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  1. Hello. I have compiled my thoughts on Fortuna in general. Heists A number of common themes have emerged that prevent Heists from being very fun for me. 1. Archwing guns. This was going to be super cool. I could feel it. Then a few things happened similar to how Archwings themselves were in the original Plains of Eidolon. You have this awesome ability that is situationally critical in this fight and has this cooldown of ten minutes. Of course, you say, we'll do a mob type that can drop a cooldown item for this ability! But! First we'll gate archwing guns behind a consumable-not-a-reactor-but-is-a-reactor, give players a single one, and make them farm the prior stages of the bounty to make more if they don't like the gun they chose. Good: the archwing guns feel really powerful once you use them. Bad: because of the cooldown, the "hunt" during the fight for the yellow ammo box, and the SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW LUMMMMMMMMMMBERING PULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOUT of the gun when you switch, I felt like a sitting, mostly dead duck when switching. We don't have cooldowns for the Archwing module anymore. Why did we gate the gun behind the ammo box? I'm not a maths fellow, but I'll say this: I am given a new, sweet ability and want to do it whenever I want. I am a guy who gets more powerful! Let me be powerful. Operators have a nice energy pool. They have regenerating ammo. They feel fun to use and dive in and out of. Archwing guns feel slow, clunky, and frustrating. They break the agile flow of the battle. I sometimes get stuck and can't put my gun away. 2. I love the way the Profit-Taker talks. That is some creepy stuff. Kudos to that design choice. In fact, all the voiceovers are amazing and fun. I recommend the skippability others have talked about though for briefings. I want to hear it once for real, then move fast. The grofit is out there. 3. No, this is no Eidolon fight. I know that. But this heist has a buildup, a unique set of mechanics, and while some cool folks have soloed it, I sure as heck will not be doing so any time soon. I do not feel like it's worth it. This is the rep grinder, I get it - but give us something more nuanced to play with. Perhaps multiple toroids based on performance, or increased loot tables for this thing as a whole, or both. Perhaps subobjectives during the fight to increase the loot? I don't know. Something. Eidolons are the ideal fight. They are fun. They are different. Operators make SENSE during them and you want to have a good operator. The sentient-shield gear check in the heists to spam elements? Doesn't feel nearly as good, doesn't feel like as rich a gameplay choice as Eidolons and operator interaction. 4. We need better loot. That single toroid? I honestly went back to Eidolon killing for my three arcanes and felt... a lot better. Excited. The heist has a bounty table... with an Archwing mod that may end up going on a gun that has a long cooldown if I don't find a yellow box. 5. I understand the need to make the damage challenging and the fights competitive. Profit-Taker is like an annoying version of the Gantulyst. Knock down. Knock down. Knock away. Stun. Knock down. I felt more out of control of my Warframe on this fight than ever before. The adds are nasty, too, for this. I do not mind the adds themselves - controlling the alert level is a good stress mechanic. 6. I like the pylon destroying phase. It is a good breakup. 