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  1. Use the trick score multiplier mod on your K-Drive. If you still can't get it I don't know what to tell you.
  2. It's not the Baro Relay you have to pay for if it is anything like last year. It's a temporary special relay everyone has access to.
  3. Or I complain just in general as I did. But if you insist on blaming someone I'd go with the people deciding to do it that way to boost their logged in players number even if they'd have all the power to simply send this stuff to people if they logged in within a week after TennoCon similar to how they do it to anniversary times and whatnot instead of during the single hour during the event. How about that? Also, if you don't know what I'm talking about in the first place, maybe don't comment. Drops work if you watch on console (you just have to claim them on PC). What doesn't work is being eligible for both - Twitch and ingame - if you have to run one in the background. I also get that that's more of a "me-problem", but considering there are people working or sleeping during that hour I think it's generally not too much to expect to have a larger time frame than just one hour to be able to receive these things by logging in. Especially if you consider how long it took until the Athodai from last year actually was added for everyone else who dared to, idk, work in a hospital during heavy pandemic times (personal anecdote for example - I don't expect my points to be treated differently because of that. It's just what happened and just showcases that sometimes you can't "take time off" for one specific hour for TennoCon because DE says so despite them being capable to be more lenient with time frames for reward reception). Like, I am just slightly annoyed by it. Still worth pointing out to the people who decided to handle it that way for a second time how S#&$ this approach is - in my opinion. It literally doesn't hurt anyone if the time frame was increased from an hour to a week. Except DE's simultaniously logged in players number. I don't even know how any of this is something anyone would argue or White Knight in favor for DE about. It's neutral at best and absolute S#&$e at worst for players,
  4. Ouch. Well, then I shall accept not only defeat, but also my key rng.
  5. The armor is (thankfully) tradeable. I'm not sure if they ever changed it, but they might as well make this apply to Syandanas and the stencils too. I switched syndicates for each of them too and it's just antiquated. There's already enough to grind without this being a thing.
  6. Crappy is an understatement considering two people I know have very similar results. Maybe you just have very great rng. :P
  7. Yeah, 37% chance my ass. 29 runs. I got keys 3 times.
  8. Remember this conversation and what you said when you watch TennoCon in a week. Look up what unsubstantial means too. My assumptions would be unsubstantial if there weren't multiple strong indicators and statements (which I pointed out) and if DE didn't rework a plethora of their systems, multiple times - including focus - over the years and the fact that DE already confirmed operators will grow up in some way and that they themselves want to rework focus again. If you think these things come without some sort of new (focus) farm you must have not only ignored what i said but also your past two years around here. Anyways, no reason to argue any longer just because you're wrong.
  9. If that makes you feel better, sure. The rest i said still stands.
  10. Just as optional/ingoreable as the focus gains and the orbs. As I pointed out way back in this thread DE not giving the option might be an indicator for focus gains to become relevant again. Also, I think Scott, would like to rework focus. Again, if they give people the option now followed by everyone destroying them and THEN DE says later: "Oh by the way, you need focus again.". The same people would complain about DE giving the option to destroy them and having lost them prior. The smart way to look at it is if DE ever gives the option to destroy lenses they are probably done for good with that system and until then I'd rather expect them to revisit it or something else and making lenses relevant again. I wouldn't care about nor mind if the option to destroy lenses was added. I just know when I see brown clouds with S#&$storm potential on the horizon.
  11. Honestly, I like that you guys chose to be sensible with the melee nerfs. A very welcome change to how you used to rush to overzealous nerfs. I'm fine with the melee mod changes. While I appreciate the ideas to bring up guns I despise that it is done via new items that will probably take forever to get. It means for a while that you wont get any large scale feedback based on people being able to test these items. I also promise you that aoe guns with Galvanized Chamber will be the meta almost anywhere where you don't need to rely on multiplying damage (so, basically anywhere that isn't SP endurance). Helminth system expansion: some of the new abilities seem interesting. Invigorations seems "meh" and falls under the same category as arbitration buffs for me which rarely influence what frame i play either. Doesn't hurt anyone though. Parazon changes seem "whatever" to me mostly unless paired up with a high impact melee weapon. Otherwise I kill them faster with my gun or ability. Long SP endurance would have been where this might have been useful, but you made sure it wont be, sooo yeah... Sidenote: the finisher animation could be faster in general. I don't care about the Nukor nerf. Zakti, Epitaph and whatever else exist if I need a primer.
  12. So you're saying everything but Helminth gets nerfed? Jk, but don't you dare make me farm all frames for a third time.
  13. Okay, I think I explained myself perfectly and to the point across this thread without trying to lead anywhere. I agree that you probably wont be able to change my mind about squad link's iteration in Scarlet Spear being more harmful than good overall. Not Scarlet Spear itself. The rest was fine to me. The general idea of squad link is also neat. However, trying to change anyone's or my own mind wasn't even my goal. I just wanted to share why SS wasn't as great of an event because of squad link in my opinion and experience. Not more, not less. Have a great day! Can't agree with everyone and thankfully neither of our opinions matter really since it's likely not to affect what or if DE does anything with squad link whatsoever.
  14. I also did not not enjoy the event. I liked the missions. Squad link in SS was just a hinderance. Basic communication didn't solve empty relays or people simply not wanting to play (particularily ground) missions which basically meant you had to quit and relay hop until you found a relay that was suited for which mission you wanted to play or you had to play a mission type you didn't want to despite there being an alternative mission - in theory. Also (just a shower thought that came up), it's weird that recruit chat or trade chat are generally considered antiquated concepts or critiqued for being inconvenient (not necessarily by you), but if someone's actual event progress and smoothness of their gameplay experience (I sat over 30 minutes at the last uplink in space because ground people dropped out of the relay for example - no idea if you'd enjoy that) is based on having to chat random people outside of your own squad into playing something (they might not even want to) isn't. This is not really meant to make any point. Just a thought that popped up.
  15. No, the question is if you actually know the difference between something being visually similar and something being gameplay-. design-wise and mechanically similar. Just because you had to run in both missions from Orphix to Orphix (with totally different approaches to kill, different spawn timers/mechanics - just to mention a few differences) and kill them and had some Sentients flying around it doesn't make it the same automatically. Anyways, since you went to "Hurrdurr did you even play it?" (But since internet-flexing seems to matter to you I'll entertain it: I cleared ground and space missions in SS solo and in OV I cleared it with another person and I played both events until I got everything I didn't have yet - so yes, I "did play it". How about you?) instead of being capable to explain why both events were so much the same in your eyes and why they should be compared in the first place and why it would even matter in the slightest if I or anyone else liked one over the other or not. Nothing you said or claimed or tried to steer the conversation towards even matters when it comes to the particular way DE used the idea of squad link objectively causing more trouble than it did good in SS. That's not to say it wouldn't be salvagable. There would be plenty of ideas to make it a reliable and interesting mechanic in the game in my opinion, I'd have some rough directional ideas on my own how to make squad link not harm the overall experience of the player that I think I already talked about in the past - nothing fleshed out though, just some general basics that should be in place to avoid minimize or avoid the issues it had in SS. But squad link sucked the way it was done in SS and it factually harmed the event in a major way. No idea why that's even considered to be refuted by anyone. I think I'll end it here. Seems fruitless to continue to talk to you quite honestly.
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