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  1. sulusdacor

    Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.1

    is there any progress on the no/low/muted sound issues ppls expieriencing?
  2. i must say the statements reads really bad. it is presented like you/DE did something amazing new that we the players must be eternaly grateful to get or be part off. you are forced to do this step and now all problems are solved and all is fine. i'm sure the intention behind all that is a good one and that is not intended, but it sheds a really dark light... - the free to play model is/has always been the decision between time and money (or time and premium currency). this is nothing new. you did not invent it, revolutionize it, did something new or special. you do the balance well, thats why players stay. why is this presented like the next best thing since the invention of the wheel? the same goes for colored droptables to indicate rarety? another thing is sorties are in the game for a while, the colors came into them after how long? relic rarity came into the game after how much time? i'm sorry to say this, but these are basic quality of life things for drops. other games have items rarity by colors for example. these things ship on release in those games. we get them after month of waiting and asking for it. (with no response to the request like "we are working on these things". so we dont even know if these things come to the game at all.) now you want the players to pad you on the back that these are actually ingame? then comes the reddit datamine thing... you play it like taking a stance on these issues and telling a person to stop this would magiclly solve all these issues. it will not. people that did those things to abuse the gamesystem will probably still do so. they are mostlikely able to look into your gamefiles themselfs and find the stuff they need to do their shady buisness. the other thing is by you taking a stance to make this basiclly a "no go", it will probably attact more people of questionable moral compass. so from that angle it hardly seems like the good reaction on your side. the other thing is if systems/security is not up to date and there are leaks that should be fixed, would these not be used by these hackers anyway and would not be the first and foremost goal to fix those anyway. so i really do not see how your stance on datamine helps in that regard. on the person of void glitch. i dont know what he did or didnt do. he seemed to publish your files for each update over years. so he seems like a fan of your game. if he would have any intention to hurt your company, why would he continue to due so over such a long time. makes no sense to me. but either way, why did/do you not hire the guy? invite him to tennocon. wine and dine him so to speak. he knew what he was doing so he is obviously skilled. he could still offer his dropchances tables. give him a plattform. he just would get paid for it. you could potentially mange some information you do not want players to get early. and at last it would be such good positive publicity for your company. why is the first solution always legal. imagine the good press headlines you could have gotten out of this. "gaming company hires dataminer to solve leaking issues". and can not think of any gaming company that did such thing. it would have been one of the best things that could even happen to you/DE. he could have been become your best employee. overall the couse of action seems very strange and missguided by fear and anger from an outside perspective. then to the spoiler things. i do not get why this is such an issue. people just do not need to click on the forumtopic or video that are titled in that way or speculating on the next thing. if they do it is their problem - not yours. it really seems to be a big deal to you guys at DE more so then the playerbase itself. i do not understand why and yes you want to surprise us, but gues what players will measure you on the system and the gameplay aspect way more. since these stay in the game, these we use dialy/weekly. the surprise we have once. if the new things you implement are well done/expertly done/perfectly done. gues what DE no one cares if it was leaked early. if we knew before hand it is a stick and a stone, we dont care if you show us after that we can make fire with these. if you out do yourself on a gamemechanic or well designed quest or weapon or frame we will be way more surprised and happy then any spoiler that says if or if not we get umbra soon or in five years. what is the big deal with these? the other point as far as i understand the datamine spoiler thing you yourself put the files content in the game on our pc in the files in the first place. so why in the world would you blame anyone else for this? yes you want to reduce download on future updates, which admiditly is a good thing, but if the leaks/spoiler bother you guys so much or you think it is such a bug issue, then simply do not put stuff in early. let us download the big files. problem solved. simply as that. the reason this issue occurs or even can occur in the first place is on your end. so why why would you shift the blame for that. i simply do not understand this issue. the other thing about the statement is why is this industry standard pushed so much? since when do you guys orient yourself on that. if we your players would hold yourself to that we would have all left. basic QoL changes take forever. a lot of systems are borken forever. basic information is missing in the game. explanations are missing. the new player experience is bad and things done there are a drop in the desert. so why why would you guys bring that up. i do not get it. another thing with that is, people like you/DE because you do not handle/do things like other games. your game is special in a way that: you do a dev stream every 14 days. you do other streams like primetime, xbox, ps4. you do great community work. this is not and by no means an industry practice. people like warframe because it is doing things different. into that ties that warframe is a grindbased game with lots rng layers adding to that grind. meaning you grind and have rng on top of that. did you get the relic you want. did your lua room even spawn. did stalker spawn. did you get 3 or 30 void traces. the game consitst basiclly only of grind and rng. if you stick by it for a while. so it is different from other games in that regard. players do not want to know the chances droprates of things so bad, if there is other stuff to do and if there is not multiple rng involved. in warframe it is and therefore there is a wish/desire to know those things. to that comes over they years you tolerated the datamining and the publishing of those dropchances. so you yourself as a company cultivated the behaviour, with your stance or non stance on that issue, how you handle letting players know dropchanes. you decided to let them know. this became a standard and common practice for your game. players get used to this and on the other end expect this practice in the future. so to look for an example where this is " strongly or exhaustively exhibited elsewhere in the industry" look no further then the last few years of your game development. you set your trackrecord and standard yourself. can you change it yes for sure, but i hope you do not since the special kind of game warframe is with grind and rng. it needs thid transperency to let players know "hey you just having bad luck. we treat you equal to anyone else". it s big appeal of the game wether you realize that or not. since that in the end is what makes warframe special in a big part. and if you change it do not be surprised if players are unhappy. you made the bed in the first place ;) the last thing is the proposed website thing. overall i'm not sure how i feel about this one. i can understand that this solves some issues. but the dropchances and stats are only a small part of the datamining so it will only solve these issues. the other thing is that even if you did not like what void glitch did, he was an independent party basiclly checking up on you. and i mean that in the best way. if a dropchance was messed up that would come out. no one could say to him "hey you just working for DE we dont believe your info etc". in a way i think this was a good thing, since you got a honest "critic" to held you accountible in some way. the community somewhat was on board with that. most knew datamining is not commonly tolerated in most games. this is a powerful thing to have and ally without knowing to have him. a person outside of your game, the gives you repsect in the way the players that find his content will be surprised that you/DE tolerate it and applaude you for your transparency. players give you respect for this because you are okay with that not because you offer them the information up. having the same or part of a content on an DE website kinda negates all of these points. even if we know and can be sure it is automated to fish the values out of the game files. it is still your site. you will have to deal with people accusing you of polishing the numbers. so i feel the trust is not there in the first place. to that comes the whole issue about the dataming overall so i'm not sure if that the right direction to take. you will lose a lot of player over the debatte itself, like you already doing now. so even if the site is totaly perfect it will not serve the same purpose. it will not give you transparency and credit. it might even work out worsen then not having any site at all... in the end it is your game. you make the decisions i do not ;) as a player i would have loved to see another couse of action. if you do not like what void gltich is doing. talk to him, offer him a platform let him make a site to offer his content. sponsor him, hire him, support him. if you do not like some files he posts. ask him to leave them completly out or maybe before another update you want to get stuff early in, ask him to let these out for the updates in question. talk to him. there are other solutions, ask yourself have you really tried these all the way through? making things illegal has never solved issues in the past, so why would it now? you can still go back on your decision DE. you can still change couse here. i really hope you do, since it seems like issues you coused or hold at higher priority then anyone else and then turn around and blame someone else for the things you did. in the end a great game keep your other work going strong. still love the game, still playing ;) thx for reading. fight on tenno. PS: in the time i wrote this a few posts of a user named Psychus got deleted. please do not let this be a pratice. as far as i saw he was just complaining. not offensive/ no swearwords etc. so why delete posts. people will be upset about this for sure and they will discuss it and write about it. you have a forum and this seems like the palce such things should belong in theory. what did you expect? censoring is not the way to go. i hope i do not get banned deleted for my post here. that one has to ask/add that one is already questionable...
  3. sulusdacor


