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  1. With such a big update, I had hoped that Oberon Prime would finally be able to equip his unprimed form's shoulder armor. It seems this is not the case; is this fix in the works yet?
  2. With the exception of the condition overload-style galvanized mods, everything activates on kill... given that melee's combo counter can ramp-up even without getting kills, I feel guns will likely lag behind melee. Hoping we'll see one or two mods that allow guns to ramp-up even in scenarios where a kill can't be secured (either because your friendly neighborhood nuke is stealing most of your kills or because you're fighting something like, say, a condrix). The deimos soma-specific mod is a good example of what I mean.
  3. Hello, just popping by to mention that the Oberon shoulder pads aren't equippable on Oberon Prime, despite this issue being fixed for Volt Prime long ago. Is a fix for this issue in the works?
  4. I tried out a kuva flood mission, and the tile was a bit of an unlucky one without very many good sightlines, but it does appear that turning off bloom has fixed it. Knowing this, I'll test out the new graphics engine thing that is apparently ready-to-use and see if the issue is also present there.
  5. It looks like this might only be tangentially related to OP's problem, but I have the same black boxes appear during kuva missions; when looking at a kuva siphon and more than a few meters away from it (about 5 or so, it's not 100% consistent), a black box will cover most of my screen, and 'follow' the kuva siphon. It disappears when the kuva siphon exits my FoV. This bug appears on all tiles/tilesets. Kuva siphons are the only things that summon these boxes for me. I have a radeon 5700 xt; given that other people in this thread all seem to have amd cards, it may have something to do with graphics drivers, though I've updated my drivers at least once since the issue began and the boxes stayed.
  6. In devstream 155, you showed off a rather fashionable Oberon sitting next to one of the sisters of parvos infographics. This Oberon was wearing the regular Oberon shoulder armor, a cosmetic option that is still unavailable on Oberon Prime. This issue was patched for Volt long ago, allowing Volt Prime to equip the regular Volt shoulder armor, but other warframes such as Oberon, Frost, and Banshee have yet to receive this treatment. Why?
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