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  1. 11 minutes ago, Zwill711 said:

    It does feel like the Kubrows have been left behind, compared to other companions.

    I think the devs should think about releasing one big Kubrow/Kavat update to bring them up to par with Sentinels.

    they just feel so outdated in comparison to how the game currently is. the biggest visual upgrade kubrows got was the helminth charger, but even then it's AI is so lackluster and, for lack of a better word, dumb.

    i've been asking for them to get updated for ages. 😞

  2. Just now, Omega-Shadowblade said:

    That's weird cause I bought one of the tennogen syndanas from the recent tennogen round, and steam let me add the exact amount needed. 

    wtf 😠 it hasn't been letting me do exact funds at all lately and idk why. it's getting so frustrating.

  3. I'm sorry if this isn't the place to post this, but I don't know where else to ask.

    In the past I've been able to add the exact funds for a Tennogen item I want to buy, with little to no problem. But as of late it's been having me add a minimum of $5. If I want a $5.99 syandana, I have to add $10 to my steam wallet.

    It's getting kind of frustrating and I don't know what to really do, and I don't know what's changed. 😞

  4. On 2018-05-15 at 3:58 PM, NeithanDiniem said:

    No, it would serve absolutely no benefit to me, so good on ya there. I see no point in destroying a lens because if I didn't want one on a weapon, I'd not put one on there. As for my comment to OP, it was aimed towards them seeing help with their issue in a far more timely manor than asking for the mechanic being added to the game officially would, seeing as it is low priority. They could even report back with if it was successful or not if they cared.

    so because you personally wouldn't remove a lens, you don't see in any possible way why people would want to remove a lens off their weapon? adding this hurts nobody, if someone removes the lens, it gets destroyed and can't be reused. this way DE can still make plat sales from selling focus lenses, and the player doesn't have to deal with the flashing yellow orb anymore. i put the lens on my weapon because i thought it'd be good for focus farming, it's not, and i don't want it on there anymore. 

    i'm not asking for them to give me my lens back, i don't care if it's destroyed in the process i just don't want it on my weapon no matter how little focus i'm still gaining from it. asking about adding this as an option, when plenty of other people have been asking for it, doesn't hurt. seriously, y'all are acting like i'm asking for something terrible when i'm just asking for a small feature to still be considered since a lot of people i know who play would like it added as well.

  5. 14 hours ago, NeithanDiniem said:

    But it can be quite decent for focus gains for when you are using the weapon outside of farming? Why would you remove a purely positive bonus that has no drawbacks? Also, no, you'd be surprised what support is actually able and not able to do. Things they cant do themselves? Either they auto-decline support for that issue or they have to get one of the few devs available to take time out of their day working to help. DE only has ~170 developers in total, with a solid chunk of those working on their other titles besides Warframe. The less support has to bug them over, the better, and this type of thing adds more to the plate. Just saying, its possible this is exactly why they don't let you blank a weapon after you slot a lens on it. Why not just... ignore the lens and move on?

    homie i just want a way to get rid of the lens on a weapon, i'm not asking for an arm and a leg. just let me destroy the lens so that it's off the weapon, that's it. i don't need any reimbursement, i don't want any reimbursement, i just want to take the lens off my weapon good lord. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, NeithanDiniem said:

    Then... why did you put one on it?

    Frankly DE isn't likely to do this as people can accidentally remove a lens and Support very well might not be able to undo it, and I am unsure how they would feel about just giving people lenses in compensation when that can be abused to migrate a lens from one weapon to another. It also has potential for causing more grief to fix up if a player's account is hacked, to troll more the hacker can remove all the lenses from their gear just to irk the owner. Its just a messy idea.

    because... i thought it was going to be good for focus, and it turned out it wasn't? 

    then don't give lenses as compensation and put multiple warnings in place like how it's done for trading to make sure you absolutely want to take it off. if the account is hacked i'm sure DE can confirm it and fix things for the person who was hacked?