    bit of feedback: (so far i did farm all mods, weapon, noggle, gold trophy - solo ghost clan) overall the event is fine. the "vendor" amount you need for the mods and co is fine. you need a few rounds, but it's not to low and not to high. i personaly like the amount you get and need. it feels very balanced. the trophy amounts on the other hand i found a bit on the ugly side. meaning yes i farmed one run with 240 points. it took 3hrs. it was mostly waiting around. it was not much fun. the overall reward was basicly only the trophy, since it was "only" a 45w defense run, where you sit around and hold the waves. so yes i did it, but. and this is a big but. (small side note here. i know that these problems a mostly for low active member clans, but even with a bit more, runs like 1-2hrs are quite rare in the game overall if you dont choose to do them explicitly.) for example at wave 35 our host had a problem and disconnected (about 2hr+ in the mission, ~200 points). so we continued with 3ppls. it was nott a problem, but he basicly could not get reinvited, since the objective was complete. he lost all progress from the 2hrs. one player had not the best pc and had some graphic errors due to the mission runing so long. so the main problem i feel is, that the game does not seem to be optimised to do such longer missions. there should be some way for players, that disconnect and did the previous part of the mission without a break to join back in. the whole process to get the 240 seemed very cheap,since the timer based spawn, was jsut sitting and waiting for the spawn and keeping the enemys alive. i was not playing most of the time, just waiting around. to ask the players to play 3hrs basicly without much break should not be the goal. you display these "you played 1hr please..." messages and i assume this is more a legal thing in the first place, but you still you think about these things when designing a mission/event. 3hrs or even 2hrs+ to be a must to get a reward seems very excesive. so i'm all for long runs, but then there should be some option to do a break if that gets well over 2hrs. maybe a group vote to pause for few minutes between waves etc. there are options to do this. before bringing in these requirements please optimise/improve the mission design for longer missions in groups. so all in all i dont like the amounts set there, but it has mostly to do with the way longer missions are done/structured. in the end the ambulas boss fight was quite good. i liked it very much and even in the sorties it seemed okay. the exploding ship was epic to see and the tile is very well done. love the light in the skys at the end. the only part i did not like is that we basicly only did it once in the way of the event. so i feel since it was the thing to showcase, there should have been at least some requirement or at least reasonable option to run it multiple times. (having to spend 40points and then getting 20back it not the option). overall the event is fun. hope the coin system comes back with next events. hoping on improvements to longer mission designs and the adjustment of the max amounts or a better system to avoid these problems. thx for reading. fight on tenno.
  4. sulusdacor


