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  1. Not disagreeing with you in whole, but there is a flaw with this line of thinking. When using recruiting chat the effort of finding/forming a party has to be taken into account along with the effort saved in mission from finding/forming a party. So in general missions where the 'typical' experience is fairly efficient, using recruiting to try and find a more efficient party is in itself less efficient. On the other hand, when party composition really matters and makes things much better recruiting chat is well worth the time to find a party. If there was a mathematical function for this it would probably be near exponential. If forming a party is worth the effort, forming a party will be easier which means it's more worth the effort. If forming a party is hardly worth the effort then finding people to form the party will be harder, making it less worth the effort. When a public mission falls short of the 'typical' experience, people who are trying to be efficient get mad, especially if in hindsight they could justify forming a party instead. If it takes 10mins to do a mission and a formed party could do it in 5 but it takes 2mins to form the party then yes they'll probably form a party if they are going for efficiency. If the typical public group does a mission in 6minutes, then forming a party isn't worthwhile or convenient, but if the public group takes >7mins people will start to get irritated/regret their choice for efficiency. Of course people don't typically think about things in these ways, but they act it out regardless.
  2. I like the idea of an auction house... ...but then I realize that the price of anything/everything would drop to 1p each or so. When baro came by with primed chamber this was made very very clear to me. I usually don't run relics alot, I have most everything in game, I only farm things I want now. I had ~~0ducats. One visit to the vender and I had 3 primed chambers. If there was an auction house then everyone like me would be able to list the hundreds of items and the supply would go up 1000 fold than what it currently is. By laws of supply and demand the prices would drop. So, good thing right? Everyone can buy everything cheaply. Newbies can get good stuff fast and vets can somewhat reliably earn plat 1 item at a time? Well, no. How do you compete with 1p priced items? You can't go any lower. Next you'll see people complaining about how they can't sell items because their name starts with B and the first 5 pages of items for 1p are all people with names A. The only real way to balance that out would be to drain the supply. How? Ducats of course!!! Now items will be worth 1/5th their original value because that's the only way to drain the excess of parts so that supply doesn't completely kill demand. Now more people will cry about baro prices/ducats. As is, right now we have new releases and everyone farms the items. Generally speaking what will happen is people will farm enough parts for 2-3 unwanted items in order to get that 1 wanted item. This is the source of alot of excess. By not having an AH that excess generally stagnates. By having it this way people who want to earn money in game CAN, the trade-off however is time spent in-game working to trade with others. Those who don't want to spend time in game can spend money (and very likely if they are willing to pay, can find a seller near immediately with the use of said 3rd party sites, or just by 'WTB XXX, not-low-balled-price'). This is the way DE keeps the flow of platinum going. tl;dr Basically, the way the game is right now the playerbase collectively has enough excess items/parts to get most everyone everything in a very short time. This sounds good until you realize that means the trading/generation of platnium and sales by DE will ultimately suffer long term unless actions are taken by DE to try an control the economy of the game. Trying to engineer the game economy is no easy task and has led to the downfall of many games/companies. By keeping the current system the natural law of supply and demand dictates the economy and the most efficient solution is provided free of cost to DE. Most the time I don't sell things because I don't consider the time of trading with the person worthwhile. Most the time people buy things because they consider the time to trade worth while. Creating an AH depreciates this worth for both parties since supply in warframe is not an issue. The loot style of warframe doesn't currently support a system (other than ducats, but even then you run out of things to buy with ducats, so it really doesn't) where demand is continuous, so an AH would flourish initially but ultimately kill trade/playbase longterm. Tl;dr, tl;dr Warframe doesn't have expendable 'resources', they always accrue in one form or another*. This means that the supply(of items) >>demand** which means an AH would kill the game economy. By forcing players to spend time to trade supply is limited not by items, but by player willingness. Currently that keeps supply and demand in check allowing the game economy to exist. *Yes you can spend plat, but you can't spend primes, so eventually everyone will want plat but no-one will want primes, killing trade **Assuming there isn't a high turnover rate of players/influx. To my knowledge there isn't, so this point stands.
  3. I'd say it's more of etiquette in general. Generally speaking people play non-solo to make missions easier/faster (w/ relics the greater chance of better rewards gets thrown in too). So when you(everyone in general) play a frame( style, abilities, builds) that makes things harder (longer to finish, etc) they will view it negatively. Some will even view it as an affront to them personally. Limbo is at great risk of doing this, especially when there are people in the group who wouldn't even notice if the enemies were lvl 150 vs 50. Also as mentioned is frost's bubbles, khora ragdolling them into harder to reach/aim areas, etc. Also, even if it does aid the team as a whole, there is the personal aspect. Maybe the team does 'need' the enemies CC'd because otherwise the mission could fail. If however, like said before there is an octavia or other warframe in the party that necessitates taking enemy fire, even if you are aiding the team overall they won't be too happy with you.
