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  1. You edited your comment, it was very nasty towards me at first. You need to chill. Not sure if you're trying to bait me into an argument. I'm blocking you, and ignoring you and this topic now so that I can stay neutral, and out of trouble. For the record the guy didn't specify to farm or reap rep or rewards, listing things gets a bit hazey when you don't separate 'em. Just like if I were to say I love to reap grineer, and farm corpus It's easy to mistake that as a jumble of verbs and nouns when referenced, so if I misunderstood, my b. If he would have clarified that instead as to farm rep, and separated the sentence and added a new sentence stating that the forma and skins are rewards to reap AS A SYNDICATE RANKUP, it would be still unclear his meaning of "reap" as reap has a wide meaning when used in that context. Farmers reap their crops in massive amounts, it's the most common, fundamental, and practical use of the verb; "farm". Gotta love the English language...
  2. I'm looking forward to it, I critique the rep expiration problem for other players who I hear daily complain about argon crystal decay, and syndicate daily limits and grind. If they change the expiration of rep everyone will have no objections, other than the rep grind, hopefully they take the outdated Sydicate limit as well. Ultimately, you are doing an awesome job DE, I don't always love your decisions, but love your game, and I pray melee 3.0 isn't a developer suicide attempt, and look forward to this new syndicate and lore. Im double excited to find out what exactly kuva is.
  3. Lol I read it, sassyfrass. You tell me what; "it will be apart of the reward tiers list" sounds like.... Sounds a lot like sortie-like rng drops doesn't it?... not a easy grind method. Not something as "consistent" and more available to obtain as they claim motive for doing all of this in the first place. Why would forma be easily obtained? Yea, I doubt it will be something grindable.
  4. As a whole, I love this. I don't really care about the rep expiring since I have practically everything and I'll just spend before it cycles over, but I know how your target audience will feel about it, and it's not a great idea, they're already going to grit their teeth at a new syndicate, let alone make the rep expire. Just seems like you're overplaying your hand, DE...
  5. You can't get forma from it, you must not have read all of it, they said they're taking forma out. Also synthula, no more synthula to obtain, so if you have any, you are lucky to have it.
  6. I'm not sure I see your point... If you put in the work and earn it, why should it be taken away?
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