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  1. I don't hate him. Such an overused word. I just find him unfun to play and thus I don't since he's not mandatory anywhere.
  2. 73 Exploiter Orbs. Seventy-Three. Before I had both BPs.
  3. I mean, regular weapons take usually 12 - 24 hours to build. Modular ones take one hour plus let's say an hour to get them gilded and to 30 afterwards. I always viewed it as a trade off more than a pure downside. I get what you mean though. Using an ungilded weapon just feels meh.
  4. Sorry if you didn't like my answer. They wont make a weapon and add it as a Steel Path reward. Initially they wanted Steel Path basically with no rewards so people wouldn't cry about "having to" play it. Would be quite the change of mind if they put actual equipment into it all of a sudden, don't ya think? Anyways, I don't really care. So, I'll be fine without Dual Nikanas - skin or weapon.
  5. As a skin (with different looking animations while swinging the skin that turns it into visually two Nikanas) maybe? Or as a sword/dual sword skin? don't think DE will add actual gear to Steel Path anytime soon if ever.
  6. The alliance leader should just kick the entire clan they're in from the alliance. If the clan leader contacted a mod about it they'd have a chat about their members who caused their clan to be removed and if they didn't contact a mod - good riddance. Quality over quantity, my dude.
  7. Loki. Not sure why people think his kit is any good these days. His only good ability is his invisibility. Disarm might be useful in Steel Path again, but up until now it was pretty much useless fluff in regular play for a long time except for niche stuff like solo interceptions with the augment. Switch Teleport is a troll ability and his decoy disappears when a Crewman thinks about farting in its general direction. He's constantly overrated or misjudged how badly his abilities kept up with the game evolving just "because invis". Even invisibility itself is less valuable of an ability to have since shield gating is a thing. Might as well equip Brief Respite and Rolling Guard and spam your Decoy or Disarm and you probably hardly die without turning invisible.
  8. I like her too although her problems become more appearent the more you play her. She's also not safer than Rhino. She dies pretty easily if you get hit below overshields and then take toxin damage right after for example. Which can happen quite easily on higher levels if you don't spam Pillage excessively. She also has some clunky mechanics and synergies or lacks them where they could be in my opinion. Again, I like and play her a lot too these days (pretty much always when frame choice doesn't matter). I'm just aware that she's not at the top of the world. I hope her skin on the steam workshop gets added as Tennogen soon, because my god I want fashion options for her.
  9. Yeah. Just to add some things: regular Chroma needs other frame parts, some ephemeras do too, there are also common and uncommon mods that aren't that at all (Acolyte mods for example or the Kela mods). Now, if you know that you'll still likely sort manually and if you don't know that you auto-sell something you'll need later. The latter is the bigger concern I'd have for newer players selling something rare-ish or useful without even knowing with such function in place. I sold all Ash parts for example and had to refarm the one for the Smoking Body Ephemera which took me like 6 hours - just as a simple example where using this function can screw you over.
  10. I'm not sure how well Archwing content scales with levels only. I just remember Archwing content with 300% h/s/a and +100 levels being critiqued for having no options available to deal with those values unlike regular missions. Which seems plausible considering how few Archwing gear there is.
  11. Regular missions: 300% health/shield/armor down to 250%. Archwing: 300% health/shield/armor down to 100% (regular) and level increase from +100 down to +50. I might be misremembering the Archwing changes but I'm pretty sure the regular mission changes are correct. Feel free to correct me so I can edit it.
  12. If they rework him I expect him to get the Wukong Defy treatment. I'm pretty sure (still assuming though) that DE doesn't like the idea of a frame being played so much solely for his stats rather than his abilities. When he was new he was played more around his first ability but since CC became more and more useless he shifted more into health and armor stacking. A rework would probably entail less overall tankiness and a requirement to use his kit more to be tankier or avoid damage. And before anyone thinks that I think that is what should happen. No. I'm just looking at Wukong who went through something similar because of his old Defy making him immortal and the rest of his old kit being useless. I'm pretty indifferent on that. We'll see.
  13. As long as the female one doesn't get removed/changed/whatever I don't care. The chest piece is cool af.
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