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  1. Just fyi, a similar thing happens with IVARA in railjack missions. The first mission goes perfectly but for the 2nd mission if you decide to continue from railjack or dry dock you wont be able to perform finishers on enemies unless you kys and self revive.
  2. Seems after last night's hotfix again you broke a few things, 1. Back to back 2 missions in 2 different servers and flotilla instances we failed to receive kill codes at the normal rate and on the second one we ended up with 91/100 despite many many teams trying to help each other to reach the 100th mark (players were really badly angry and this is why people get bored and leave the game). At first we were in space wasting time waiting for kill codes but after driving 2 murex ships away taking 40 mins we jumped in to the ground squad to speed things up (17 in 23 mins). 2. New, after the hotfix I am losing fps and infact sometimes it comes down below 30 and goes back up whereas I have locked it on 72 for my 75mhz monitor and never had any issues before this hotfix (Ryzen 5 2600 6 core with Radeon RX 590 GPU). FPS performance has become very unstable lately. 3. Another very annoying thing is the UI bug while doing the event, you guys said that you fixed it but its still there. Mission score, oplink count, kill code progress etc.
  3. Thanks for the prompt response and hard work hun
  4. 1. No kuva lich influence at all so there is no current kuva lich. 2. Cant obtain a new lich as I tried to get one just now and it didnt show up upon returning to orbiter.
  5. As I already stated, my lich is gone and + tried to get a new one but upon returning to orbiter there is nothing. Completely broken.
  6. After the hotfix I have lost my lich lol, I was about to kill it when the HF deployed but after logging in found out that a different lich is talking to me and in navigation there is no lich coverage, also the lich button beside NW is gone too @[DE]Megan Edit 1: Seems like I cant even get a new lich now, I was chasing my last weapon for MR-29 and now you broke the game. 😢
  7. Is that really a plausible solution from a game developer or dedicated gamer point of view?
  8. Agreed, thats why trying to ring a bell cause I am feeling hell of a burnout just after playing for 2 month but also dont wanna leave the game.
  9. Noting is impossible for developers when it comes to implementing in their game and the thing is I am not saying that they need to introduce something new rather keep their already made promises and do what they used to do. Also, I think its a wrong thing to talk over someone without knowing anything about that person, I know why I play and what to expect from this game. Thanks for your comment. Stay Safe.
  10. I'm kinda dying to ask @[DE]Rebecca & @[DE]Steve why arent u guys giving us challenging content which can help build up specialized community groups & gain more attraction for long term players, why arent u taking the raids seriously, why arent you feeling concerned about us vets? Even after taking 2 years break due to irl problems & playing for last 2 months I’m already feeling insanely burned-out. Before you bother giving me directions I’m attaching a few images to show you my current in-game status. 3 days of the new event & I’m already feeling like there is no point in afk limboing in murex or shooting a health bar that looks like a mini-boss at best without having any variation to the gameplay or rewards whatsoever. I am very much easy going when it comes to bugs, trust me bugs don’t bother me as long as I can keep playing the game but the question is WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO PLAY? Endless isn’t always endgame even then you didn’t keep your promise of endless scarlet spear. Something that challenges players with mechanic difficulty, hard to beat enemies with balanced scaling, a bit of puzzle solving along with a final encounter can be considered as endgame which warframe lacks in all aspects bcs sorties are nothing but 100 lvl regular missions and arbitration is a joke cause you're literally stopping us from killing drones/enemies using warframe abilities which is one of the main attribute of this game we invest in but even then a well formed squad can easily breeze through for hours but for what though endo, sculptures, useless arcanes, 1-2 good mods?. Disruption mode has an interesting mechanic but what for relics? which we vets already own hundreds of if not thousands. Your own partners specially @Makarimorph often talk about raids, endgame contents but till date you guys have never even bothered to talk about endgame content development on your devstreams. Vets leaving this game left and right & the same goes for content creators as well. What are you guys thinking? Even what happened to bringing back old events? was this only to create a hype & nothing else? The squad link system is nowhere close to what you guys showed at tennocon. We cant form a 8 man squad & go for both missions which could’ve been the ultimate feature of this squad link and also by allowing us to manually connect to our pre-formed 2nd squad for engaging gameplay but no just a side animation with set text using a player’s warframe image.
  11. After finishing up 100/100 murex and waiting for around 1.2 Hours didnt receive my bonus credits Yes I was inside that very relay instance this whole time Infact my squad mates didnt get any credits either Is it possible that you excluded today's gains? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1179144-operation-scarlet-spear-hotfix-2734/?do=findComment&comment=11460152
  12. @[DE]Megan After finishing up 100/100 murex and waiting for around 1.2 Hours didnt receive my bonus credits Yes I was inside that very relay instance this whole time Infact my squad mates didnt get any credits either
  13. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Steve @[DE]Megan 1. Remove flotilla instance restriction for bonus (u're literally locking us from the entire game) & let it be server wide. As long as we are in one of the instances participating, game should track our progress. 1.1 Therefore the 100 murex objective should be made account wise instead of flotilla instance, session timer runs out progress gets a reset. 1.2 We also get keep our head badges when we visit a different instance. 2. Bonus delivered upon successfully participating on 100/100 murex w.o waiting within a given invasion session. (Ground teams' progress will be tracked based on sent kill codes) 2.2 Let game record completion data to deliver bonus when murex invasion timer runs out but please let us get out of the flotilla & do something else but not lose our rewards (aka value of time). 3. Let the 2 big condrix hands/tendrils attack us randomly when we encounter one untill its downed. 4. Make the condrix deploy ability disabling drones during the ground mission & also make them available when we receive codes inside murex. 5. Another option is to have random elemental hazards while we defend our op-links (fortuna event concept/void has elemental hazards/sentients are void beings thus makes sense why in earth missions). 6. Remove the cap from both mission types, balance out insane enemy scaling along with adding some objective variations after crossing certain limits (Condrix – 10/15/25/30… & Murex – 3/5/7/9…) ensuring better scaling rewards. 6.1 For sample additional objective variations Ground a. Assuming you make the condrix tendrils to attack us, on the 10th one along with all existing requirements at one point we will have to damage & take those 2 tendrils down in order to make progress. b. Say on the 15th one condrix will deploy special drones (hazard ones & ability disabling ones) we must kill all drones to continue Murex a. Destroy 2 grineer crewships b. Destroy Special Drones (They will halt the op-link progress, must destroy all) c. Destroy a Shielded Sentient Disruptor ship (Halt kill code receiving progress, destroy to continue) Additional Objective Rewards a. Bundle of scarlet credits (100/150/200… Scale as we keep doing more) b. Unvaulted relics (Current Nekros & Oberon Prime) c. Radiant Axi relics
  14. TYPE: Ingame/Mission DESCRIPTION: Murex raid with full squad: Not receiving kill codes despite having 7 ground squads and only 2 of the existing space squads were receiving all the kill codes. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Join Murex raid with full squad EXPECTED RESULT: Load in the mission and pew pew OBSERVED RESULT: No codes received from grounds squads despite deploying 4 op links inside sentient ship REPRODUCTION RATE: ....
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