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  1. Does this include hallways (elbow + t-shaped connectors, extended hallway, etc)? Asking because if it does I'm going to have to replace all (or most) of my hallways with gardens.
  2. Ohmygod same and please PLEASE label where the space walls are for the thing and not just the general outline of the whole construct. I already had a problem where the obstacle course was clipping into the Orokin lab but it didn't really SHOW it clipping, it was just clipping into the space backdrop that you couldn't see anyway without glitching outside of the room. I'm already preparing for the Railjack to be so big I'll have to rearrange my reactor floors but I'd love to know in advance how many floors this is going to take up.
  3. I have a gut feeling it might be a ninja nerf, but hopefully they say something on the issue.
  4. Thanks for the hotfix! Will you guys be tweaking changes to the metallics again? The frame fix makes it look a lot better, but items in Dojo were once again messed with with the metallic changes. Will they be fixed? There's an example in this thread, plus other texture changes that haven't been fixed yet that I hope you guys get a chance to look at:
  5. I've noticed it too. Hope they fix it in a hotfix with some of the other bugs for this patch.
  6. Also I don't know if this is intended or a bug, but with the recent change to everything metallic now most if not all of the orokin metals look dull and very distinctly not metallic in the dojo, making it look even worse. I'm now just sad.
  7. If you ever get stuck like that in mission, do /unstuck.
  8. Can also confirm. There also used to be a different variation of this bug, where instead of showing both the line and the sigil it showed JUST the line, and it seems to be some sort of Mastery Rank default or Rank 0 showing with the line. Not sure why it resets it on Nav thou.
  9. I had this happen in ESO at one point. Team stayed together when we left and we tried to get a Tridolon run going. Unfortunately someone dced so we couldn't do it, but it was fun while it lasted.
  10. At the very least let us put objects we can go through anyway (like grass) be allowed near the door so we can actually utilize the whole room for a change. But I would prefer if it was removed entirely -- people already block the doors off and just lose a whole chunk of the room in the process. If people want the doors blocked, they're going to get the doors blocked. Don't know why it exists when we have teleporter's to use from room to room anyway, and there's fast travel options to every lab.
  11. In addition, the orokin ceremonial circle trims now have the same texture has the orokin railing, despite the preview picture being the same solid white as every other orokin item. Every maple tree (Spring, Summer, Fall) now has the winter maples texture too. Irks me whenever I walk into my dojo and I'm also surprised these haven't been fixed yet. Happened right after the Plains of Eidolon revamp. I know they fixed the moving tree texture, so that's a start. There's probably more we both have missed as well. I apologize for the image dump in advance, but I'm going to be showing the two I mentioned. For the plate, this is the preview it still gives: This is what it used to look like: This is now what it looks like, with a railing nearby as example: And here -- Look how much redder the trees used to look. Compared to what it looks like now:
  12. Are you guys going to tweak dojos more/add more dojo items? Are any of these suggestions in relation to the dojos on your to-do list? - Clan Colors utilized for coloring objects. - The ability to use the chat while decorating so you can still type/communicate in game without switching back and forth between decorating and not decorating. - Putting environmental descriptors on objects so people placing them know more about what they can do with them. (A portion of the object lights up, it changes colors based on room colors, etc) - The ability for lamp/light objects to actually produce light instead of mimicking the rays of it, so a dark room can have a spotlight. - Foundry and Relic terminals in the clan dojo. - Let the Polychromes preview feature work to preview all the not yet built items in a room. This is so people can get a preview of more then just one item to see how colors can mesh and if two items would look good together without having to wait 12-24 hours to do so. -Better yet move the Polychrome to room options so it doesn’t get in the way all the time and increase the preview duration timer to accommodate for building around the panel area. -Or instead, whenever one is in decorating mode auto preview all currently not built items as if they were fully built. Have it on a toggle button (between built and not built previews) to work with what people want to see more. This can make it easier for people to eyeball how things will look for as long as they’d need too. - The ability to ‘flip’ an object, so one can put that object on both sides of a decoration/door/etc and have them match symmetrically. - Items that physically can't block a player from entering a door being allowed near them (Grass, Effects, etc).
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