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  1. The issue is timeframe you have to do it inbetween. 5 out of 7 days. Unless they are gonna do round-robin it would be cool if weeklies timeframe would be extented. Easier for those that are away working etc to catch up. Meaning they got much more "quest" complete when they finally got the time to play.
  2. Killed Wolf 5 times now, no parts just a tempo royal. Dont get me started on Stalker, that morron of boss havent drop war yet for me after stupied amount of kills.
  3. 5 sorties in a bit much If you ask me. A bit to many meme weeklies this week.
  4. So bascially faster than before? Asuming you get 1 each day (old system). But can you still do one of the bounties on Fortuna and get a chance to get nitain extract? Havent really made of my mind if old or new is better when it comes to nitain and aura mods that was only on alert before. In the end DE needs to make some money so I understand you cant expect to get everything for "free" (getting both nitain, aura and catalyst and reactors).
  5. Any reason why drop chance is so much higher at this hour? Early in morning EU? for rare mods? Constantly getting snaps from my friends getting argon scope and main striking both today and yesterday at this time of the day while I'm work. Is sitting at computer waiting for acolyte to become avaible again is your way off having fun while gaming?
  6. Man I truly hate this events (no luck at all). Timebased bs. "Oh you want those mods". screw work and RL if you are unluck. I quited 3 years ago due to this mods that are hidden behind timelocked events.
  7. Still no fix after you broke plains of Eidolon. Its not possible to leave plains of eidolon.
  8. Man this hotfix #*!% up eidolon hunt. 2xruns after it where we can not complete mission and get the reward. Last 30 min I could have done better use of of....like watching paint dry.
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