    bit of feedback since there does not seem to be a topic for that yet: (played about 100 points so far, only outer terminupluto node) as i understand it the goal of the event was to introduce the dropship mechanic and the ambulas boss fight. his new skills and the ways tactics to fight him. where the main focus i assume should be on ambulas fight + mechanics. since these are the main part here. so from playing the event on the defense node, the ambulas either dies in secounds or on flight in with mesa. So not much time to observe the new abilitys. Even if he did live a bit longer he died after doing 1-2 things. which did not seem to do much damage, but on the plus side did not seem to one shot me either. So in terms of testing the new boss while farming he is "only" a bit of befier enemy. there is not much to him i feel. i assume here that the droped in ambulas are slightly scaled down for farming purposes. to make the whole farming process a bit easier. the main test in my eyes as how the event is currently structured would be the ambulas boss fight, which costs 40 points i heard (have not done this yet). the main boss fight i did not have done, but it seems to get you the weapon after the frist sucess and you need to farm up alot to get there. so it seems like there is no real reason to do this more then once, since it costs and thats probably the way it will go for me. So the actual boss fight, that this event aims to showcase and test out for players is very hard to reach and will mostelikly only be played once? If the goal would have only been to show the dropship mechanic, this would be fine. But the whole inbox video, the whole theme of the event is ambulas (as a boss enemy) reborn. i will fight him once in this event. i can choose to do more. since it costs tokens and will (from what i know so far) have no benefit at all to do more times this will happen once for the weapon. So we got a whole event to showcase a bossfight, but it actually only happens once? maybe i'm missing something major here, since i have not yet finished the event, but it seems to fail to reach the goal of letting us test the bossfight. as for reaching the goal i must say, solo clan (1 inactive member). i have to do 400. to get all event items around 900 points. it is a bit on the grindy site, okay. but that aside. i have to play half of the max amount to get to the actual thing the event is about (the boss fight). then do it once and well ... go back to the grind? i dislike the mechanic, that you have to basicly farm half the overall required amount to actually do the thing the things is all about. this seems a bit dull. yes you can switch mission, but is is basiclly the same. another thing to point out that the "out door tiles" seems to be inaccurate and in fact it only spawnes in the outpost tiles. so why is this not written in the event description, but instead a cryptic "out door tiles" if in fact, it is only one tileset. then the whole tiers of animo beacon drops, as someone pointed out else where there are only two tiers of mission (where u can jump in and start, t1 and t4). And yes you can go into the other tiers by doing the endless, but the whole description is a bit missleading in the way it is done. since how it is presented it seems like whereever you are on the starmap there would be adequate missions to do. these would spawn the tier of ambulas at the level. the fact is, this is not the case and it is only very few nodes. in terms of mission variety there seems to be an issue too. the defense seems to be by far the best. since mobile defense takes forever and others spawn not much. so maybe if you do some rush mission like exterminate. the excavation thing i assume was a bug and not intentional, where they would spawn endless if you did a few excavator and just sat there. so there is not much choice in which mission to do. to that comes that outer terminus ahs 3 different out door tiles. the small one (probably best), the "flat hills+caves" and the "large cement pit". so if you dont like a certain tile set you have to reroll. but in the end the mission stays the same... so the amount of missions that are worth to play i find a bit low, which has to do with the whole "outdoor tileset" thing described above too. Would the spawn be in more tiles, then there would be more options. in terms of amount / count of becaons needed. well oh boy. the last "recue type" event i did on a weekend, to only get the ignis wraith and i felt it was grindy. i did not even try to get the highest trophy reward. althrough it seemed possible in the last event. think i reached 250ish and 400 was the goal in one mission. So with this i first have to farm 400 points in total. which okay seems high for solo ghost clan, but do able non the less. so for the trophy i now need 240, i assume again here in one mission. So on the plus side as far as i know you can't loose points, like the rescue event before. so definitly a plus. But 240. the ambulas get you 6 at max. so this would be 40 ambulas in one mission. seems much, well, lets say we get two per 5 waves. not sure if thsi is the case, since some say that is timer based. but lets just assume here for now. so this would mean 20x 5waves. making it 100waves. to get the trophy. (aside i thought that the cap is at 99 ). so not sure if even someone has played so far ever. even if i assume we get more then 2 per 5 wave sin the later ones, maybe it only need like 75+. that is still a very long defense. point here on very long!!! so maybe they spawn every 3 minntues, then it would "only" be a 3h runs. which is in the realm of possible. still i feel the goal for the gold trophy seem quite high and higher then the last event. i dont see this reachable for me in this event. since not sure if i event want to sit through a 3h + mission.... people need breaks while playing u know, we are human.... so i'm not sure how these goal amounts are calculated, but they seemed a bit high the last event and now they seem a bit ridiculous in terms of scaling and in terms of how long/much you have to play to get the max. so please look over them. before release make a calculation with the spawntimers you have set internaly for the ambulas drops and check how long it would take to reach the max. are these one sitting times reasonable? currently they are far from it.... one last thing for the beacons spend. there is no indication if i spend tokens to buy stuff, these get taken away from the amount i need to find the ambulas boss node. i have not yet bought stuff, so not sure if thats the case (assume no, but dont wanted to test and do even more farm). but even if not, there should be some message that tells you what's the case for this event. overall on the plus side, the tokens system seems good, the amounts seem okay. the dropships seem really cool adn a good mechanic. the ambuls ability i'm not sure, the few i have seen the animations seemed cool. the way to get to "the meat" of the event seems a bit to long (to the boss fight). maybe there could have been different stages, i liked this stage mechanic a lot in the past events. the mission variety could be better. the max rewards/time need seems way more out of place then usual. (the amount to get all stuff seems okay, meaning the trophy thing here) thx for reading fight on tenno. PS: please in the event description add the info , if these mods will be added to syndicates later. calrity pls ;)
  5. sulusdacor

