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  1. Hello, This is a reminder that although Volt Prime was patched AGES AGO so that he could wear both Volt Prime and Volt shoulderpads, the same treatment has yet to be extended to banshee, frost, and most importantly, Oberon. Why?
  2. I would probably say stug, but I would also say sorry in advance.
  3. I dreamt that Oberon's signature antler armor adorned the broad, heavily-muscled(due to how much carrying the poor guy has to do) shoulders of Oberon Prime.
  4. I'd be interested in hearing if this is actually the case -- I've encountered hordes of people telling me my oberon was 'unnecessary' and that I should bring trin, or harrow, or chroma, or volt. It's raids all over again, where you can run whatever you want if you know what you're doing... if you can ever find a group who'll let you. It's kinda turned me off eidolon hunts altogether, and since I haven't hunted in a month or so, it might be different now. But I don't see how it would have changed, since raids were that way for just about the entire time they've existed, and eidolon hunts got the same treatment as soon as arcanes were introduced into their loot pool.
  5. so I'm NOT the only one who finds this "feature" to be pointless and counterintuitive. as an aside, there's been a few times where nekros' have apologized for using their shadows of the dead once they realized it was causing renewal to falter. Which, truly, shouldn't be happening because shadows is a perfectly viable survivability option, both with or without the augment mod. Any abilities that cause such an amount of negative synergy between warframes should at least be reexamined to determine if a fix can be found (which, in this case, is to stop renewal from affecting sotd, since, if I mathed it out correctly, renewal stops healing and just delays the inevitable somewhere around level 30 on a medium-strength build, and a high-strength build probably won't have the efficiency to reliably keep renewal active.
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