  7. 35 minutes ago, Carnage2K4 said:

    You say you don't want any lenses on your weapons... but why?

    i didn't say i don't want lenses on any of my weapons, i just meant that i don't want any lens on this one specific weapon only. not on literally all of my weapons, i just don't want a lens on my lenz lmao.

  8. i know i can put a different lens on my weapon to remove the current one, but i've come to the conclusion that i don't want to use a lens on it at all after trying it out and i'd much rather not waste another lens.

    it's fine if the consequence of removing a lens from a weapon is it getting destroyed or whatever, i just want it off my weapon. ☹️

    please consider giving us the option to remove frames from warframes/weapons/etc, it'd be really great.

  9. the kubrows, in comparison to nearly everything else in the game, feel really left behind.

    their AI compared to the kavats is extremely poor, they take ages to respond and react to things and sometimes they don't react at all. i'd love for their AI to be brought up to speed and for it to feel like there's a reason you'd bring a kubrow over a kavat.

    their models and animations are dated and clunky. i can't count the amount of times i've seen my kubrow walking and he's just.... sliding around the ground instead of actually walking. sometimes my kurbow is just literally spinning in place or does a random flip for no reason?? and i feel like graphics wise, they could be updated. make it so their fur looks a little bit more like fur and so that it's not so jagged. i know there's only so much that can be done and that it's never gonna look like an actual dog but i'd just love to see it maybe looking a bit more current.

    please consider updating the kubrows. :( they've been left in the dark for so long and i'd love to see them looking better and just overall being a better option as a companion on my missions. i know i made this thread ages ago, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it out there again. 

  10. 1 hour ago, (Xbox One)DRG JupiterIvan said:

    Except they mentioned they were on a Grineer tile set. I guess it's possible they were mistaken and were actually on a Corpus tile set, but even then. If his friend was still able to use powers and the like it unlikely that a Scrambus was near them.

    nah it was definitely a grineer tileset. :( if it was a scrambus i would've known by the jumbled up noise it makes but there wasn't one.

  11. so yesterday i was running kuva missions with a friend on a grineer tileset. at one point i had the little red circles around all my abilities but it never went away. each time i'd press 4 or whatever, it'd say something like "power unavailable", random blue would flash on the screen, and a weird noise would play.

    i tried doing unstuck, i tried falling off the map, i tried hitting escape, i tried using my focus power, but nothing would work and i'd get the same "power unavailable" over and over again. my friend didn't have this issue, so it was just me. i had full energy and everything, so i don't understand what the problem was.

    has anyone else run into this? is this a normal part of the gameplay that i just haven't stumbled across yet? it was rather frustrating because i had become ultimately useless for the kuva siphon.

    if anyone could give me some insight, that'd be cool. :(

  12. 15 minutes ago, Ex_Tenebrae said:

    Alright, as someone who has bought both of them, I would observe a couple of things that I feel are worth noting. First, as has already been mentioned, yes, it is permanently open. And in my opinion, there are a few frames that benefit from its appearance. Chroma, for one, as I feel it adds a nice draconic flair. And it doesn't do half-bad on Titania either.

    The Sari in my opinion does fit her better however. If you really like the Sari in concept but didn't like that it had a tendency to move one way or the other, then yes, the Arcturus might be worth messing with. As far as I can tell, it does not and will not have any movement apart from the very SLIGHT swaying of the energy "feathers" themselves.

    ahhh thank you! i tried looking at it on my valkyr prime + the riv-elite guards and it looks rather lovely. i was just worried about it getting 'fixed' and closing but only opening on bulletjump, etc.. i'll think about buying it. : ) thanks friend.

  13. 16 minutes ago, AdunSaveMe said:

    Not liking how something looks is not a 'fiasco'.

    i'm talking about me as well as many others who were disappointed by it's change and repeatedly reached out to devs about it, which, to me, was a fiasco but that's not what this thread is about. :) i'm asking if the wings on the arcturus syandana will be perma-opened unlike the sari syandana's and if anyone who had bought it already could let me know.


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