    Coming THURSDAY: Devstream #90!

    most important: UI? when can we expect a fix? or how is the progression going on it? *large blank space to underline the impartance of the above ;) * some sidenotes: - do we get reworks/balancechanges/tweaks to some oddballs/underused frames like hydroid,oberon,atlas? with oberon prime possibly coming, is he next on the chopping block? - dual throwing weapons? ( like chakrams in game kindoms of amalur for example) - some tweaks/changes/balance to throwing weapons to make them more viable and a worthwhile choice besides other meele ones? - endgame content when? (not the clan mission but possibly other stuff?) - (is this in the works/planned?) some more pre raids mission that prepare players for them (like the nidus one)? and maybe better party/search/invite system to get into raids? (for exmaple chosing frames/rolles you want in your party and an option for other players to check these as "want to play", starting a que and getting put into the party by a system)
  6. sulusdacor

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

    ....ui ...option to mute other octavias (since now i can play her solo, but the overall problem still exists...)
  7. sulusdacor

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5

    ui fix and an option to mute octiva please.
  8. sulusdacor

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.2

    please fix the ui... i get headaches from playing for a while and there is no way to change it...
  9. sulusdacor

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.1

    ui scaling please ;)
  10. sulusdacor

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    random thought - i have never had someone in a squad when using tonkor,simulor,telosboltace, that said things like: "this weapon is op stop using it", "the damage is to op", " the mechanic is to op", "please do not use it it hurts my fun/gameplay" etc. maybe the community is to polite ingame? but i never heard someone say this in chat. not once... but on another note i had players ingame: - telling the squad frost ot not use globe couse of the visuals when aiming with certain energy colors. - nidus players going away from the squad in survival couse they wanted to stack - players not wanting the zenistar to be used couse of the visual when aiming with certain energy colors - not wanting ember/saryn to use their incredible aoe so yeah, these comments i heard multiple times ingame squad chat when playing... just a random thought passing through^^
  11. sulusdacor

