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  1. 1) Ability looks solid. 2) I reckon since alot of people are against using a k-drive (from what I've observed atleast), they could make her 2 like a summonable pet (like venari) where you gain the benefits while its active and you can ride it if you want. I feel it would be really good if the whole k-drive aspect is optional because I feel like the effectiveness of the movement of k-drives would be heavily dependent on the tileset. This change would eliminate that problem by making the k-drive riding optional while still gaining the benefits regardless if you choose to ride it or not and it would allow you not to be forced into using helminth to eliminate a form of mobility you may dislike. 3) Ability looks #*!%ing dope. 4) Looks good for the most part, there may be synergies we don't know about but I feel like it scattering enemies everywhere after it sucks them is kind of counterproductive to the purpose of cc, as you kind of eliminate the control part of it by just blowing out the enemies afterwards similar to Zephyrs old 4 and Inaros' sandstorm. I think the ability would be more effective if it sucked them in and collapsed all the enemies in a pile in the middle like a whirlpool, which would fit with the whole water bender aesthetic aswell.
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