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  1. ...that's it though? no cosmetics? not even a sugatra?
  2. Why even add damage falloff to snipers? You're nerfing a weapon class that's already considered subpar(even if you're also nerfing other hitscan weapons), and there's only a few situations where this nerf would even take place. Sure, you could climb up to a mountain ridge and snipe an enemy encampment 2km away, but I find it highly unlikely that draw distances will be that extreme, and you'd have to walk to the encampment anyways to pick up the loot, by which time I can only assume the encampment has been repopulated.
  3. Oberon Shoulder armor is still unequippable on oberon prime, despite volt prime being able to equip his unprimed armor. Still no patch for renewal uselessly attaching to nekros shadows and causing desynergy between nekros and oberon as per...
  4. Has this droptable been updated even once since it was first published? what's the point of a droptable that never gets updated?
  5. out of curiosity, why are baro's messages not going to be deleted? And why not g3/zanuka death threats treated like stalker's?
  6. Oberon Prime still cannot equip the oberon shoulderpads, despite volt prime showing that it is easily achievable. Oberon's renewal still needlessly heals shadows of the dead as per:
  7. Tenno pump shotty when. Oberon shoulders on oberon prime when. renewal being useful as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/829317-renewal-and-nekros/? when.
  8. I still cannot equip oberon shoulders on oberon prime, despite volt prime being able to equip his normal counterparts' shoulders as well as his own. Renewal still hasn't been fixed as per:
  9. I still can't equip oberon shoulderpads on oberon prime, even though volt prime can equip both the primed and normal versions of his shoulderpads. Also, renewal needs to be addressed as per:
  10. Hey, this is cool and all, but I still can't equip oberon shoulders on oberon prime. You gave volt this treatment, when will other frames recieve what they're due?
  11. Kind of worried that there's been no mention of what's IN the hydroid rework... but I guess we'll see tomorrow.
  12. I still can't use oberon shoulderpads on oberon prime.
  13. already ahead of you. The only thing standing in its way is that orvius' charged throw now sometimes circles around the enemy's head not damaging them at all-- notably on knockdowned or crouching enemies. Awaiting a fix for this as well, considering I don't have a status riven for bronco (therefor requiring me to include blast in addition to my corrosive, unless I went for a gas-magnetic or a viral-rad build)
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