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Check out my YouTube.com/channel/StephenZenLetsplay over 700 subs! Hopefully We get to 1000 subs. I don't talk much, I'm a very suburban monotone surfing guru, I used to surf alot but Thats done with, So I decided to play games with my family, its a

give and take life style, but its getting better. Its just awesome to detach from a crazy world around you to something you know is far out. And man i mean far out! Lol who doesn't want to be a space ninja android?!?!! So cool! And I've seen the DE Documentary, (because I Didn't know who DE Was until i saw the documentary) and felt like I could KINDA relate in terms of making things possible, but I saw a video with Rebecca and I thought why would she call her fans losers by accident? Thats not cool. Then I realized they take alot of critical judgement from spiteful people, I find critique easy to process as long as creative differences doesn't become the norm. Growing Up you kind of realize changing for someone elses views, isn't your own, however its good to think outside the box considering all the options bestowed before one granted with knowledge. To understand others is extremely vital in business because if we don't TRULY connect with those with critical barriers, how can one change at all? Change is a constant and I hope, I can be that stepping ladder to greater heights. I cannot be reached, but if you need to contact me, ask ZMAN_IS_AUSOME_1 on PSN to give your name and reason for reaching me. [My contact information is confidential for security purposes. Its pretty bad out here where even a mentally ill guy like me can be subject to doxing or hazing, or gaslighting or whatever, its a nightmare.] 


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