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  1. INTRIO ON THE CLAN HISTORY Hello, my gamertag is "Ice Guardian", I set out on a journey a long time ago from the day I started playing Warframe to have the nicest clan dojo ever, and the nicest ship interior, and be the best at dueling. I have achieved these goals. I have seen majority of every large clan, dueled anyone and everyone who ever claimed to be good or accept my duel, and inspected any clan dojo that claim to have the nicest dojo after finishing my own. I had a plan from the start to make it easy to navigate, and addicting to be in, as well as not to fall into the typical scrub players habits. Some of the most annoying things players do to their dojo is make like 70 floors just to say they have 70 floors :& gross, right? Nobody wants that. Decorations are often wasted on stupid stuff, or without design and asthetics in mind. I decided I want a massive, symmetrical main floor, and a basement with all of the unasthetically pleasing rooms like the reactors that power the dojo, Oracle room, barracks ect. I am the founder of the "Raype Turtles", so If you ever see em in someone elses dojo you'll know it's origin. at first my clan name was "Raype Gang" it was awesome, clever, and funny. there never was any harm in our clan name, but one salty person lost a duel in our dojo and was so salty about it, that he said he would report my clan name, and my gamertag Which was "Ice Reapist" at the time, and before that it was "boodie snatcher" which is way worse lol. Pretty funny and Clever gamertag, rite? Well I just laughed it off, ya know, I didn't think he'd actually manage to do anything seeing how I'm not hurting anyone, and have had my gamertag for quite a bit, and my clan name for a long time. but sure 'nuff my account was suspended, my gamertag was changed to some lame gamertag, and the clan name was changed to "offensive clan name 449" err something past the 420s so we joked about us unfortunately missing the 420mark lol. Then I forked over more money for the plat to change the clan name again. I forked over more money tochange my gamertag to what it is now, and ever since then, I started hosting dojo tours before recruiting resulting in cooler people being recruited. I don't ask much just don't be sh*tty to other members. HIERARCHY, & FUNCTIONALITY The rank names from start to finish are: Soldier Sargeant Commander Senator Grand Admiral Vice President President Senator, Grand admiral, and vice President are unique officer ranks. Officer ranks are assistant enforcement level members, they assist regulations, oversee and report back to me anything enforcement-deaming Only I can kick, or moderate There can only be 2 grand admirals, a Red and a Blue Grand Admiral. Any accusations that are undetermined, you have the option of "Trial by Combat" My executioner: "Syco Si117" The vice president is immune to inactivity kicks, and there can only be one vice president. If a senator wants to rank up he/she messages one of his/her grand admiral as normal and requests a rank up duel, if he/she wins, he/she becomes that color of grand admiral, and the losing grand admiral gets demoted back to senator. The next day for instances say the now grand admiral wants to rank up to president. The grand admiral will message the vice President, the vice President will message me, and I will host and administrator/spectate the duel to officiate legitimacy. The grand admiral must defeat the vice President in a duel, then defeat the president (me) in a duel then the vice President is demoted to grand admiral, and the grand admiral gets promoted to vice president. (Their ranks simply get switched) RANK UP RULES & GUIDELINES How rank ups work: message clan leader (at the moment, until someone claims vice president) for rank up attempt, party up, and your rank up attempt will be issued if the officer is available to issue it. One rank up attempt per day for any member. Demoted members must wait until the next day for their next rank up attempt. Rank up duels are started with 1 bow-emote from each player facing their opponent, & 1 bow-emote from each player facing their opponent at the end of the rank up attempt. Facing away from opponent during bow-emote is disrespect, & results in 1 warning. melee & Warframe equiped only ( no primary weapon, no secondary weapon, no companion) No channeling. PERIOD (if member is caught channeling, he/she will be reported and reviewed by president (me) for disciplinary action) channeling results in 1 week of no rank up attempts All rank up duels are issued in the rank up Dueling room ONLY. Blatant disrespect results in 1 warning. 3 warnings result in expulsion. 1 week without disciplinary action results in 1 warning voided. No teabagging in rank up Dueling room, teabagging is only for fun/disrespect among members in any other Dueling room. 1warning will be issued if proof is given of such. No abilities No syndicate weapons. Riven, and any mods are allowed. No Hildren No zenistar allowed. Gunblades are frowned upon, yet are allowed, as with any melee type, & if any member uses gunblades during their rank up duel. Teabagging is authorized for the grand admiral, vice President, or president (me) issuing the rank up duel. REPORTING SPYS, AND TRAITOROUS ACTIVITY If you suspect someone scouting our dojo, spying on our dojo, destroying our reputation, rooms, decorations, or anything else, report it to me or the vice president immediately and don't say anything to the culprit. CONTACT INFO, & SUPPORT Thanks, message me on Xbox One if you're interested or have any questions. My gamertag as I said is: "Ice Guardian" I am also the leader of the alliance as well, it's called: "GRAND REAPER COVENANT" The only alliance requirement is you must have the word Reaper or something symbolising a reaper in your clan name to join. ~Git gud 🙂
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