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  1. Clan Name: Auroral Silhouette Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Here is the entire album link, as well as a few random photos for whatever that are already in the album. I may be lazy with other things like posting on forums... but I most definitely don't believe I was with decorating. I've been playing for quite some time as you can see and was able to fund the beauty before you. The theme is obviously nature/relaxation. The dojo is where we chill out between murd... endurance runs. Enjoy the tranquility of our Dojo. Quicky Grotto Room Gif ~ https://imgur.com/IcEneHL Gazebo Room Photo ~ https://imgur.com/DQ7ctsR The Album ~ https://imgur.com/a/iPpKhv4 Peace be with you. ✌️
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