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  1. What you think for limbo? I was thinking a lot of him, but i never know wich weapons will be good for him
  2. The best part of the redeemer was that it is instakill or it was. With the fire rate that it have it have a perfect balance, but for this it needs be silent, without this, it cannot be use well for stealth, now i cannot use it with ivara for example.
  3. By stealth redeemer TT Time to use glaive for stealth loki :/
  4. You forget that now it have again the buff of "reduce" the energy cost of continous abilities, that can help to banshee, ember, equinox..... I think all new limbo players have to read it, for do not limbo is a difficult mach warframe, you can help that use of limbo with saryn, ember, trinity or banshee for example, it's true that he can do the mision alone, but if you use any of that warframes can do that it can be a bit more of team, killing the enemies near of the next objetive of defense (limbo is very vulnerable out of the rift or inside his 4 without the 2), or the enemies near the objective or defense, for when the 2 runs out he can survive without the risk that enemys kill him
  5. I have limbo and is one of the warframes that i most use, and i had wished that rework the reason is because i saw a lot of nuke limbos and no one limbo who use it well, if DE didn't have do this change, limbo cannot be a warframe for people who think a lot in the map, the mission, the team, is a very difficult warframe to use, because you have to think when use the abilities for be more usefull, and if there are a build of "dps"... a lot of people wouldn't think how use limbo in his maximun potential
  6. I think the snipers needs a rework, they needs more damage, a bit of fire rate with that can survive an normal wave of enemys, and i think they should have a a headshot-buff with that they have more crit damage and crit rate(for example a 10x) when you do a headshot, i think this because there are weapons for precision, the slow rate of fire that it have needs that it be a instakill weapon, if a sniper cannot kill with a bullet.... what tipe of sniper is that?. I think so that the bosses shouldn't be affected by this buff, because the boss battles cannot be very fast, can be a very small point that be afected by the buff, that should be very difficult to see and shot
  7. that can be named how the fire queen combo?
  8. I like how is limbo now, i know how use it because i have been stayed a lot of time learning how use it better and he is one of the warframes that i use most, and one of my favourite warframes
  9. that walls XD
  10. For me atlas is perfect, it have a first ability that do a insane damage with the correct melee, a second ability that can protect a point, a third ablity that can petrify all enemys and with the argument mod support nekros farming, the only the 4 that for me only works for distract the enemys
  11. I never think that combo, the next day that i play i will try it
  12. I know there are warframes that their abilities can be improved with the weapons you have, for example the 4 of mesa is afected by the mods in the secondary. But, i am sure that are a lot of combos of weapon+warframe. For me the best can be Mesa+Dual Toxocist, or Altas+War. Wath is your opinion of that?
  13. limbo has never been for do damage
  14. I know that stasis can be very dificult to use without be harmful, but is dificult to use it well, not impossible.