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    a few points to make, mostly for the nerved weapons (tonkor, synoid, telos boltace): - it is a space game (it does not need to be realistic) - it is pve mostly (the majority of players do not care if something is powerfull) - there are a lot of issues in the game (scaling, endgame, etc.) to go over the weapons for me personaly: tonkor: picked it up a while ago. i played it in sorties in the past. after the aoe crit headshot damage fix it was/is basiclly useless in higher level content. it is still strong, but there are definitly better options. my main use is for farming at the moment. it has aoe clear. you can pop the grenades down and clear stuff in low to mid level stuff. i only use it at hierachon to farm relics. it is definilty a good weapon for that, but other then this not used. so for me the decision to use a tonkor is mostly "utility", meaning i can not blow myself up. since if i'm dead i can not guard extractors. the other thing is it has aoe. we are in a horde game, so you need aoe. so i personaly rarely see people use the tonkor anymore in sorties or other missions. some on relic farm, but that is rare too. so not sure if this nerv is coming from the use per player side. for the balance things. the selfdamage alone will render this weapon a no go to many. it is the main thing for me personaly that makes it currently a standout weapon. even if the damage would not be as good. have a aoe clear with your primary weapon that can not kill yourself. yes please. so changing that will kill the weapon for me. the other things are makeing it more complicated to use and remove some fun shooting around stuff mechanic, there are currently possible with the bounce. i feel you take out the fun mechanic and the press down mouse and release. a feature that some other weapons have already is okay. but poersonaly i do not like it as much. the simply mechanic of the tonkor is a big selling point of the weapon. yoou press fire and fire. there is no alt fire to detonate, no selfdamage to check where you shoot. it is simple and effective. the whole aim/fire/bounce chanmges will remove that and the more advanced fun stuff you could do with it. so after basicly removing hughe factor why people used this weapon cutting the crit to 25 from 35%? is the damage of the weapon maybe a bit to much - yes. but the problem is it falls off later on and if you go late game you will use other weapons most of the time. to that comes the tonkor is a crit weapon. not everone has argon scope or/and a riven to make 25% reliable work on weapons. so if there above changes did not turn players away this definiltyy did. what i do not get, why would one pick this up after the changes. the damage will be only okay. you will definitly still kill yourself all the time. the firering mechanic will be complicated. all this things are things that other launchers do too. so if i would be okay witht hat then the tonkor would be a weapon for me,but i could on the same not just choose another. the main thing i do not get, this weapon has been around a long time. as i understand it has been strong all the time (since i got it it certainly was strong). why was this not adressed earlier? things stay in the game forever broken. people accept it as part of the core mechanic. adjusting the crit of the tonkor is an easy number fix. this could have been done way earlier. assuming the other changes take a bit more time here. but doing simple fixes could have been done before, so why not do this so people do not invest so much into them. simulor/synoid simluor only used really the synoid variant. the normal was basiclly mastery fodders for me. the use for this was mostly to try it out. since i saw a lot of players using these. it was/is fun to use. it has okay damage and some cc in it. the main selling point for me is that your damage/cc stays a bit. but it is not really a super high used weapon in my arsenal. more a symbol to have and bring out from time to time. i do super rarely bring this to sorties. after a time i find the sound and lightning simply to annoying. thats the main reason this is not a staple weapon fore me. so the changes will basilly bring this to an alt fire status weapon. so i dont see the firerate to be high enough for this to become a status weapon in the first place. the appeal of the weapon comes from the cc( which will be signicantly reduced in range) and some decent damage ( which is basilly gone). so the stratus could be fine, but yoou need to alt fire. making this a very slow firing weapon. the other thing is that i personaly like a simply weapon, shot and done. including alt fire from time to time in rare occassion is okay. but having it a requirement to do damage i feel kills the weapon. i thought it is called altfire because of Alternative fire? with how the stats look for the synoid this is not alernative, this is main fire = no damage/cc, alterfire = what you have to do to get anything out of the weapon. i feel this is the wrong way to go about things. please keep altfire as an alternative to your already good main firering option or as some