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  1. There are only two because they thought better of having to use a mod slot for cosmetics and therefore released ephemera instead.
  2. I think you will have a very hard time finding conclave matches on PS4 without premades. So pretty much whatever warframe you like looking at for hours while you wait.
  3. To continue your metaphor there is also the 16 wheeler your neighbour has called rivens doing the same thingbut with more damage.
  4. Still spouting the same nonsense about the Xoris damage that has been proven to be patently untrue by pretty much everyone who actually plays the game, proof if proof be needed that the devs don't.
  5. For all the people complaining that they invested Forma/Catalyst in this I understand why you are annoyed, but have you not learned by now that there is 0 point in investing in new weapons. Either an new weapon is going to be no better than the dozens of good weapons we already have access to and have previously forma'd, or if it is actually better it will see "too much use" and get nerfed. Buying and investing forma/catalysts is pointless at this point, these purchases should be boycotted until DE gets the message about not nerfing every new weapon that is actually good.
  6. A great option for us not to use Xoris would be to give us missions with decent enemy spawn rate, then we wouldn't have to run around trying to find enemies to keep our combo up. I can't count the number of times I've had combo fall off in Survival because I can't find an enemy to hit .
  7. The whole idea that player choice for a statstick matters is a non-starter, if you are using a statstick for a melee ability then outside of rivens or a weapon's special function (ie. venka/fragor) it doesnt matter what you use for that statstick. When it makes 0 difference what you choose, because the choice is irrelevant, that is just another form of no choice.
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