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  1. TYPE: In-game UI/Overlay DESCRIPTION: I was doing Isolation and Arcana Vaults on the Cambion Drift, when four bugs with the UI/overlay cropped up throughout the session (at least two people had left and had their 4th slot in the squad filled in that time). These include the damage numbers from Vortex floating in the distance, a persistent objective marker from a finished Isolation Vault, an invisible personal/player waypoint otherwise only seen on the map, and a persistent extraction message. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I have not attempted to reproduce these bugs intentional
  2. What fixed it for me (and I don't know what did it, but if one mentioned optioned hasn't worked for you, try the others): I tried un-linking my Twitch account from Warframe in Twitch's settings and then re-linking, because the item redemption didn't work last I tried it (through the link provided here and via Twitch's Prime Gaming Loot drop down menu). I followed every step in #14 on the FaQ section on the Warframe Twitch link page and some. I've tried to link while: 1. either already logged in on the Warframe site or not 2. with either Twitch or Warframe only still linked to the othe
  3. TYPE: In-Game, Deimos:Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: I was hunting in the caves by Albrecht's Prospect when I noticed a skybox bug in a small area that also, upon reloading a mission and going back, included a large orange chunk of material (Fass Residue meteorite?). I could not use the Archwing while in the bugged box around the meteorite. (bug at 00:35 in included video) You can also "climb" on the meteorite. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/gzX74Hx REPRODUCTION: I am not certain what caused it, but it seemed to be an issue when Fass was awake, then during and after the transition t
  4. TYPE: Art/Animation DESCRIPTION: The Flagellocanth does not have the blue glow from using Luminous Dye or Oxylus's "Scan Aquatic Lifeforms" mod. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/0Ni8oTJ REPRODUCTION: Go fishing in the Cambion Drift during the Vome cycle (I fished by Albrecht's Prospect) and place Luminous Dye and Processed Fass Residue on the exocrine or bring Oxylus with the Scan Aquatic Lifeforms mod. Wait for a Flagellocanth. EXPECTED RESULT: The Flagellocanth should have glowed from Luminous Dye/Scan mod, like other fish. OBSERVED RESULT: The Flagellocanth did not
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