k) up to something that can be possibly be more time saving, difficult and rewarding in standing (something like complete ukko in 30 seconds or less for 10k). Veterans get their challenges that can be more time efficient and far more rewarding while people who aren't up to the challenge are given another option that allows them to hit the cap albeit a bit slower.
  3. They are all fine IMO. They are elite challenges after all. I think we should have more daily challenges though. I also wouldn't mind seeing some speedrun challenges as well like "Complete Ukko in 50 seconds or less" or "Defeat Sergeant in under a minute".
  4. Thanks for the massive update we have been waiting months for! After the bug squashing, please get some well deserved rest. You guys deserved it!
  5. Who needs weapon slots at 1000+ days? I think A should be thought over.
  6. Thank you for the double Credits over the past weekend. One thing that struck me while farming The Index was the specters affecting the outcome of a run. They mess with your investment calculations, they teleport and grab points away from you, and they draw aggro which can get you killed by AoE attacks. It would nice if players were allowed to disable specters or remove them entirely. It is frustrating to lose Credits and time due to the AI of a specter.
  7. Hope you guys are still monitoring Revenant. The nerf to his 4 was a little bit too much! P.S. Please fix the login issues 😞 P.P.S. Can you guys fix the frame fighter poster distribution? Even with Revenant being added, I still have yet to receive my poster 😭
  8. Hydroid/Limbo Prime Trailer when? ... All jokes aside, will we be seeing any new weapons in the near future that aren't coming with Fortuna?
  9. After over a year of waiting, we finally got another tactical alert. Will we be seeing these more frequently?
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