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  1. I hope that Melee 3.0 will allow us actually AIM our slashes.

    I have hoped from the start, that we could just aim and slash floor traps, and disable them using melee that way. (Always ground slamming is boring.)

    And coptering units above us too. It's just weird, that we are not able to swing above our warframe head with melee weapons.

    Or dealing damage to specific bodypart. (Head for example. Make melee headshots a thing.)

  2. 1 hour ago, Morkislair said:

    giant fishtank (around, above, under us) we fill with fishes we commit to our dojo? 

    I love idea about roof/floor fish tank. That would be super awesome, but i want to have it also at my orbiter.

    ( Not only in the personal quarter, but at any other room in orbiter.) That would be so sweet ❤️

  3. 1. Can we craft dual kitguns?


    2. Any plans to add kitblades later on? 

    (Corpus style Zaws.)


    3. Will we be able to add some new armor decorations to our moa pets? 

    I'm hoping to see some tube like accessories at least.


    4. About archwing controls. Can we atleast get option to choose between old and new controls?

    (Personally i hate those useless barrelrolls as cool as they are. They re just nuisance to me.)


    5. Can you remove or atleast increase archwing flight altitude in freeroam worlds? 50meters is really low, and limiting it doesn't make sense in the first place.

  4. On 2018-06-30 at 5:00 PM, CuteFoxyFox said:

    So these changes are really interesting!

    I was never a melee-type-of-a-person but still I like to use Nikana sometimes. But as a player for 4 years I would like to add something from me too.



    So What are we exacly aiming in stances? Are combos gonna be made E-Mouse-E-E? Or are we still goin to have Hold E or Pause?

    Personally I really really really hate Hold E and E pause. Usually melee is just here to cut through tons of enemies and feel like a boss.

    But those Holds E etc are usually clunky and honestly I didnt seen anyone using it (I might be wrong).

    Would be happy to see them replaced with new possiblities you are creating!

    E-Mouse-E-E-Jump E




    Slam Attacks/Diving attacks

    I always loved to use slam attacks and was really happy to see new change for them.

    Being able to aim and fly to the location is sick! But my question is:

    Are stance actually goin to use any of these? Are we going to get a stance with combo like:


    2 melee atacks, jump, slam and stance combo still goin after slam attack

    Would be cool to see it in a new Polearm stances since they have tons of range!


    So I think we could introduce more Parry mods here. Only few players know you can Parry an enemy with Channeling block.

    How about we add it as a full and usefull feature? Maybe we could parry about 20 enemies in once and weapons could have something like

    area finishers? Just a idea to give more options via melee!


    Mid Air Combat

    How about any weapon that is able of dual-wealding could have a combo which knocks up enemies and keeps them in air for maybe 1-2 sec.

    This would led to epic combos like "Knock up 20 enemies and shoot-em down" We could get a bonus from Headshots on mid-air enemies



    So here is what would be my dream to see after some mechanics I proposed

    - You can go for Finisher damage and parry - This could let to more parry mods and more finisher mods like "After a finisher ..." - "Finishers gives a buff ..."

    - You could go for slam attacks-combos from stances. More mods which do some effects on slam like Bullet jump mods or Sibear slam effect could be introduced here.

    - You can go for Dual-wealding and score some mid-air headshots with secondary weapons. Could get mods "If enemy was killed mid-air ..."


    - One of the most important thing is to see some interesting combos for each weapon type! Polearms could have more slams in their Stances or Combos after spin attacks!

    - Throwable weapons could have more mechanics like throwing on heavy attack - weapon stays in enemy's body, we need to take it and without it we fight with fists

    - About sparring weapons they should have more mechanics with blocking which is imortant in boxing 😉

    - Nikanas could have more dashes, Nikanas are Samurais' swords after all 😛

    - Heavy swords could use more spinning or more areal attack to cut enemies around you

    - Stafs should have area attacks, go for spins and finishers

    - Machetes Could use faster stances and maybe some Jump-E combos also knock ups for some trick with secondaries

    - Scythes more attacks that pulls enemies to you

    - Warfrans maybe some throwing, some finishers and no useless emotes at the end of the combo (im sorry >_>)

    - Gunblades - Maybe combos Jump-E and shooting from air with some slam attacks

    - Shields and swords - More blocking mechanics, these weapons should 100% go with parry mods and have more mechanics with blocking!

    - Dual swords - Dashes, Jumps, Slams - Just make them as dynamic as you can!

    - Whips - Pulling enemies to you and finishes? More range? Defenietly combos from spins "Slide - E - E - Jump - E - Slide"

    - Rapiers - Stances should give them special dodges, a bit like limbo ones but smaller also Parry mechanics like on Shield and sword? Core here


    Cant wait to see some epic Melee changes from you in the future

    DE ❤️


    I love your ideas, but i would still add one thing. 

    I want to be able to hit enemy with a shield. It's stupid, that it exist there only for blocking, when we could be moving forward warframes another idling arm a little and send enemies flying with awesome shield punch!

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  5. 1 hour ago, LakiGaming03 said:

    Also have the Update Failed bug!!!!!


    The only thing I found out is that my launcher only works when I turn on my vpn D:<. DE fix this pls


    I figured too that VPN works, except 50% of the times i launch the game, my screen goes all black, and only thing that allows me to exit this bug is force shuhurdown my pc!! 😞

  6. I got same "Blank launcher" problem few days already.

    t seems many are experiencing same issue. I have never had similar issues with launcher. I contacted support and got help pretty fast, but any of their method's didn't work. I started to test other games, if i those got same problem, but there was not any kind of issues. I even downloaded Arc launcher, to test their games, and no issues there either, so i concluded, that this cant be in my end.

