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  1. quarter past and none yet. I, like, half-slept, in anticipation. Coffee in hand, sunshine in my face, and Fortuna coming!
  2. I'm like a five year old on Christmas Eve! I can't sleep! My fingers are crossed that it doesn't take a week. I love this game! Thank you!
  3. Please re-read the statement you quoted and take note of "never actually." What does the word "never" mean to you? If they never play the game why would they just log into it for 1000 days? The unspoken part of this is: People sometimes do stupid stuff like this, thinking I'll get back to it some day, but in reality they never actually get back to it. If you want to defend this sort of inanity, I won't judge, but I don't even care about someone that plays Warframe 5 hours a year, but goes plays some other game 1000 hours a year. Anyway, this statement came from the strawman argument that some people just log on and don't actually play the game. I say, if they can only play on weekends, but log in during the week, they are in the clear because DE did not say you have to log-in and play X amount hours for Y amount of days to get Z reward. They said log-in for X amount of days to get Y reward. I also say the idiots that barely play 5 hours a year are also in the clear, I just think they're idiots for logging in to get rewards they're most likely never going to use. That's my opinion and if you think that's ignorant, I disagree and am moving on. Please people bring substance to the table. We need more meat and bones and less needle-in-the-haystack, low-effort, nitpicking and emotion-driven responses. The person that can seriously answer the following question in a way that I currently don't agree, but convinces me otherwise, is GENIUS OF THE MONTH.on the forums: When I started playing Warframe I, too, had to wait X amount of days to get Y rewards. At the time, I knew I had to wait 400 days to get Primed Vigor. Here I am at 850+ days. Why should it be any different for new Tenno? P.S. I don't get a say in the final matter. DE reserves the right to yada yada yada ... These are just my opinions, though I would argue that many are based on fact and backed by logic.
  4. oooo WHY? WHY CAN'T PEOPLE TAKE THEIR TIME AND READ THE POSTS THEY ARE REPLYING TO? WHY? WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I'M TRYING TO CLAP WITH ONE HAND SOMETIMES ON THIS FORUM? WHY? WARUM? Почему? WEISHENME? I called people that just log in to Warframe to get the rewards that most likely will never actually play Warframe idiots. I stand by that judgment. Just having the log-in rewards is not going to give you magic Tenno dust my homies. Why get something you're not going to use? Also, they;re going to end up deleting Warframe because it's taking up too much space. I respectfully acknowledged the people that log in during the week and play on weekends. I don't see anything wrong with this, they're fulfilling the requirement to get the dang reward. Okay, let me get my panties out of the bunch and take a deep breath. I respect you, my fellow Tenno. My comments are not meant to be personally attacking you. However, I will attack your arguments like a Doberman that hasn't eaten in 30 days! You argued that the log in requirement is like work, yet you argue that you want to be able to work towards getting the log-in. This is a bad argument for anyone that is trying to get the system to change, because they will eventually come back to the bogus argument " You're not actually working for it, you're just pressing a few keys or buttons." This argument is most detrimental to those that want the system change, because when they belittle the act of logging in, saying it's not real work or that it's easy, then they're admitting that they don't want to do something that is easy. I'd just like to point out that the whole entire video game is a series of required tasks. Alert comes up for Orokin Catalyst, you're required to complete that mission, that task, to get the Orokin Catalyst. Warframe is FREE TO PLAY, not Pay to Win, so the amount of dollars anyone has spent should have no bearing on whether or not they have the log-in rewards, which require, as you put it, simply logging in. When you purchase something, you spend money to get it. You got what you payed for. Ninjas be riding for free. You literally can get on right before work or school and be done in less than 30 seconds. I don't see how this is "chaining" you to your PC. I don't care WHY DE created this system. It's none of my business. They didn't have to come up with any of these cool rewards at all. They are extras! I'm just saying too many people are looking a gift horse in the mouth. All they require is that we log on X amount of days to get Y reward. It's so simple and so easy, you basically just have to play the game. Why should someone not really playing the game be rewarded? By not really playing, I mean they're going to get on a few times annually, but sit at the barstool daily of another video game.
  5. Missing the point. DE created this system and all they asked for was that we log in X amount of days to get Y reward. While I'm sure some people have been doing the log in thing and getting right off the game, most of them probably get back on at another time of the day and play for hours or they can only really play on the weekends, but thing about it is this: even those people weren't too lazy and entitled to just log in instead of whining. Think of it as an assignment, your teacher tells you to write two sentences about your favorite food and you will get an A for the semester. The teacher is not going to give you an A if you only write one sentence and they're not going to give you an A+ if you write three. It was a simple directive. Also, there might be, I'm guessing, like 100 idiots on each platform that actually just log in and never actually play the game. It makes no sense for someone to log in beyond 200 days just to get rewards that they will never use or play with in the game. So this argument is bogus in two ways: 1) It's not about how hard or easy it is to log in; it's about the fact that this is what DE required 2) The likelihood of anyone just logging in for the rewards and not actually playing the game has to be extremely low, because why get something you're not going to use? Even if it's someone with a second account it doesn't matter, because they can't trade any of it for plat. If it was up to me, which it is not, I'd only maybe cut the time requirements in half. This isn't about having something exclusive, it's about the fact that I was a beginner and I was faced with the same daunting challenge, but instead of whining, I just played the game and time just started adding up. It feels like some people think that those of us that are beyond 500 days had it somehow easier, as if we got all the rewards on one day. I've literally logged into Warframe over 850 days and have 4000+ hours played. I didn't skip any lines, my Warframe experience wasn't any less fun or exciting before I got any of the rewards and now that I've gotten most of the "good" rewards, my Warframe experience isn't different, at least, not in any noticeable degree. Heck, Umbral mods have made more of an impact on my Warframe experience than all of the daily tribute mods and weapons combined!
