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  1. I love reading this kind of thing. I can only imagine the iteration that the remote debugging took. I hope you guys can make it out of this pixel hell to your end vision - good luck. You don't often see developers posting this kind of thing up front. It takes time and effort and exposes you to questions and armchairing. I applaud it.
  2. Yeah, definitely nothing directed at you. I was feeling a bit philosophical but basically my point was this: it's hard to be really communicative and transparent on the internet when you want to run stuff in a certain way other people disagree with, because there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks you're wrong and is really good at telling everyone else that.
  3. That's definitely a part of it - think the Streisand effect, but it's more nuanced than that. Letting certain things just happen and then "fade out" is possible to interpret as complicit support for a concept. If DE wishes to have a stance of welcome and inclusive chat, and they decide that concept is not compatible, they have no choice but to act in that fashion. Likewise, there is a hypocritical tension inherent in stronger enforcement: the community believes DE missed the mark or wasn't paying attention and thus endorsed or at least permitted unacceptable behavior to happen, but the community also simultaneously wants DE to be highly responsive to the rules-lawyering folks who want to debate them about their chat in their game. Enforcement has almost no upside - practically speaking, the internet gives a megaphone to every single voice. Youtube videos slapping DE in the face, righteous posts on Reddit and these forums, and even Twitter replies to random update posts about unrelated topics actively steal the energy from the DE staff. "But just fix it by being more transparent and do what we want!" So they are. But now people are nitpicking DE's feelings and wording and not validating their point of view, while simultaneously demanding their points of view be validated. It is a type of hell to be in this adversarial situation. Facebook or Twitter has the same struggles.
  4. This is the kind of post I love reading. I want to thank you for taking the time to write it. It is very, very neat to peek under the hood of this complex and crazy game. Awesome work.
  5. If the profanity doesn't help your point in any substantive way, then do you really need it? Your comment above doesn't say, "[DE]Marcus, it's so #$^#$)^&$# inconvenient and bad..." but the implication is still there that you are saying DE did something inconvenient and bad. Why not simply say, "I find the mechanic time-consuming and not very engaging. Here's how it could be improved..."? There are plenty of good times for profanity, too, don't get me wrong. But is this one of them? Everything you say about Warframe could be read by a developer who actually wrote that line of code. Go the extra inch. Don't be another drop of poison in the online ocean.
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