cc/utility. not as a must to make the weapon even work. warframe is fast paced so having to fire then wait, then klick kills the flow of the game and the weapon. telos boltace when this first came out i did not pick it up. the optics of the slash aoe i found super annoying. after a time i came around to get it and it was fun to use. the damage was/is fine. but the mechanic killed it for me. sliding and meleeing the entire mission is fun... the first 5minutes. it then becomes super tirering and very fast just a pain to use on your hands. so i found this a overcimplicated mechanic, fun but a bit meh. in the long term use. i think i brought this once to a sortie to test it. it did well, but for the not enjoyable playstyle after a while it mostly sits in my arsenal and collects dust. i do not enjoy the tonfas weapon type as much. maybe that is just that, but not an appealing weapon for me. the most irritating thing i feel is the optics of the slash aoe. since it can get super annoying if people just slide in your field of view all the time. i feel jusst fixing that would help the weapon a lot, but okay... the changes will probably kill this. i used this because it was fun to play around with. the damage is/was good too, so not only gimicky, but useable on higher levels due to the slash. changing that to a vortex thing makes this a no go for higher content. so it will end up a gimick weapon, with the usual tonfa problems (clunky stance, weapon switching, attacking). so to effectivly use this you would have to do a normal melee build. in that case you could use any other weapon. the other thing is here if i can vortex enemys i can simply use another melee and just kill them. dead enemies are cc'ed enemies. as for syndicate melee weapons most of them are not very good in the first place and have very niche uses. so removing one (or the only if you ask some) useable weapon from this class makes syndicate melee not something you want to invest in. so in regards to that problem i feel you are doing them no favor in terms of giving players a reason to pick these up. overall in general i'm happy that something is moving in terms of balacing. i'm very dissapointed in the tonkor changes, since that together with the simluor remoces useable aoe primarly aoe clear weapons. assuming you do not wanne go up in flames. it is a sci fi space game. not all things need to realistic, like in game x, when you blow stuff up you need to get hit. space, sci fi fanatsy. things can get crazy, people can come out unharmed. it is a video game. people like this kinda stuff, thats why they play your game. not because i can blow myself up like in every other video game outthere.(insert selfdamage rant here^^) but on the serious note people like warframe because it is unique and because things are overpowered and you can become a god. it is an escape. so please please keep that in mind when doing all the balancing and you try to level the plain field. sometimes mountains are good ;) i'm sad that this changes do not adress the elphant in the room. people want/need/use strong weapons because of the enemy scaling, how damage works. how enemy ai works. how warframe power work in higher levels. scaling in the late game is/was a problem. the changes are good, but they are again only bandages. why a bandage again? whats up with the aoe primary weapon purge? yes there are still some aoe clear primarys out there, but you seem to try to get rid of them. maybe there is an overall plan here to move away from the horde game. but currently the game is a horde game. people play the game after these changes would go live and will search, use and need aoe weapons against the enemys. so if you make these gradual changes please keep this in mind. so that th game will still be playable even after bigger weapon balance changes. the one forma+booster... not sure what to say here. but people have put way more into these weapons. the changes would prevent them from putting anything into these weapons in the first place. giving one forma and a booster seems really like a slap in the face. you loved the weapon we just nerved into the ground. well here you go have a forma and a booster and go pick a new one, but we will come and balance it again. so please give all back or just say you get nothing. because the changes will kill the weapons, especially for players that used them a lot. people know there need to be balance changes that part of the game, but please not with such a disrespectful gesture. since i feel ginving one fomra to let us believe just the reload was adjusted by 0.1 secounds and we can switch out a mod to make the weapon what it was is not the case. in the end i would love to see a more buff/balance adjust the weaker stuff. there is always the mentality that if something is strong it needs to be nerved, there is no otherway around it. but in fact there is, just look at the reasons why people use the currently strong things and get working on the weak ones. buff them, adjust them. it is a pve game, there a lots of things strong in warframe. the for reading and welcome to the shotgun meta^^ fight on tenno =)
  12. sulusdacor