  6. As far as I know, none of us actually asked for this system in the first place, but something strange has happened: DE created this system and two groups seem to have emerged: One group said "Okay, it will take me X amount of days to get Y, l'll just keep playing on until I get it." and a second group says "Omg, that is too long to get it. I want it now!" I think most of the people showing such disdain for those of us that have reached the required log-ins already are working under the assumption that we just logged on and got off the game. Nothing could be further from the truth! I'm sure there are some who might have pulled this, but many of us have spent an amazing amount of hours playing Warframe. Also, many are using the word "entitled" absolutely wrong. Calling a person who has worked for something or fulfilled the requirements to get something "entitled" is absurd because they've already gotten whatever it is they worked for in the first place. Entitled is wanting something given or handed to you when you haven't worked for it or haven't fulfilled the requirements to get it. That is the context in which this word is used today. I'm sorry to say this, but this is NOT how life works. You don't get to go to the grocery store and pass the ten customers standing in front of you at the register just because you don't feel like waiting. I dare you to try it on Black Friday. It's just NOT how life works. Even the argument about the mods and weapons is bogus, because most games require us to play a long time or do XY&Z before you can get this or that weapon. Why do you feel like you should be able to "catch up" to anybody? No one is rolling out the red carpet for those of us that have gotten these log-in rewards already. In fact, we're getting called "entitled" or "elitist" for asking DE why did they require us to do this and are now backpedaling. The more I think about it, the more absurd this whole situation is becoming. I'm sorry Generation Gimme, but real life doesn't allow you to "catch up", it doesn't allow you to skip in the grocery queue and it damn sure doesn't call you a "vet" just because you've been playing it for three months or bought all the "good" stuff in the first three weeks. Hermione signing out
  7. I think the easiest compromise would be to cut the requirements for the mods and the weapons in half. I'm not so radical that I don't see how steep are the current requirements. I love the idea of armors and perhaps skins being major log-in rewards beyond day 1000. I know this isn't a wishlist thread, but please consider for day 1500 a metallic color palette which will make whatever skin (prime, tennogen, generic, etc) look metallic in whichever color is chosen. I don't mean to be ungrateful, but Primed Sure Footed at day 900?! This is like reading War and Peace all the way to the next-to-last chapter (before the 1st Epilogue) and finding out Tolstoy said " the heck with this, let me ramble about military uniforms." It's not a bad mod, it just doesn't seem to measure up with the required time to get it. Why not a prime landing craft skin,a full set of Arcane Energize ( 😄 ), a special color palette that turns us invisible? I can dream... Anyways, I may complain but I still love you DE and my fellow Tenno! When I stop complaining it means I've gone on a wild goose chase to summon the spirit of Hawking's IQ.
  8. I'm 99.999% positive this is pure BS. Look just keep on towing the line and going with the popular sentiment. I don't mind ruffling any feathers, especially if it involves telling the TRUTH. Like I said folks, stick with the "it's not fair that powerful mods and weapons are behind a long time period" argument. Though this argument is weak, it is the best one you've got. There was a time when people had dignity and handled any challenge to get the things they wanted even if in a video game. Now players want to get on the game and get everything handed to them in a week and roll with the "big dogs".
  9. Wow this reply is simple-minded. The overall analogy is quite obvious: Demanding to have things without wanting to fulfill the requisites. This wasn't about the value of the items involved. I think you knew that and that infuriates me. Just man or woman up and admit that these people are demanding something because they don't feel like meeting the requirements.
  10. Aw, well my butt-hurt-ery continues and now I must turn up the salt. The rest of the message goes out to the general public. You got a test in class two weeks from now. You study your pa-tooty off. Two weeks have passed and you're now about to take the test. As the teacher is passing out the test in class, enters Student X. Student X argues "There was too much material to cover and I wanted to hang out with my homies, please just give me an A" The teacher gives Student X an A on the test even though Student X didn't even take it. How do you feel about that? Those that are for this change: Your best and only argument is that the weapons and mods shouldn't be locked behind such a long time. Any other argument is just pure nonsense. Many of us just kept playing even though we knew it would take 400 days to get Primed Vigor. The best mod Primed Fury is at day 200, what is all the fuss about mates? Can't really use Primed Shred on the best weapons because it causes them to shoot so fast that you run out of ammo and spend most of your time reloading the weapon. I say "man/woman" up and meet the challenge. Why should you be rewarded if you're only going to play Warframe until the next D2 update anyways? That's like me showing up at MIT, demanding a Ph.D in Mathematics be handed to me, getting it and then immediately running off to Harvard. Meanwhile I'm telling the MIT math majors that actually bothered to study that they are elitist, entitled snobs.
  11. If this is confirmed and absolutely true then all my butt-hurt-ery ends now! Otherwise, I feel this is a kick in the face to those of us that not only logged-in beyond 200 days, but also played the game beyond 200 days. I remember when I started there was Primed Vigor and Zenistar and I was like 'I'll get them if I enjoy this game enough.' Here I am 839 days in, still playing the game everyday like it just got released or something. I even got a crap-ton of people to play this and they've gone on to bring a crap-ton more.
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