7. I know you have to introduce new consumable lineups, but the repeller, etc archwing gear components are very annoying because you have this AMAZING set of minerals, gems, toroids, fish, PoE components... and now these. Can you content gate the new equipment and such behind another mechanic without more resource creep? I suspect it may have been possible. Especially since all of the Heist stages are single reward. They are slow to grind. Other Fortuna bounties I love these very much over the PoE bounties. The bonus crtieria for extra rep and loot. The smooth voice segues. The Eudico dynamic scripts pay off bigtime. This is the kind of system I like a lot. I like the interface for it, too. I genuinely have no complaints here EXCEPT... can we do something about me getting two Garuda chassis copies when I want training bonds and already own Garuda? That happened to me with Revenant and Gara, too. Moas Moas are kind of like Zaws, to me. They are neat but very expensive and somewhat a "why would I use this thing when I have my awesome sentinel that turns me invisible?" Good: the look and feel of the Moa art and motion. Bad: their AI is somewhat mentally deficient, wandering around stupidly, dying a lot, and not always following well. The new sentinel weapons seem uniformly mediocre unless I am missing something, and various Moa parts do not do much to change them compared to mods. Why would I stuff all those advanced resources into the Moa parts as they are? Bad too: you made them cost reputation AND bonds. I can gild an amp for only reputation. Why the cost creep? To drain us using Ticker? You might argue the pet is more useful generally than an amp, but I don't have to gild a sentinel. Mining and fishing: Venus edition Fishing: yes god yes thank you for making Oxlyus do the thing it now does oh my god yes the shock spears holy crap the buying bait directly with reputation oh my god I love it DO THIS FOREVER. More coherently: I did not like how fish in PoE are gated so I have to kill murkrays to make bait for cuthols to make bait for... and so on. It was stressful, too involved, and not rewarding for the complexity and payoff. The AoE shock spear is my favorite thing. Mining: I like the new minigame even more that drawing lines. I liked drawing lines too. You made this better and it was already nice. Good show. Conservation: This is fun but I still see visibility issues with footprints (am I an old, blind, grouchy man?). They just are hard to see on all terrain. I feel like this requires too much setup, too - the whole flow of the mission is ruined if I have to slap some Corpus around because they found me while I was chasing pobbers. Maybe I'm just whining here, however. I understand why you nerfed Ivaracaptures but I am sad. It was more fun than lurking in the shadows with my rifle and a good bit faster on the stubborn animals. Venus art and sound: BEGIN ALL CAPS. YOU ARE KILLING IT WITH THE ART AND SOUND DESIGN. YOUR AESTHETIC IS EXCEPTIONAL. ALL CAPS ENDS. Ahem, carry on. But really I love the art so much. Give whomever a beer. Seriously. Do it now. If they don't drink, no pressure though. Kitguns: They are AWESOME. The flavor text? The attitude. The crafting choices here are the opposite of the Moas: impactful, rich, Arcanes are present... everything I'd want to have for a full, nuanced system that I can spend my resources on. My forma are ready. By the way, Rude Zuud? Yes. YES. Great character. I love her most. K-drives You are all swag and... lots of mods here. I will let someone else tell me what the heck this is about. They are slower than Archwings and not nearly as easy to use. I am not logical with these devices. They are however rich with flavor and lore. They are awesome in that sense. tl;dr I like Fortuna, many systems are improved, it is not PoE2 - it's better!... but we need to shave the sharp edges off the Profit-Taker and heist series if this is what Fortuna's endgame is. Closer to Eidolons, but different mechanics. Push your design limits, Warframe! You have iterated so well on PoE and made a genuinely new experience. Heists aren't to the level of quality yet, but you have the beginnings there. Sorry this is so long and thank you.
  2. Rydia

