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  1. Secura Lecta was nerfed just when I was going to get it and i'm out of money, can't even buy DNA stablizer for my pet. Feels bad, maybe it's time for another break from warframe....
  2. I like the skin alot but i would change a bit the helmet face and maybe some textures in the body, i would make it less colorful and remove the green balls. But the whole concept of Buddhism and Hinduism references is a really nice idea
  3. Thank you DE for the work. I think changes are important and can refresh the game even if they seem scary or bad at first sight. Void 2.0 is interesting but it needs to be refined: 1 - Give a faster and more consistent way to farm Void Tracers. We need 100 for just 1 relic. Also increase max relic we can have (not 100 max). Maybe let us farm Tracers on the Void tile set i don't know. 2 - Let us see what relic was select on squad so we can do some Relic shares and improve rewards. 3 - Fix the null spawn and their giant bubble. 4 - I don't like to have a mission inside a
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