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  1. In addition to my PC account above: I've started played on PS4 long years ago and moved to PC before Fortuna update because of several things: - I tired to wait 1-2-3 months for new features to be released on consoles - less activity in game (at least in my region) - plat and Prime Access cost (I think Sony had more than enought money on platfom exclusives and PS Plus that I bought). I dont planning to buy any stuff at PS Store anymore. I agree if I cannot use new stuff I get on PC until it releases on console (may it be marked as "Currently unreleased item" in inventory), but I want to see overall progress on all platforms.
  2. Drop chances for warframes and riven are still too low, even if you spent dozens of hours in twitch. You will be lucky if you get it. But, at least, you can enjoy the stream.
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