    Max Framerate

    This is the kind of post I love reading. I want to thank you for taking the time to write it. It is very, very neat to peek under the hood of this complex and crazy game. Awesome work.
  3. If the profanity doesn't help your point in any substantive way, then do you really need it? Your comment above doesn't say, "[DE]Marcus, it's so #$^#$)^&$# inconvenient and bad..." but the implication is still there that you are saying DE did something inconvenient and bad. Why not simply say, "I find the mechanic time-consuming and not very engaging. Here's how it could be improved..."? There are plenty of good times for profanity, too, don't get me wrong. But is this one of them? Everything you say about Warframe could be read by a developer who actually wrote that line of code. Go the extra inch. Don't be another drop of poison in the online ocean.
  4. I actually quite like this idea. I have a wiki page open most of the time to track this. I would appreciate it.
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    Operation: The Pacifism Defect

    Do not like the clan requirements for the weapon. Am in a small clan. Even the other active members don't want to grind against that last mission with me. + Do like the new mission. = Do not really enjoy the pressure and way this event has been implemented. I do not like being unable to get a weapon because I play solo or pub games. This is like the Hema. It does not feel good.
  6. I didn't really read about what Riven mods were until I got my first one and unveiled it - I got a terrible, terrible mod for a sentinel weapon I'd sold a long time ago. A sentinel rifle. It felt bad. A friend of mine also rolled their mod. Another sentinel weapon. For which they did the 30 headshots while taking no damage challenge. It felt really bad. It wasn't fun. So we decided to run a sortie and see if we could get another Riven mod to roll. Instead, we ran into a kuva siphon while duoing the exterminate part of the sortie. We were crushed and got no kuva by level 70 siphon guards. I did get 2000 endo, though. My playing companion then told me they were no longer interested in playing Warframe anymore. This wasn't a fun or engaging experience to run up against these mechanics and have no obvious reward, rhyme, or path to success. I've banked a lot of hours in Warframe, but this update has taken away any sense of control. Any sense of progression and achievement. Any sense that what I'm doing will have a payoff in an interesting way that will make me stronger. It isn't like other loot lotteries where I'm excited when I roll the dice. Reducing and changing how kuva is obtained is a good first step, but I have to say that the Brozime Riven mod video, while really nasty in some points, is essentially how I feel about these new "progression" mechanics. This dev workshop post is encouraging because it shows you guys are thinking about what to do to compromise between making it a totally defined reward path that offers you no economic/growth benefits and offering enough RNG that people must continue to play. I promise you I get that. I look forward to what I hope are aggressive iterations on the Riven system so it is more interactive, rewarding, and FEELS like an achievement when you unveil or reroll a mod. But if you bury it too hard and too deep beneath these kinds of disenfranchising mechanics, it sucks the fun right out. You might say... it's a fun siphon.
  7. If they didn't want this kind of thread, it wouldn't have been prompted by Rebecca. If anyone were to believe they did this in poor faith or to distract us, I cannot contemplate why that individual would bother to post here anyhow to mention that. I agree with you: assume good faith and act commensurately. Assume your feedback matters. I've read a lot of the thread and hope they read it, too - they know they have reduced players in power rather substantially in certain circumstances, but done nothing to accommodate the broken mechanics players were struggling against in the first place. This is a combination that will get you angry players (and please individuals who love the challenge, and so on). It is unfortunately one of the two areas Warframe is weakest - balance. The other, UI, is especially evident with Archwing stuff and the innumerable odd UI/QoL problems that people track. I hope the lessons learned here will allow them to grow in balancing the game more effectively, because this is a long-deferred problem they are struggling against... all while having to make new content to keep long-timers interested. The insane costs of Vauban Prime and the Focus beta show that content is being stretched as well.
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    Crashes On Amd Catalyst 14.12 Omega

    Alright. I get WAR-247476 constantly when joining relays - AMD (edit: HD7800 series) card, using newest beta drivers OR using older drivers. Doesn't matter which. I ONLY crash upon entering relays, it seems like. I thought alt-tabbing was somehow important, but it isn't. Turning off DX11 and DX10 instantly stopped the crashing. Turning on ONLY DX10, crash instantly came back. Multithreading on the whole time. I'll try turning it off and using DX10/11 next. How super weird. Edit: Son of a daughter, this is annoying. I could not get it to crash when I turned off multithreading and turned DX10/11 back on, but then I turned everything back on and was able to do things fine without any crashes. I uselessly conclude I am confused.
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    Psa: Update 16 Deployment Status

    Appreciate the communication! Take all the time you need. Quality is worth waiting for!
  10. This is a fascinating read, agreed! If that compression is as impressive as it sounds... this is really a major advance! Networking is really hard to do right, and you never hear about how everything is fine. You really just hear when it's bad. Here's hoping that this change goes in smooth and calmly. No hype train, just well-wishes on this. This is the kind of stuff that determines the long-term health of Warframe - making sure its underpinnings are fast, efficient, and compatible.