  4. I think that it's sort of fine IMO, but maybe i'm just salty. I play equinox, switching my abilities comes at a cost. If I could select nightform/dayform abilities without changing form then... On the other hand, some frames have many more abilities in one. Their trade-off is needing extra time to select/cast different abilities on the same key. It's sort of a universal law, "no free lunch". Have more than 1 ability per key? Pay the price. If you only want to use 1 type of mote, you can instantly cast it all you want. Holding to change is the price to pay for having multiple abilities/effects and wanting to min/max them. On the other hand... "Yes, please make this better, then make me able to select/use abilities at will on equinox w/o needing to change forms". I want to Maim while tanking/slowing and casting rage on enemies to increase dps. Then since changing forms wouldn't be necessary, provide 100% uptime passives to both forms to justify the use of either or.
  5. The back and forth here is basically "DE says no damage mods, only utility" ... "But correct use of utility increases dps" ... "Even some utility mods have small dps gains too" IMO, DE should just re-think exilus mods. Like start making mods for exilus that are in the same area of unique weapon effects. Maybe even make all weapon special effects into exilus mods, or lesser versions of them. Give exilus mods polarities but no drain (polarity increases the effect of the exilus mod). Then if you want unique weapon effects, make the subsequent exilus mod a weapon specific one so that it can be used there uniquely or have it provide additional effects when equipped on the correct weapon( and/or weapon types).
  6. "8 consecutive headshots while in arch-wing without getting status" --glances invisible barrier in plains @ 7/8, counter resets It wasn't challenging, the whole goal was fly around high/far and get barely into sniper range so that enemies do not shoot at me. It wasn't hard, just took time. "kill, fish, mine" --> find a rock, pond and enemies nearby. Hardly a challenge, just annoying. "scan w/o abilities, no trap, no damage" Annoying as hell, go rhino and find the lowest lvl mission w/ capture target you can. Not really a challenge, just really annoying. By contrast "20 kills while wall latched/without touching ground" --> Releases maim and kills half the exterminate mission --> done in 2 mins. Or, get a Penta. Hardest part is getting 20 enemies into one area.
  7. yeah, defeats the purpose of nightmare missions. They are a tier below sortie, not above. They also have multiple tiers. Those tiers tie into different mods you get from the end bonus. These mods are commonly used on lots of load-outs and should be acquirable by newish players. Also, there are ALOT of frames with very little armor/hp. Taking away all their shields is just dumb. Most the damage we take in warframe is dumb in the first place, its more RNG than anything. The only time you take consistent damage is when there are tons of enemies all around you so that the RNG is smoothed out to look more like a consistent beating. Alot of the damage I take ends up being from a heavy gunner that power slammed trying to hit the tenno in front of me and I round a corner to get knocked on the noggin. Or a bombard, etc that was shooting at someone else ends up hitting me. A better idea than no-shields would be dragon key type buffs. i.e. -90% shields/90%hp. Also I don't think that that modifier should be limited to shields alone. If nightmare missions are revamped (imo leave them as is, not worth developer time) then the shields buff should turn into hp nerf also. Simple, when they were developing nightmare missions pure hp frames were not around. They probably had the mindset that in nightmare missions a fun challenge would be 'no replenishing hp' mode, AKA no shields. With the introduction of inaros and the likes of high hp/armor frames that whole challenge of nightmare missions was mitigated entirely. On a final note. When in nightform (equinox) with my #3 up (and #4) shields take ALOT of the brunt of incoming damage, even when I only have 300. There are alot of builds where even minimal shields can be significant. 300 shields w/ ~~35->70% DR equates to ~~461 to 1000 shields. Buffed up to overshield cap it's 1500 shields which translates to ~~2307 to 5000. Stack on a 64% slow and it's not insignificant. But take 100% of that away and you just double/triple nerfed that warframe/build while others suffer nearly nothing. I'm not saying woe is me, but stating that the nightmare modifiers don't really fit the current version of warframe. This is understandable because the nightmare missions pre-date most everything we/I currently use/do in warframe. Yes it might be nice to see nightmare missions changed from what they currently are, but what will take their place for the mods that solely come from them? Those rewards shouldn't come from harder missions (imo) especially since they can be somewhat of a daily farm type of thing if you don't get the correct RNG of drops from them.
