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  1. Drop chances for warframes and riven are still too low, even if you spent dozens of hours in twitch. You will be lucky if you get it. But, at least, you can enjoy the stream.
  2. Don't know, will it be fixed on next update or not, but: at Mastery rank test 24 Operator can't perform slide by pressing L1. I played this test before update and this ability works that time.
  3. Not only in chat. Just played defence mission with relics. After migrating host no one from the rest of the group cant select new relic or play without it. We had to leave mission and lost all stuff we collect 😞 Sad, but I think I had to take a rest from the game. Spend a half hour and lost all - new relics, recouses, opened relics and stuff from them... I better play Tetris untill this be fixed.
  4. Or, with Sacrifice, some of this bugs magically disappears 🙂 and we can get new. (I worked with developers, I know it can be like that).
  5. Its a serious problems with focus on windows and dialog boxes: open any syndicate offer list, then press LT to open Chat window. Then, when you push RB or LB... BOTH tabs, in chat and in offers are switching in same time. And, when in this moment someone call you to join game, you cannot just hit Options button and press square or circle as it was before. It mess with Chat window. In this case, I cannot definaly see, which window is in focus now. IT SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THAT. Also open/close Arsenal to add a single mod (every single) to build is really annoying.
  6. Update: it happens at Plains too - when I hunt Terralyst, fall with 0hp and group member heals me - after that I cannot play as Operator or use abilities with RB+ or with touch pannel.
  7. I've found new bugs there: R1 and L1 buttons somehow stop working in all Orbiter menu - I can't switch tabs in Foundry and I can't call Alerts list in System map. When I craft Khora, mods in Venari can be placed only one by entering Arsenal, install mod - second will not picking by selection - leaving Arsenal an opening it again. Also, when I press X with cursor on Venari title the game immediately crashes.
  8. When I start playing Warframe few years ago, both PC and PS4, I found, that controller is more comfortable to use for moving, fighting and using abilities. So I decided to continue playing on PS. The main difference between real mouse and virtual cursor, that mouse moves with speed of your hand - faster or slower - as you chose. That's its main advantage. And the mouse wheel too. Virtual cursor has a constant speed, no matter, how fast you operate your controller's stick. At this point, I'll advise not to stretch the owl on the globe. If you try to do similar experience on PC and consoles, and use such uncomfortable and unintuitive menu scheme on both - nobody will use controller on PC and many newcomers swithes to games with more common menu control. I can now use Xbox controller with PC, but if I can't do all ingame stuff fast and with comfort - it shouldn't be used at all. Unifiing means you can use both controll methods with similar efficiency. With correction on hardware limitations, I wrote above, of course. Maybe, you should bring full KB and mouse support on consoles first?
  9. I think, old scheme was 100% intuitive and usable for console players. The only way to add cursor in, is to bind it to left stick movement, (on PS you can bind it to sensitive panel too) it can be helpful to select a distant tab if you to lazy to press bumper few times 🙂 But by default should work old scheme. In all games I played, camera operates with right stick, and rotation too. If you cannot scroll large lists, but you can select items in it within a screen - its a unintuitive solution. I face it now everytime, when I try to choose warframe or weapon in arsenal with D-Pad like I did it before. Now I must use right stick too (Same with Foundry and many other places with large lists with items).
  10. Good news, thanks for return hot buttons in Arsenal. I think, rotation in Arsenal should binded to right stick as it was before. In big lists of items cursor stil less usable than old scheme, it operates only within items on screen and you need to use right stick to scroll the list. Alerts section still operates only with cursor. Maybe, you should return old scheme as it was, but cursor will appear when you move left stick?
  11. As a PC player for over 15 years and console player for about 3, I can totally agree with thoose, who said UI is nerfed. Mouse is good for aiming, when you sitting in front of table, and you got a lot ob buttons on keyboard. But with gamepad gaming aiming is more painful, you know. Analog sticks cannot compete with mouse speed. Thats why all console menus adapted for controller, not mouse. The major mistake is to remove hot buttons in Arsenal, they really was the fastest way to change warframes, weapons and its builds. Even when you jump menu by pressing arrows, it takes tripple more time then press square or triangle. I think there was less hate if new UI works as ADDITION to old binded buttons. Also, unintuitive scroll in Arsenal and Foundry - arrows works only on wisible items, they don't scroll whole list, as it supposed by intuition. Relics selection is broken - now you need to press X to see what items in, on each relic, even a cursor is on. Map navigation broken too. When I open Alerts I thought I can switch missions with arrows, but no, I can only use this slow cursor now. I don't believe someone tested this build UI on consoles, because this things is first that they can see. Lots of players I know just can't go through this new UI to play as they did before. And, of course, didn't reach all improovements mentioned in first post. Hope you guys realize, that we don't want to injure you with our critics, but we do like to play with comfort in game we like, thats why we think you should fix this ASAP. Regards.
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