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  1. I've never even considered that factor to have direct influence to this problem, I'll need further information from you, I am not too sure of where my processor core/CPU is located in my PC, so I'll send you pictures of my PC before further troubleshooting. http://prnt.sc/pjche2 http://prnt.sc/pjchh4 http://prnt.sc/pjchhj
  2. I've never had this problem occurring 2 months ago when I got this new PC intended for gaming. It ran Warframe just fine. If this has direct influence to the problem, the problem would have started within the first month. The problem started just the day after I installed the September cumulative update for windows 10. As for the Over-clocking safe range (within how many MHz added to the base clock boost rate to the GPU is considered to be harmless), I'll need further information and advice to tackle this potential factor that could be the main culprit. Thanks in advance.
  3. I think I'll wait for fix from Windows for now, not saying that your suggestion is irrelevant, that is the problem you pointed out in fact.
  4. refer to my quote to Pie's reply. Should be of any leads to this seemingly currently unexplainable problem since the windows 1903 sept cumulative update.
  5. Updated to latest version, 436.51. Shut down the pc and started it up. Launched warframe, problem persisted at login screen and beyond. Had to shut down my pc manually. 'Driver version' factor eliminated. Now it's either warframe or windows or both's problem.
  6. Title says it all. This problem only happened when I play Waarframe. I even ran my PC for 6 hours watching youtube, playing other games like Fallout 4 for the past 3 days without this issue occurring. It happened as soon as I played Warframe after about 3~10 mins in. It's hard to pinpoint, sometimes it occurred when I'm in the login screen regardless of how long my PC has started and running. Btw, here are my specs to better help people pinpoint the exact cause. My CPU is custom built at an IT store and it's overclocked by the technicians there. Plus, this problem only started after installing this Windows Update: "2019-09 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64 (KB4522738) Sept. 27th 2019 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name DESKTOP-J71H9D8 System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name System Type x64-based PC System SKU ASUS_MB_CNL Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 2418, 6/4/2019 SMBIOS Version 3.2 Embedded Controller Version 255.255 BIOS Mode UEFI BaseBoard Manufacturer ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. BaseBoard Product ROG STRIX B360-H GAMING BaseBoard Version Rev X.0x Platform Role Desktop Secure Boot State Off PCR7 Configuration Binding Not Possible Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.18362.387" User Name DESKTOP-J71H9D8\User Time Zone Malay Peninsula Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB Total Physical Memory 15.9 GB Available Physical Memory 12.9 GB Total Virtual Memory 18.3 GB Available Virtual Memory 13.5 GB Page File Space 2.38 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys Kernel DMA Protection Off Virtualization-based security Not enabled Device Encryption Support Reasons for failed automatic device encryption: TPM is not usable, PCR7 binding is not supported, Hardware Security Test Interface failed and device is not Modern Standby, Un-allowed DMA capable bus/device(s) detected, TPM is not usable Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware No Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660ti Driver Version: 436.30 Driver Type: DCH Direct3D Api Version: 12 Direct3D Feature Level: 12_1 CUDA Cores: 1536 Graphics Boost Clock: 1815MHz Memory Data Rate: 12.00 Gbps Memory Interface: 192-bit Memory Bandwidth: 288.05 GB/s Total Available Graphics Memory: 14296 MB Dedicated Video Memory: 6144 MB GDDR6 System Video Memory: 0 MB Shared System Memory: 8152 MB Video BIOS Version: IRQ: Not Used Bus: PCI Express x4 Gen3 I haven't checked my CPU and GPU Temperature yet, wanna hear from you guys first b4 I deliver my PC to the technicians that built it for further diagnostics.
  7. This trash implementation is beyond "#*!%ed up", having to do annoying NW tasks to get those currently series-exclusive Wolf Emotes. I can't believe I've actually done these tasks until now. Screw me.
  8. Congratulations DE, you've played yourself.
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