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  1. Regarding the various loot-increasing mod "fixes", I may be wrong, but it feels like this isn't the first time Warframe patch notes have disguised a change/nerf as a "fix", as though there were a bug that needed to be tracked down instead of a change to intended behavior. If so, this seems to be antithetical to the Warframe team's usual transparency and level of communication with the players. With that in mind, am I wrong? What was the specific "bugged" behavior that was fixed by the changes to loot mods? Given that the use of any of these mods is essentially a choice to trade some degree of combat effectiveness for increased rewards, why not allow all the loot mods to interact as expected?
  2. that is ludicrous skipping the first half of exploiter orb is not what makes that boss fight fun be serious
  3. Y'all really thought DE was going to continue to let people skip an entire half of a boss fight? Come on now. Complain about something that makes sense, please.
  4. even the scans require an external map to find where they are, though, right?
  5. Can you guys fix the thing where you need out-of-the-game knowledge to figure out how to get to the exploiter orb boss fight? Or am I missing something?
  6. Would you consider decreasing forma cost/construction time? There are so many warframes and weapons in the game now, especially with the addition of modular weapons and pets, that it can be tough to acquire enough forma for a decent amount of experimentation with all the new cool items. Orokin catalysts and reactors have the same time/platinum cost, but they can only ever go onto anything once. You'll often need 2 or more forma to bring each weapon or warframe to its full potential, and that's not even taking into consideration the blueprints that require forma as materials for construction of another item. Alternatively, would you consider adding fully built forma as rewards for more missions, like Axi tier relic runs or high level bounties? And, assuming none of that is in the cards, would you guys perhaps think about lowering the construction time for forma to 20 hours instead of 24, just for convenience? It would still be essentially a once-per-day construction, but while allowing for slightly different login times each day.
  7. the reason is simple many players missed out on important stuff that was only available in alerts you had to be lucky enough to be playing the game during the hour or so that the thing you needed was up as an alert reward this way, everybody has a shot at corrosive projection or whatever i guess you'd be mad if you happened to be one of the lucky ones who got the right alerts at the right time, but for others it's better to be able to work towards stuff over time it also helps DE to push people toward different kinds of content in Warframe with the challenges
  8. Just want to put my two cents in. I love the Nightwave system. It's way better than old alerts, because it has better rewards and you don't have to set up notifications on your phone or whatever just in case something useful shows up while you're off doing something other than Warframe. Yeah, some people got some things a bit faster with the alert system, but that was either due to blind luck or an excess of playtime. In the former case, it's better to have a guaranteed way to get aura mods, and in the latter case you still get to enjoy useful rewards once you've already gotten 1 of each aura you need. I also feel like people aren't really understanding that Nightwave is intended to be a long term thing, and are freaking out because they don't have all the rewards a week after the thing came out. It's not perfect, and some of the challenges need tuning. The Ayatan sculpture one is the only one that's actually bad so far. The survival-based challenges could probably have been dropped down to 40 minutes instead of 60. (And yes, it should be a long time because the entire point of the survival mode is to challenge yourself by seeing how long you can survive.) In any case,Nightwave is fantastic and only actually needs a few tweaks.
  9. You guys don't have to talk about this on stream, but can you please look at performance for the 64-bit client on low end systems? Even when running a 64 bit version of Windows, the 32 bit client seems to give better performance, especially in open world areas.
  10. same here, really need the 32-bit client to stick around
  11. So is there not going to be a 32 bit version of the client at all anymore, or are we going to still be able to run a 32-bit exe on our 64-bit systems? I'm on 64-bit Windows 10, but with only 4 GB of RAM, and performance in the 64 bit version of the client is absolutely terrible compared to the 32 bit version, especially in Orb Vallis.
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