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  1. Austrian shadow Primary target cannot be opened After two guns are equipped to machine armour, there is only one barrel to shoot
  2. 当玩家进入生存模式时,激活警报选择生存时间,达到生存时间后逃生 怪物每分钟升级1级,到达时间后,不会获得氧气供应 当超过指定时间后将进入奖励时间 存活十分钟奖励时间为1分钟 奖励时间掉落率为100% When players enter the survival mode, activate the alarm to choose survival time, after reaching the survival time Monster upgrade level 1 per minute, after the time of arrival, will not get oxygen supply After more than a specified time will enter a reward For ten minutes for reward for 1 minute Reward time drop rate was 100%
  3. Tenno of the future When the Big Mouth module came out, I had more ways to make the game more interesting. The Big Mouth swallowed the armor to acquire a skill and learn it from other armors. Then this kind of gameplay can continue to be developed. For example, ordinary battle armor randomly unlocks 5 skills including passive, which will combine more skills Taking into account the characteristics of ordinary armor and prime, prime privileges can be given. For example, after sacrificing prime armor, you can choose 5 unobtained skills. Launched the S faction and I series weapon series. The feature is that it can be integrated with the armor. The sacrifice can be made after the weapon is full. After the sacrifice of the weapon, the armor part can be replaced with the appearance of the weapon (ps: new armor can be launched to promote this part) Launched the C faction and G faction weapon series, which can be integrated with mechas. After the weapons are full, they can be sacrificed. The sacrificed weapons can replace the mecha parts with the appearance of the weapon (the ability to open the replacement weapon) Launched 5 types of mechas, suitable for C faction and G faction weapons Conceive new armor skills here Tenno name: War Weapon Passive skills: ammunition charging War weapons cannot be equipped with ordinary equipment. War weapons can only be equipped with sacrificial weapons. The sacrificial weapons are replaced with body parts, and all weapons become energy consumption. After the weapons do not attack, the ammunition reserve of 5% is restored every 1 second. 1 Skill: Transformation switch War weapons can be replaced by sacrificed weapons as parts of the body at will in the battle. Consumption: life. Parts are randomly selected from the sacrificial arsenal for replacement, and the replacement time is affected by the continuous force. 2 Skill: Bone Bullet Production War weapons consume energy to swallow the enemy, and cast the enemy’s bones into ammunition. Consumption: Energy. It takes time to swallow the enemy, and the swallowing time is affected by intensity. 3 Skill: Reorganization War weapons throw body parts at the enemy and cause damage. When the target is a teammate, the teammate will be forced to reform. When the weapon is lost, you can no longer obtain the weapon from the sacrificial arsenal until the mission ends or the weapon is picked up. Consumption: Weapon The transformation strength of teammates will be affected by the strength of the skill, and the transformation time will be affected by the continuous force 4 Skill: Gourmet Feast War weapons recycle all enemy weapons into the body and undergo a complete transformation. During the transformation, you need to kill the enemy to gain progress. When the progress is full, the transformation is complete. When the transformation is completed, the weapon enters the full overload mode, and all enemies around the body are attacked in an indiscriminate range until the progress is 0. The recovery weapon is affected by the range, the damage is affected by the strength, and the attack range is affected by the range.
  4. 未来的TENNO 当大嘴模块出来后我有了更多让游戏变有趣的玩法,大嘴吞噬战甲获取一种技能,汲取给其他战甲,那么这种玩法可以继续开发下去 例如普通战甲随机解锁包含被动在内的5个技能,这样会组合出更多的技能搭配 考虑到普通战甲和prime的特性,可以给予prime特权,比如献祭prime 战甲后可以自主选择5个技能未获取的技能 推出S派系与I系武器系列,特性为可与战甲融合,武器满级后才可以献祭,献祭武器后可以将战甲部位替换为武器外观 (ps:可以推出新战甲来主推这个部分) 推出C派系,G派系武器系列,特性为可与机甲融合,武器满级后可以献祭,献祭的武器可以将机甲部位替换为武器外观(技能开启替换武器) 推出5种机甲,适配C派系,G派系武器 这里构思新战甲技能 Tenno 战甲名:战争兵器 被动技能:弹药充能 战争兵器无法装备普通装备,战争兵器只可以装备献祭的武器,献祭后的武器替换为身体部件,且所有武器变为能量消耗,武器不攻击后每1秒恢复5%弹药储备 1技能:改造切换 战争兵器可以在战斗中随意更换献祭的武器作为身体的部件 消耗:生命 在献祭的武器库中随机抽取部件替换,替换的时间受到持续力影响 2技能:骨弹生产 战争兵器消耗能量吞噬敌人,并将敌人的骨骼转化弹药抛洒 消耗:能量 吞噬敌人需要时间,吞噬时间收到强度影响 3技能:重整改造 战争兵器将身体部件丢向敌人,并造成伤害,当目标为队友时则强制改造队友,当武器丢掉后,你无法再从献祭武器库获取该武器,直到任务结束或捡起武器 消耗:武器 队友的改造强度会受到该技能的强度影响,改造时间受到持续力影响 4技能:饕餮盛宴 战争兵器将所有敌人的武器重新回收至身体中,并且进行完全改造,改造时需要击杀敌人来获取进度,当进度满时,改造完成 当改造完成后武器进入完全过载模式,对周身所有敌人进行无差别类范围攻击,直到进度为0 回收武器受到范围影响,伤害受到强度影响,攻击范围受到范围影响
  5. The collectibles access can be added Racing way:fast car OR spacecraft The current money Neptune is too boring So you can also add new spacecraft, sports car, a skateboard racing Of course all the new mod
  6. 意思就是想提升槽位,emmmm
  7. 你可能还没用透彻这个东西,这东西配上mod卡,自动破解,开箱子,处决攻击是用来打点的,其次处决有自用mod,处决回弹夹,入侵隐身,入侵电机,入侵解锁箱子,处决掉落血,处决掉落蓝,你可以多看看mod了!
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