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  1. Point me where I supposed to tell directly to DE what and how they should do? You either don't know how their game works inside. Don't you think people may have job or other hobbies in real life, connected to IT industry, not only play WF or sitting at this forum? I can approve this, even if I can't do some activities on PS4, I can still use my loot I get on PC. It's really good experience.
  2. Its just database scripting magic 🙂 some items may become "missed" because not all DB tables are mentioned in transfer script and empty fields prevent them to be shown in interfase. So, to make a good script we simple need to consider all data interconnections in DB, which can be really complicated and masked sometimes.
  3. My personal opinion based on near 1000 days on PS4 from the launch and 350+ days on PC now. So-called cross-save (I meant cross-progression) is not complex, because all your account data (no matter what platform) are stored on DE servers. This is online game, you cannot access it if you don't have network and you must login into your account before play it. I had MR25 account on PS4 and MR27 on PC now. So, the most important question for me is how I can merge my progress. I bought different Prime Access on this platforms, so I think, it will be fair to be able to use cosmetics, warframes and Orbiter stuff on all platforms (except platform-specific skins, maybe).
  4. K-Drive Engines doesn't have same with other parts colours, only default.
  5. Visual: K-Drive parts "Fatboys" always have default color when you summon K-Drive. Other parts have colors that you set in Arsenal.
  6. My Xbox One controllers' (connected wia bluetooth to PC) buttons stop working after this hotfix. Only left stick works.
  7. Здравствуйте. Хотел бы вступить в ваш клан, т.к. требования и правила мне подходят. О себе: 30+, GMT+7, сейчас 15й ранг на ПК, Дискорд есть, но не всегда удобно им пользоваться.
  8. I'm just played War Within quest and after final scene with Teshin on mountain I was thrown to begining, when operator left orbiter without void powers. I don't know, if I play it again will it be checked as complete or I'll be thrown to begining again.
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