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  1. They were introduced only recently with the Railjack Retrofit update, that would be why. If you're going for the container behind the glyphs door, they will always spawn in a session but will obviously require you to do the isovault bounty and successfully open the door. Otherwise you can just take the arcana bounty to forcefully open the infested meatwall, and check if your session generated the tilesets that spawn a secret room or ceiling containers.
  2. They spawn in the underground vaults of Cambion Drift. Guaranteed to spawn behind the isovault door, and some hidden rooms in the vault tilesets. Doesn't seem to have a codex entry, and as far as I know the containers cannot be scanned in the first place (although I haven't tried Helios). Here's one spawning behind a puzzle door (Variant E in the wiki page). I've personally found the container spawn behind secret door in vault variant B, D and E. There might be others but I didn't spend too much effort trying to comb every inch of the vault for the container. As far as I k
  3. Now now, this is completely necessary to reduce "the amount of separation from the main game" and "better integrating the (Warframe's) signature 'flow'", much like moving Ash parts to defense rewards. Wasn't Tenebrous Ephemera acquisition reworked because people started abort-farming the anomaly, resulting in connectivity issues and generally unpleasant public matchmaking experience? Not sure if it is the correct parallel to bring up unless players start showing that behaviour when hunting the new captura scenes. The Grineer Abandoned Containers seem to be a more fitting case, and we all
  4. Slightly off-topic here, but since we're talking about scripts and nobody has brought it up, the Nightwave Weekly Act "Feed the Beast" which has appeared once so far in the beginning of this season rewarded only 1500 points instead of the intended 4500 at least on PC. Apologies if the issue has been addressed somewhere else, but there seems to be no fix in the works, or at least it has not been communicated yet.
  5. Great job @Voltage. As one of those frustrated codex hunters I'm glad that you've brought closure to this case. EDIT: Now that I dig into some of my old posts, if I may ask just one thing. Some time ago I finished the Jugulus Eximus scan and made some recommendations based on what I found. Back then I just chalked it up to RNG and didn't go to the length of making sure the spawn is reproducible, but in 3 different sessions I've always finally found the spawn in the Undulatum area (same one marked for Mitosid Eximus in your map). Other screenshots that reported the eximus spawn during abo
  6. Could be a load of nonsense but I found an eximus spawn that closely matches the criteria that I mentioned: bounty active, low enemy count, lone Jugulus spawning from an enemy wave. Make of it what you will. UPDATE: I suppose if any player are still looking to complete the scans I could share my results. I've seen 3 eximus spawn and completed the eximus codex entry with additional scan from nekros. All spawns were from T5 bounty, Fass cycle. I don't know if session length have any relevance to eximus spawn but I always return after finishing the bounty once and retake the mission from the
  7. You might actually be on to something here. If you roam around the surface you will quickly observe that (1) enemies are spawned in groups and (2) one unit in the group is chosen and spawned as an eximus. Making use of this eximus-in-a-crowd mechanic you can quickly complete codex entries for other eximus units, including Saxum/Juggernaut/Mitosid by just going from spawn to spawn. But for some reason, despite looking for hours, I've yet to see a Jugulus eximus spawned in this manner. Which suggests that Jugulus is very low down in priority order of natural eximus spawn or even excluded entirel
  8. I've run roughly a similar number of T3 bounties prior to recent bounty rework, although I only started to pay attention to every single Jugulus spawn maybe around halfway through after you first reported an eximus spawn. Before that I just bring helios to do its thing while I go brrrrrr with mesa. Can you give a bit more detail about the host migration incident? Were you dropped by the host shortly before doing a mist fissure, and then found an eximus? Do report if you manage to get another spawn in a similar manner. Twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern, as they say. But if you
  9. I finished getting all the bounty stuffs without ever getting one to spawn. Then again, I never got the rare glaive mod either. I've now spent considerable amount of time trying to spawn a Jugulus Eximus during free roam, surface bounties, endless bounty, Steel Path and Arcana vault bounties with no result. My personal conclusion is that sadly it's just an exceedingly rare random spawn. We've had multiple sighting reports in the forum from all kind of bounties so far, from Surface bounty 3 and 5, T1/T3Arcana bounties to SP bounty so enemy level doesn't seem to matter that much. Additio
  10. Enable label on settings and the name will be displayed, even the unscanned enemies. Spend enough time doing arcana vault bounties and you will get saxum eximus spawns. They are less common but not as rare as jugulus eximus, it's not even close. Arcana update has been out for a couple weeks now on PC and most people haven't seen one. Speaking from my own experience, I've put in nearly 100 hours just doing arcana bounties. Completed all scans beside jugulus eximus after maybe 10 hours. So far I haven't seen a single jugulus eximus yet.
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