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  1. This is (Warframe name) the manufactured, the broken. Passive: Like a splintered unstable mind (Warframe name here) will try to stand up to the outside force, giving damage reduction to him/herself and allies based on how many parts attached. (max 20% , 5% dmg reduction taken when a piece is separated) Ability 1): Contriving Void - Like the emptiness within, (Warframe name) will cause (x) amount of enemies in said radius to become confused,dazed,and stunned, tearing their connection to reality for (x) seconds. Enemies affected by contriving void will drop their weapons and wander around like bad ai programming. Ability 2): New Plan - (Warframe Name) will unfabricate himself piece by piece. Each piece dismantled will act as a projectile of its celestial being, becoming launched at enemies dealing (x) type of damage. Note: If all hands and legs of (Warframe name) are gone , he/she will become a crawling energy-tethered corpse ; thus having to seek out its lost parts before being able to use weapons again. (However, whilst in this state it can use it's 1st ability and all damage will pass through him/her.) Ability 3): Quondam Detriment - Made from those before him/her, (Warframe Name) will make quick set of conjuring moves with its hands ,(as like say a majestic warlock would cast a spell with movements), summoning one of four choose-able buffs that are able to be picked up by either (Warframe name) or his/her allies: Buff one- Gives status immunity for (x) seconds while attacking. Buff two- Increased companion health for (x) seconds. Buff three - Increased shield regen for (x) seconds. Buff four - Ability range increased for (x) seconds. Ability 4): Spasmodic Glitch - To understand what it truly feels to be fractured they have to be fractured themselves. (Warframe name) hovers slightly above the ground and starts launching pieces of him/herself (dealing aoe slash and impact) until physical form is completely gone = when energy is empty. The damage dealt while in this state will be returned as an (x%) armor buff to (Warframe name) and his/her allies in range. Note: Upon full reconstruction after energy is drained or ability is stopped, (Warframe Name) will deal a radius of damage around its body knocking back all enemies surrounding him/her. Command this Warframe tenno, for whether it makes or breaks you is within its grasp.
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