    Today i started to wonder, if maybe Warframe is under DDoS attack, because of upcoming Ubra update? (As far as i know, some founders and people with Excalibur Prime are pissed about Umbras being possibly superior to Primes) 

    That would explain this IMO. (If its true)

  7. 24 minutes ago, Grumps1963 said:

    Some thoughts on evolving the POE.

    Perhaps there is another derelict Orokin tower on the far side of the plains. The Tenno needs to work together to progressively restore it to some level of operation like the tower at Cetus. 

    The clues to the location could be released by a crazy old prospector character or through a quest similar to Sayas vigil.

    acces to the tower location could be via archwing only.

    When the tower is functioning Cetus could expand to that location through a migration event or the Tenno could set up their own colony similar to the relays.

     The Grineer could pull their planetary bases back from the Cetus vicinity forcing the Tenno to make hunting camps in places on the plains that are protected from the Eidolons. The hunting camps become permanent bases on the plains but you still need to return to Cetus to claim standing and trade with the merchants.

    Good idea, but they seriously have to do some fixing to archwing before that, because we will fall in to sea if not! xD

  8. My wishlist

    If i get even one of these mentioned i'm happy for the duration of next year :)

    Hunhow's Gift
    Banshee Soprana Collection (I love that Sonicor skin <3)
    Loki Deluxe Collection
    Chroma Dynasty Collection

    See mose in my wishlist in the game...

    Merry X-mas everyone!

  9. On 10/21/2017 at 9:14 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:


    Edit 1:41 p.m PST/4:41 p.m EST Update:

    Maroo is temporarily on vacation. To stop the issue of false positives, we have had to temporarily override Maroo's Bazaar with another Relay as we are not in a position to hotfix right now. We will get this all sorted out ASAP!

    I and my friend have not completed yet this week ayatan hunt. We would still have a few hours, before next week starts, but because there is no Maroo or any other npc replacing her, we cant take the mission. Will we be able to do ayatan hunt twice next week, if we miss this because of this incident?

  10. After reading 11 pages i decided that it's time to add my list of concerns.

    (Not 'first is worst' kind of style, just list to do.)


    - Operators are clumsy, squishy, and there is no energy meter, which has been real pain sometimes. I would like to see how much i have void-energy to use. 

    -We need proper options for the operator too. Similar as the warframe and archwing have currently. (Toggle run etc.)

    -Schools are mixed up after changes. It's great, that we can reinstall lenses how we want, but what will we do if we end up situation where we have collected points to wrong school? I mean the situation where school that we liked so much, that we used it always isn't anymore the one we would want to put our points in. 

    -When swapping from warframe to operator takes too long, and field of view changes awkwardly. At least with my settings, since i have maximized my warframes field of view.

    -Another note about swapping. Currently we cant swap from some warframes, when ability is on. (Example: When swapping from Valkyr, when hysteria is on, ability will remain and use energy, but we can't swap for example, when Banshee is using sound quake.) It would be nice if in future warframe could act like specter, and maybe our operator could even buff it's survivability temporarily when we are outside?

    -I'm little concerned about changes that apply to Zenurik tree (Energy overflow) That's my most used school, because it sustains my energy nicely, where ever i am. If it will be changed so, that i need to start spamming  it (frequently) all over it just ruins smooth gameplay. (If i will even be able to spam.) "Waiting with fear."



  11. 18Epzw6.jpg

    Wehen thrown it spits fire!


    When holding at hand it wont spit fire.

    I am not very good with fotoshop, but this is what i was able to do. I'm pretty proud of it :)

    I was inspired with Lucas Hug’s work's and used his awesome weapons to build this.

    Name: Infernis

    Infernis is fierce slashing cousin of Ignis. When thrown it spreads burning oil spots to it's path, making ground dangerous to enemy. 

    Includes new stance, that combines spinning combos, that nullifies charging time when throwing. Includes sparring techniques, when Glaive is in air. (Mainly spinning kicks, that can knock down enemies.)

    Faction: Grineer

    Mastery level 5
    Weapon slot Melee
    Weapon type Thrown

    Flight speed 37,0m/s
    Attack speed 0,95
    Range limit  25m

    Normal attack:

    Elemental type Fire
    Elemental damage 35
    Crit. chance 15%
    Crit. Multiplier 2.0x 
    Status chance 15%

    Throw attack:

    Physical damage 150
    Impact 20
    Puncture 10
    Slash 120
    Status chance 25%
    Crit chance 10%

  12. 39 minutes ago, (XB1)EternalDrk Mako said:


    1. any development plans for other variation of companion pets ?


    I was just thinking something similar, like Lizards, maybe something like giant gecko, that can walk on walls or maybe flying creatures like prehistorical reptile birds, or maybe giant bugs or omething?

  13. I think it would make it easier to enter in mission with group so, that after you accept mission from Maroo, node will appear to star system, and you could get easily in group that way, since now system can add you automatically to group with random players who are currently playing same mission. Or if its on existing node, player would see options " regular mission" or "ayatan treasure hunt"

    Same could be added to Glem missions etc.


    I hope people get what i try to say, since this isnt my home languake. 


    Btw. Its easier to notice now, when ayatan crystal drops from container, since it makes sound. Thats good :) Maybe shluptures could make sound too, if you are enough near it? That would make it easier to find one if it appears on random tileset.

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