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  1. You've never been able to buy an Arcane Helmet if you already had that Arcane Helmet.
  2. Yeah, I've noticed this too. Both Void and OD missions are affected. I think it just wants us to start it while in a squad.
  3. With that loadout, you can actually replace one of the dual status mods with a pure element one for a little more damage. If you put Seeker on, though, you'd have to put another Forma for room (assuming it is maxed). I personally go with Seeker for longer missions. Being able to hit multiple enemies at once is often a bit better if you can aim alright. Also, your title says Speed Trigger lol
  4. If you get excessively overdamaged, it will skip over QT. Sometimes, enough damage in a very short period of time (no more than half a second or so) can do it, too.
  5. Terrify causes a limited number of enemies to flee, and you can't recast until they are all dead or the timer is up. Unless you only fight small groups, that is hardly fire and forget. SotD runs off a timer, and the shadows don't do too much other than soak up bullets and dish a little damage out. Again, hardly fire and forget, especially since you have to kill to even have shadows and since they won't kill everything. Accelerant is a brief stun that does no damage in itself. It does, however, build excellent synergy with other abilities and weapons. That's a bit more intensive than many a
  6. They do exist, and a lot of it does come down to how you use them. You don't have to Disarm everyone with Loki, but it is a very effective strategy. You could always go with a Nekros or an Ember, both of which are often decried as horrible despite being very good. Both have 2 very effective combat abilities with a third for backup. Nekros has Terrify and Shadows of the Dead, both of which are situational but very effective if used right. Neither one is a directly offensive ability and both have solid utility, but both have practical offensive applications as well. Soul Punch works for
  7. That's it, I'm throwing my Technocyte-ridden theories out the window. Tenno are earthworms! It all makes sense now!
  8. Ancients could easily be older (hence the name "Ancient"), pure variants of the plague. They could also be direct offspring from the Virus or a strain that has long since mutated, resulting in the changing, newer generations of Infested. Also, it doesn't appear to have failed, since the Sentients are, you know, not around.
  9. Isn't it implied several times that the Technocyte Virus (or the original strain, at least) was developed to combat the Sentients?
  10. It's simple. We kill the Batman. Shield Bash. Or Tackling. Or whatever else you want to call it. Basically, if you are using a shield, blocking while sprinting should raise the shield as you run. If you run straight into an enemy, ragdoll them or simply just knock them to the side and onto the ground. If you clip them or if they just touch you as you run, just have an Impact proc or a forced stagger. It'd do maybe a little more damage than a normal strike, and it would share the same status chance. Charging like this would also drain stamina at a faster rate than normal and even dr
  11. These are the only things I disagree with, really. Everything aside from cosmetics is obtainable without using any plat, but it does take a little work. What they could do to make it better, though, is adjust placement of resources and/or required resources for weapons and frames. It's a bit odd to have to go halfway through the star chart just to be able to build an upgraded version of your starter weapon. That's the main thing about "the grind" that bothers me. Resource farming isn't too bad usually, but some resources you just need way too much of considering how much actually drop. Adjust
  12. decently long post, so spoiled to prevent discouraging wall of text These are words I use very often and are part of my common language. Besides, I only used them once, so I'd hardly say there's a lot of generalization. They do all have inertia and stagger. As of Melee 2.0, all melee weapons do, but it seems like there are still periods between strikes where you can get knocked down. If heavy weapons in particular had a more stable stagger resistance, like one that persists for a few moments (half a second to a second, maybe?) after each swing, then right on. Like you, I used Jat
  13. I don't like this idea. If it were so, people would carry an unranked Well of Life on them at all times, and they could just boop people to max health for as little as 6.25 energy. Currently, having to stand over someone and revive them adds a sort of risk to reviving people, as you are unable to move or defend yourself. If you could just instantly do it from a distance, though, then everyone will want a Trinity to just stand somewhere safe, keep using Link+Blessing+Energy Vampire, and just instantly bring everyone else back to life if she fails to heal them. It's almost like a crutch at this
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