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  1. MR30 here and I don't see the point. Items could be put anywhere and be MR locked and on PSN I see only the same five people hanging out and chat on Strata.
  2. I talked through this for months ever since the Bramma nerf was announced so I don't want to write down the whole AoE/ways of damage application thing for the 10th time. However, I think I realized while reading/skimming through this thread that the absolute main issue is that people have different expectations when it comes to how far into SP weapons should generally work. Some are fine with a regular SP mission being clearable and others on the opposite site of the opinion-spectrum expect the game to be balanced and weapons to be viable until SP enemies hit the level cap which has never
  3. No, I don't care. I'd copy fashion if I liked it and maybe would change it a bit and I linked my own fashion when asked without caring. Same with actual builds. Trying out things and tinkering is a part I enjoy quite a bit in this game so why would i feel bad about doing that and also lettings others do it?
  4. On the one side I get it and agree simply because it's inconsistent and clunky to navigate to check for "crafted" and on the other side I imagine myself going to Gamestop to buy a game, looking at the price tag that says: "69.99 - You have this already at home!", still buying it and then getting upset about Gamestop for not removing every game I have at home when I enter the store instead of "only" telling me which ones I have already right on the product. Anyways, "Hide owned" should still be changed (or removed) to make it consistent.
  5. Or you use Helminth to put Fireblast, Shuriken, Pillage, Breach Surge, Silence or whatever else I forgot - depending on the frame, weapons and build - that helps gun damage to scale on your frame. Almost like a loadout! But y'know, keep complaining. It's entertaining. Actually, nevermind. I'm outtie.
  6. Good for you! That's not what OP complained about. That's not a build suited for long SP gun play, obviously, and you also wouldn't use a gun with that build if it had like a 300% damage buff as OP suggested. DE, I'd assume, will also not balance the game around level 5k+ SP enemies in the near future. Anything else you wanted to share? Regarding Inaros - disclaimer: he isn't my main: The Mecha mod set, Nullstar and/or a Vulpaphyla should fix your level 500 issue. You're welcome.
  7. I repeat: level up your game. You're starting to look like a fool.
  8. After posting in and reading through this thread I came to the conclusion OP doesn't even know what they want and if they knew they wouldn't be willing to change their loadout, mods, choices and playstyle for it since many people pointed out a few of the obvious approaches and concepts that work just fine in SP and yet OP just keeps arguing about doing something else that's viable in SP content not being proof that doing something else is viable. Get off Inaros and level up your game if you want to play and succeed differently in SP. This thread already gave you plenty of viable idea
  9. Only if the set of missions is adequately short for the Anasa I'll get. Edit: and for NW as someone just mentioned.
  10. It's mainly a SP (specifically endurance) balance issue, because anywhere else most guns can do sufficient damage which is why I brought up what DE said about not having the intention to balance the game around SP. That includes weapons I imagine. Again, they broke their own rule anyways so we'll see. Personaly, I'd like to see them enhance on SP (and beyond that) as a mode people progress into permanently eventually. Similar to difficulty levels in Diablo games. In which case they'd have to look at balancing it and around it.
  11. What are these absolute claims you made about solo play? What does "your Warframe must be invincible" even mean? That you don't want to die and use what's at your disposal to prevent that? Such as movement, damage reduction, damage immunity, face tanking, shield gating, invisibility, using the operator or cc? You - ideally - do that anywhere in the game since you don't want to die until the mission fails. That's nothing you pursue exclusively for SP and every frame can not die on regular SP clearing. SP might demand a bit more dedication to that in your loadout and you might have to use a
  12. I don't see how that achieves anything. It increases the investment requirements difference between melee and guns even further and increasing the damage stats on a Soma Prime by 5 million% wont change how it still gets blown out of the water in 90% of the game by anything that deals somewhat substantial AoE. I'll just copy/paste something I wrote earlier: The general concept is interesting though. I'm a numbers guy (as in acknowledging that numbers play a big factor in Warframe and other games), but numbers would only become relevant in this case if single target ranged weapons m
  13. Snipers already have their own combo system and generaly reach high damage numbers and still are rarely used because the issue isn't the damage but the way the damage is applied. In like 90% of the game the higher damage melee weapons can achieve doesn't even matter. You one- or two-shot everything with anything anyways. The only relevant factor is how efficiently you one-shot enemies. Melee isn't even the best at being efficient at how the damage is applied. It's behind (good) AoE damage abilities and AoE guns. Glaives could be the exception here since their damage application is more in lin
  14. Seems "intended" (note the quotation) and similar to what happens with invisibility and the Smeeta precept Mischief. I'm not saying it makes sense but it's in line with what a similar functioning precept does - creating a new/different unit - for years now.
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