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    very glad to see some movement in terms of balancing "bad" weapons. but on that note i do not understand why the actucal problem (enemy scaling) is not touched before this is done? for the forma get back thing, please all or nothing. because as it stand it suggests you "just tweak" the weapon if you get us one forma. in realitly these changes are very sustantial if going live. they change the playstyle of the weapons or/and make them sometimes not attatrative for players meaning they would have not put catalyst and formas into them at the first place if these sttats would have been there from the beginning...
  13. sulusdacor

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.8.1

    that baro has new weapons to "show case" might seem like a good idea at first, but it defeats the whole purpose of relic and ducats. and makes the system pointless.....please remove/rethink/tweak this .... i'm farmign relics to get an rng roll for the right relic and then roll to get then the rng roll for my prime part i search. or just to get ducats to buy stuff from baro ("mostly" rng free in this case). with this change i farm relics to roll hopefully high ducat stuff, to buy relics for ducats to roll again for stuff i actually want? not to mention that 50 ducats means usally 3 runs to get one relic (if i get 15 ducat stuff most times). so i triple farm relics to rng roll? not to mention that stuff i actually want is rare, meaning i need at least 10+ relics (500+ ducats). so i basiclly invest 500 ducats to get a shot to get what i want. emphasis on chance to get x. no guarentee. should the ducat system not be the fallback for people how get bad rng rolls? so you can "invest" your prime scrap into usefull stuff. the introduction of relics to baro defeats this, since it simple adds rng. is there not enough rng punishment in the game already? did we not do enough relic farming with the new system? do we need a new farm loop? (you can get only forma keep that in mind). not to mention that the whole axi line is deluted anyway with relics no one needs. so it's already hard to get relics by farming not even mentioning the fact that it is nearly impossible to get people in your squad with the same relic. (yes recuitment chat is dead in some regions). so please rethink this... ...kinda speechless.... fight on tenno...
  14. sulusdacor

    Hotfix 19.0.3

    hopefully the "spawn kuba siphon in thrid sortie" is fixed^^
  15. sulusdacor

    Update 19: The War Within

    please add an options to turn sound in the launcher off. this switching sound is a bit of a pain to listen at larger updates. and yes not everyones loads this in seconds ;)