  8. I mean, I guess? There are already alot of mods that give 'after reload effects' and alot of mods that can work for OCD reloaders. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Synth_Mods Works perfectly when using sentinels as the synth mods are some of the best for sentinel survivability. (Also when combined with equilibrium, will make is so that you can ALWAYS get energy from hp orbs which drop frequently. Combine with Energy Generator on dethcube and the results are LOL). That said, all you have to do is press 'melee' after shooting and you'll start to reload. With just the sentinel mods that comes out to 10% mag/second. Or a 10second reload time. You might say that it's a long time, but if you're OCD about shooting a small amount and then reloading, a second or two will be a full reload. This means that you can OCD reload rather quickly or while doing other things. It's also nice because it's a progressive reload, meaning that you can reload a little, do something/shoot and reload some more. Also gives you more mod options. For example instead of stacking reload speed on a weapon (if you're really into it) you can use a magazine mod instead. i.e. Shoot something far away, melee something in your face, hack a console, fully (hopefully) reloaded when you are done. Also gives more purpose to usually seldom used mods such as: Wildfire Tainted Mag (probably not recommended for OCD reloaders) Ammo Stock (highly recommended for synth set synergy) Charged Chamber (shoot 1x -> Melee to trigger synth ->Shoot) Eject Magazine (Combo'd with synth = quick auto reload) Ice Storm Tainted Clip Like if you want to use the Dual Cestra, synth set/Eject magazine is going to be the best way to reload them (2 synth mods on sentinel = 10%/second, eject mag = 20%/second = 3.33 second reload time, normal reload time on Dual Cestra = 3.5 seconds). This means that not only do you reload it faster by switching to different weapon/using melee, but you can partially reload as well. For all the Kohm users, maybe slap Synth Charge on a pistol as a stat-stick, my favorites are: Vasto Prime and Fusili, they get good benefit from Synth Charge themselves and give you the set bonus. For a kuva Kohm with ammo stock this comes out to ~~16rounds reloaded/second holstered/Synth Mod. So you could literally run around the majority of the time without needing to reload the weapon ever. If you needed to shoot the Kohm that much you probably should be meleeing(reloading) in the first place. tl;dr Synth mods can give you good options, just train yourself to hit 'E' instead of 'R'. Going to hack a console? Hit E, reload while hacking. Parkour? Hit 'E', reload while parkour.
  9. You say it's not about maxing stats, but for DR on nova you need near max duration. Max duration is ~~200%, to get 80% DR you need ~~200%. That's maxing. Max duration is 4 mods, you need ~~3 to get 'significant' DR on nova. Then you also said you want range...well to get MAX duration (the first thing you wanted) you have to tank range. Meaning you need to invest several mods OR just overextended to bring range back up. But then your power strength is low, because to bring your range up you have to tank your power strength, so you need to invest into strength. But that means Tanking efficiency (which if you want to use portals alot, I doubt you do) OR using several mods to counteract the range increase. So, Duration requires sacrificing range. Range requires sacrificing strn, and Strength requires a sacrifice to duration OR Efficiency. To get strn you can: 4 mods: Umbral Intensify + Umbral XXX + 2 (Power drift, Auger Secrets) ~~94 pwr strn, HP, 0 downside 4 mods: Transient Fortitude + Duration (Constitution) + 2(Power drift, Auger Secrets/Intensify) ~~94/100 pwr strn, +0.5 duration, faster Knock-down recovery 3 mods: Blind Rage + Fleeting Expertise + Duration (Constitution) ~~99% pwr strn, +5% efficiency, -32% Duration, faster Knock-down recovery, 1 extra mod These are basic mod combo's for power strength that most people will probably encounter building ANY frame ( +100%ish pwr strn is a decent amount for most builds). That said, when you specifically mention DR (EHP) and you look at the list of things you want, the best pick of these mod line ups is the first. It gives the power strength and HP with no downside. Otherwise, you could use the last one and get the same power strength but in this case you'd sacrifice duration which was the 1st priority of the build. I guess i'm trying to say, it shouldn't be too surprising that it's hard to build a wormhole + nullstar + Slow nova build because there are: A) not enough mod slots OR B) Power creep hasn't gotten us there yet. If we had an umbral duration or umbral range mod you'd probably be able to get there easily.
