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  1. It was a pain to complete all 2 phases of fight with orb. And it's all because of matchmaking. I ran this about 20 times in random squads and only 2 of it was completed without errors. Other is: 1/3 - after leaving Deck 12 I see "connection lost" message and moved to Fortuna hub; 2/3 - Orb didn't spawn on Vallis. I think this because of many gates in this event - you downloading Vallis level, then Deck 12 level, then Vallis again. In some cases it last minutes, so squadmembers just leave, because it not fun to wait and don't see how long. I had to say, if you gather squad in orbit, you may not see this bugs, but if you ran missions with random players you may feel the experience I had.
  2. My Xbox One controllers' (connected wia bluetooth to PC) buttons stop working after this hotfix. Only left stick works.
  3. Здравствуйте. Хотел бы вступить в ваш клан, т.к. требования и правила мне подходят. О себе: 30+, GMT+7, сейчас 15й ранг на ПК, Дискорд есть, но не всегда удобно им пользоваться.
  4. I'm just played War Within quest and after final scene with Teshin on mountain I was thrown to begining, when operator left orbiter without void powers. I don't know, if I play it again will it be checked as complete or I'll be thrown to begining again.
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