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  1. Maybe you could try out equipping one and going into a mission and leaving again. I had to do that to get the primaries displayed as mastered again when they added them to the profile. Maybe that changes something. Otherwise no clue. Good luck.
  2. Just a wild guess but did you master primary kitguns first or something? The fact that it's 12k mastery difference makes me assume it might have to do something with the 4 (x3000) kitgun chambers and that you only get mastery for them once and not for both (primary, secondary). I have no actual answer though. Edit: I couldn't look at the screenshot, just to clarify (an issue on my end).
  3. I can only say that in the case of Riven slots I got +30 (150 -> 180). Loadout slot I got +1 (35 -> 36). I would hope it's supposed to be 180 Riven slots and 50 loadout slots at max and it's just a bug that DE doesn't see the need for to verify to their confused players.
  4. Probably Toxic Ancients. They tend to do that. I also recall hearing something iffy going on with Nezha's Warding Halo DR or HP buffer calculation (as in when it takes effect) in general or something along that but I can't recall what it was exactly. Happens relatively frequently on Nezha.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't shed a tear if this one, old Stephano and the uber large corpus ice planet map would disappear. The Earth and Mars ones also have a tendency to get tedious with slow spawns and enemies getting stuck in the spawn rooms below the defense objective.
  6. While I personally don't find it necessary you could expand on your second point and not only take the rank but forma into account as well for an increased cost reduction.
  7. Regarding your first point: that would only make sense to me if all primes were actually more difficult to get but they aren't. They are usually cheaper to buy from other players than the regular frames on the market and in some cases like Equinox Prime or Ivara Prime for example also more likely to just randomly end up in your inventory than the regular versions. I don't see anything wrong with you second point. However, is this actually necessary or really beneficial for players who actually would sacrifice primes or ranked up frames just like that? I wouldn't even care personally
  8. "Eyes open. There's glass resonance in your neighborhood."
  9. This goes for pretty much all other fissures as well: fissure spawns/reactant drops don't keep up with player speed or are borked in other ways. Defense and excavation have the same problem as interception that if you perform too well you don't get 10 reactant drops in time. In captures the fissures can stop spawning if you capture the target too fast. Survival is a mess public due to people splitting up and taking the fissure spawns with them. Low level public exterminate can result in someone joining a mission too late and not getting all reactants. In spy you get punished for splitting up t
  10. Thanks for pointing it out. I personally don't buy prime access. Never have. Just in case you were mistakingly thinking I did and would be on board with how they are priced/padded currently. I ignore them. Same with the recent Deimos cosmetic packs. No, thank you. I usually buy the smaller and cheaper PS4 Renown packs as an obolus towards DE.
  11. I mean, it's worth whatever they decide it is since they are the only ones being able to sell it. The only thing you get to decide is not to buy it if you don't agree with or find inconsistencies in their decisions about value. It's all "made up" value to begin with because they directly or indirectly control the entire economy and thus the value of everything.
  12. Wiki says it is or rather the parts are. Drops from Razorback.
  13. Should be one 3000 mastery item that isn't listed by default that you're missing. It's 591/591. Could be anything. There might be an up-to-date MR checklist somewhere online. Maybe you find it via google or someone links it to you. Good luck.
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