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  1. I know it's WIP, but I can not fathom why you guys sometimes have this "it has to have a trade-off at all costs" mentality. In this case on Ember's new 2. Isn't it punishment enough to lose DR and damage if you mismanage her meter? I don't get it. Gauss works very similar and he loses basically DR if he mismanages his, that's it. 20p for one config or cosmetic slot... The same price tag as reactors and catalysts. Heck, it's the same price as for an entire frame slot (which comes with 3 config and cosmetic slots btw). What? Yeah, I'm not going to spend that to not have to switch one or two mods every blue moon or to not have to switch colors. Weapons and frames you heavily invested in usually don't even have the option to run more than 3 different builds due to how added polarities limit your options to a degree. Riven slots at 20p are already questionably priced, but at least they give you "power", and access to more options you wouldn't have otherwise. I'm not even going to bother to talk about 20p for a cosmetic slot. Maybe if the price tag was much lower I'd buy them. "If you don't like it, don't buy it". I know. But do you want to sell slots to more people or rather not? I think the price tag makes building a frame a second time a valid alternative and even has the benefit to be able to forma it differently, which I'd assume is not the goal here. Exilus slots for weapons. Cool, I guess? But I have no idea how to fit more mods on 6 or 7 forma weapons. Especially when Rivens and Primed mods are part of a build.
  2. You might want to have a look at the Lua Disruption (and potentially other Disruptions) loot table. Ingame drops don't match your loot site thingy information. One of them is wrong. Just saying.
  3. Thanks, I think I'll pass. I'm still busy bashing my head against the Exploiter Orb rng for Shocking Step and also still remember my 90ish runs until I got the Wolf Mask.
  4. I'm not going to waste my time and energy again to write an essay about why the mod booster is another bad decision for players yet again. Instead I'll wait and see how this is the first of many small steps into a less customer-friendly era of Warframe and will point to this post saying: "I called it back then.". That is all. Continue giving feedback to be ignored/not acted on.
  5. Well, my plat is on Fulmin Riven buyers being the most angry ones this time around.
  6. Not sure what Maiming Strike has to do with occasionally using your operator, but hey. If it makes sense to you. The actual point is this aura is likely bad outside of niche usage or premade squad cheese. You'll see. I'll try it too obviously, but I'd be surprised if it turns out to be anything more.
  7. Was just about to mention Rejuvination as well. Heals some npc targets such as Kuva Siphons. No downside when used by a single person. No requirement to get the healing. 12hp/s for everybody if ran by a full squad without having to do anything and this aura isn't even widely used due to operators being by far superior and more convenient to heal and universally better auras existing. Oh well, I'm sure it'll have some niche cheese.
  8. Since I, a dirty console peasent, apparently am disallowed to comment on the PC updates (wtf?), I'm just going to say this here: May it be possible that dev workshop posts are a waste of everybody's time at this point? You wasted your time typing and posting it. Players wasted their time typing and posting feedback. All these 18 pages of feedback fest resulted in was to remove the cyan stars before shipping it. Now I look at the PC update post and both (the dev and player posts) look pretty much the same all over again. Who would have thought it would go that way if nothing changed content-wise from the dev workshop post to the update post? Like, next time you might just ship it right away and let players from every platform comment there instead. What's the point to search for and give feedback in advance if it basically changes nothing before the release anyways? Seems like less of a hassle for everybody involved and we can move the ignored feedback to the release post right away and the feedback that seems to matter and actually gets listened to by you within an hour these days we can leave to the Twitter users who gave the "feedback" to get the (not-so) Universal Medailion (anymore) be made useless for the only thing it was actually interesting for (aside from the fact that they don't even exceed the daily cap unlike syndicate medalions either amongst other things, but I digress...). Why care about the content of players who write walls of detailed posts of feedback with reasons and explanations (and some salt at this point), if you can just listen to two sentences of complaints on Twitter, right?
  9. As mentioned in Hotfix 25.7.4, after some internal discussion and player feedback, we decided against allowing the Universal Medallion to apply to Ventkids. It didn’t feel right to add a non-K-Drive-using path for a K-Drive faction, especially towards those you have actively grinded the pipe, the pearl and drove races to get their Standing. As mentioned in Hotfix 25.7.4, after some internal discussion and player feedback, we decided against allowing platinum to buy mods. It didn’t feel right to add a real life money path to an ingame mode, especially towards those you have actively farmed to get their mods. Just saying: this "logic" can be applied to literally everything that enables you to evade having to play a certain part of the game and still get rewards from it. I'm not criticizing that there are ways to avoid or skip ahead (quite the opposite). I'm criticizing how Conclave suddenly has to be the exception from this. I mean, I don't care really. Just funny. Also, what was it? 1.000 standing and UM's have a 5% drop chance - in one game mode? Hardly a way to efficiently grind for Conclave stuff to begin with, but more of a convenience item if you are 1k or 2k too short to buy something or to stockpile over a long period of time to be able to get one expensive thing. Oh well.