  10. As is with everything. Maxxing 1 or 2 of 4 stats is easy. Maxxing 3 is impossible and becomes a balance issue, maxxing 4 is beyond balancing, it's impossible. There are a few caveats to this rule that work in specific places. (i.e. I use Growing Power + Energy Conversion to raise my power strn during casts so that I can have high efficiency/range and Strn on equinox. This works because I don't care about power strn most of the time.) This can be partially true for Nova in that you only really care about power strength during the casting of Molecular Prime for Slowing (otherwise it doesn't do much for the other abilities). As I mentioned above though, can get 75-80% DR and have a decent range on wormholes in same build. The catch is that you'll either need to status proc to get slow cap, or just use a below slow cap build. The other catch is that you'll need to consider your energy costs. (most missions it'll be enough to just cast nullstar 1x and then save energy for molecular prime). Sorry, but there arn't any ways to just magically slap +200% Duration and + 45% power strn on a build without sacrificing efficiency or range. 200% duration is hard enough as is (since it's litterally half your mod slots)
  11. RJ prime with higher base armor, hp, speed and flux.... /drool
  12. I dunno, haven't played around too much, but maybe could do (6 forma or 4/5ish w/ umbral forma): Corrosive Projection (or w/e), Power Drift Primed Continuity, Auger Secrets, Auger Message, Molecular Fission Umbral Vitality, Umbral Intinsify, Overextended, Narrow minded +55% Duration, + 24% Strn, + 24% Duration +55% Strn, +550% hp, +90Rng/-60% Strn, + 99% Duration/-66% Range Comes out to +178% Duration (~~16.68 orbs for 80% DR (Rounded down)) OR 154% Duration (replace Message with reach) for (~~15.24 orbs for 75% DR) With 34% Power strength (64% slow) And a range of +24% ~~62m wormholes (replace Message with reach for 77m wormhole range). That would give a good baseline I think. From there you could replace Auger secrets with Auger Message/Auger Reach and/or Aura with Power donation/Umbral Intinsify for Umbral fiber. That would be the Speed-nova version of a wormhole/tank build. (Could be tankier/farther wormholes at the cost of speeding enemies up or going neutral). Or you could replace Aura with Growing power and then a single status proc puts you up to the slow cap. The biggest problem with the build is going for Slow + Holes + DR. That's 3 different stats you want to max, and range works directly against DR (cause orbs fly off faster/more consistently). If you're going for Speed + Holes + DR it works for you in that the speed comes for free with Over-extended. The second biggest problem is that DR from nullstar doesn't scale quick enough. If DR capped out at 90% still and each orb was worth 7.5% then nova would be alot better because you could either hit the cap with lower duration (+100%) or always have spare orbs so that losing 1 or 2 wouldn't make you lose DR. Molecular Fission as an augment was a bandaid of sorts for the DR problem of nova, but maybe if the mod allowed you to get up to a higher cap of orbs in addition to restoring then it'd be better.
  13. Fire alarm is misnomer though. Fire alarms are the things in buildings usually on walls that have red switches. They say FIRE and are there so that someone who witnesses a fire can activate the alarm. In homes, what you usually have is a smoke detector and/or a carbon monoxide detector combo. They detect smoke (and often the good ones very rarely go off with a false positive.) It's not a false positive when a smoke detector goes off because of your cooking. It did exactly what it was meant to do. The reason why they are regulated to be installed is for fires. So yes/no. So, just like I said before; they will alarm you in case of smoke. But that doesn't identify the root issue and isn't very helpful when you already know there's a problem.
  14. When your house is on fire, most likely you aren't inside it anymore and the alarm isn't as loud. When you're cooking and the alarm goes off, you get really irritated by it. I don't know of a single person who continues cooking with the fire alarm going off saying "This is fine". EDIT: Yes the alarm tells you you're not that great at cooking and should probably improve, but you don't want to continue to get the same message over and over again do ya?
  15. I mean, I like new shiny things and more customization but... Pretty much sums it up. For the longest of time I used carrier. Then with fetch it was smeeta forever. Now with dethcube prime i'm conflicted between smeeta and the cube. Synth deconstruct + Energy Generator + Vacuum +Primed Animal Instinct = huge QoL upgrade for most missions Smeeta buff + Fetch + Primed Animal Instinct = huge QoL upgrade for farming (kuva, really the only thing worth farming 99% the time as all others are just stockpiled) As for dethcube prime, only because of it's improved armor. I found that dethcube would die too easily so I always just preferred smeeta. With dethcube prime it survives enough now to make it really good for spawning hp/energy.
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