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  1. ❀ thank you very much! Danielle!!😊
  2. hi bear! I personally like the challenges I really like! It's a new thing for me as a warframe veteran, and for other veterans, then every week the challenges change, and he always entertains you, and the boss they put and his weapon is something spectacular! live warframe !! 😍❀
  3. that voice, how beautiful it is! 😍 and I can not wait to see the warframe prime time !!!!! ❀❀
  4. this event is beautiful! really .. the prizes are unique and very useful! 😍
  5. It seems very interesting! and I'm very curious to try this mode and test it all! thank you so much danielle e thanks DE 😊
  6. thanks a lot danielle, we wanted this update in the forum! 😍😍
  7. grazie mille danielle per l'informazione, e sono molto curioso di vendere questi cambiamenti, spero che tu migliori sempre il forum, perché è davvero utile! 😊
  8. Well, I have free boosters, as a reward I like it as an idea thanks DE 😊
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