  10. Hm. Let's start with the good: streamlining the reward frequency to be on par with Excavation is the right step. Most Arbitrations are a drag and indeed felt like wasting time in comparison to Excavation. Good on you! Adding more rewards. Perfect, new reasons for me to go there aside from stockpiling Vitus Essence and building Amber Stars and the occasional Adaptaion and Endo injection. The bad: Sadly I still will avoid playing any Arbitration in a public squad. The revive mechanic is annoying. Each time a public squad member dies it becomes a dodge fest in order to NOT collect the revive orbs. I might be on a frame that isn't fit to handle the negative hp, maybe the squad member was so bad I'd rather not revive them or what have you. I personally liked the instant death mechanic better (however, I liked that you turned up the enemy scaling and such). I'd be okay with it if the debuff wasn't a thing, I suppose. Considering it's an aura: does this also apply vice versa for my squad mates, if I am carrying the aura? In other words: does it force others to deal self damage if they get a kill? If so, that needs to be changed. Being able to make others lose HP to heal you is not only the perfect leecher tool, but in general crap. Imagine Equinox instantly killing herself when using Maim, because a squad member carries this aura. However, if the negative HP affects only the carrier and the healing only the carriers allies - basically like Power Donation - this seems fine. A bit "why?", but fine. I don't see a great use to heal my squad, if I'm already killing all the enemies. It's the same issue as with Harrow's - whatever the ability's name was, Thurible? - where giving your squad energy is useless if you already kill everything as well or you don't do anything with it except sacrificing your own energy to charge it up if you don't get any kills. It basically would be a babysit aura at best. Potentially good for sustain depending on the actual functionality and numbers when ran by an entire squad, maybe? Verticality seems like a staple on Hildryn and Titania and maybe on an aimglide/headshot challenge Riven build, that's pretty much it. The ugly: The rest of the items seem like collector's items to me and nothing I'd use. Corrosive Projection (and a few other auras) are simply better in pretty much any situation. Unless the entire damage system - or more to the point: armor - is addressed these auras are once again "whatever" to "okay, I guess" rewards. Don't get me wrong, I'll still go get them, but bleh. To have them - not because I'll use them. Why aren't these things on the vendor in the first place?. In fact why are some of these auras and arcanes tied to one of the latest to unlock game modes anyways? They seem like items a newbie would be really happy to get their hands on in some easy fashion (maybe as a junction reward) and to use for a while until they can replace them with the better ones - not a seasoned player. In the case of arcanes some of them seem more fit to teach newbies what arcanes are early on rather than something a regular player aspires to get their hands on (unless they have nothing else to do, like me...). Adding Kuva to the vendor is okay. But the Riven system itself is still a mess. I know it makes plat move like crazy, but for the love of god it has been long enough. You want late game goals for veterans? Rivens have the potential as layed out in the past by many people by now. Currently they are the late game lottery with one of the most unsatifying feelings this game has to offer: the feeling of having spent 80+ minutes farming Kuva and getting nothing out of it after wasting all rolls on a Riven without getting any improvement on it (I guess I rolled it to increase its Endo value, because I clearly want to turn it into Endo. That's why I started rolling it, right?). Having the Ephemera still on the rotation is a huge oversight. Same goes for Exploiter-Orb and ESO. Once you got them they are absolutely dead rewards since you can't do anything even remotely useful with them. Make them tradable or finally remove them from the drop tables entirely and move them to their respective vendors. Blazing Step to Simaris, Shocking and Freezing to Vox Solaris and Solaris United and Seeding to Arbiters. I got all of them except the Shocking Step one and I'm still advocating for this to remove dead rewards from the rotations and to make untradable "prestige" items not solely luck dependant. Even better, make them rewards for challenging tasks ala Prodman as your initial idea for Ephemeras suggested. I know, it's a pretty salty response, but sometimes it seems like you're not playing your own game past a certain point or in certain scenarios that invested players crossed and saw multiple times already quite a while ago and it can get a bit annoying at times to see what changes this results (or doesn't result) in.
  11. I hate to be a negative Nancy here (well, maybe not really, I'm just typing my honest opinion after reading the post, I guess), but I struggle to be interested in any of the considered changes. None of them makes me really go: "Oh! I want to equip this augment now!". A few, like the Piercing Roar one sounded interesting until I realized it would probably be best on a power strength/range build (aka Iron Skin/ Roar build) which already uses the Charge and Iron Skin augments that are way more essential for a Rhino generaly. I also would have Stomp still as decent crowd control on such a build - without an augment. So running this as a third augment seems unlikely to me. That's just one example. Quite a few others, like the Zephyr one seem still, I don't know, redundant and maybe should be how the ability works without an augment in the first place? That's one of the problems with quite a few augments in general in my opinion. Lets take the Octavia ball augment (forgot the name) that "allows" you to tell the ball to stand still at a position for an entire mod slot. I always found augments like that to be odd since they add basic functionalities to abilities they could/should(?) have at base. I might have to look at some of the current numbers and then would have to see the new ones on something like Furious Javeline or Rising Storm to see if they could have more potential to be run instead or alongside things like Chromatic Blade or the Ash Teleport one. I'm a bit skeptical though. These are just a few, potentially wrong opinions and an initial reaction from me and I hope everything turns out cooler and better than it seems to me right now. In the end most popular augments tend to either have a big impact on the ability's strength and/or useability (Ironclad Charge, Chromatic Blade) or add needed or very convenient functionality to an already strong ability (Iron Shrapnel, Mesa's Waltz) and as of right now and with the information given i hardly see either being the case for the things mentioned. Tweaking them a bit wont change much. If you want to popularize more/a bigger variety of augments being used you have to buff the abilities they are for (Primal Rage/Iron Staff is a good recent example), buff the augment tremendously in strength and/or utility it adds to the ability to make it worth the mod slot (Accumulating Whipclaw comes to mind as example) and/or change how augments work and are applied entirely so players feel not punished for using the weaker ones and giving up mod slots for them.
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