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  1. I admit this would be incredible for passionate music makes, but dumb people like me could find it overwhelming. It could be interesting if one could choose between basic mandachord and advanced one, but this would require a lot of work. I don't know how much investment DE could offer to a project like this, since they're working on bigger updates. But yes, the idea is totally cool.
  2. Slots, only slots for Warframes and Weapons. Forma, Reactors and Catalysts can be another viable option but only if you're desperate, or don't have enough time to play during the Gifts of the Lotus or can't get enough Forma blueprints from Relics. You can obtain everything else from the other players, like important primed mods (Primed Continuity, Primed Pressure point ecc.) but I suggest you to wait for those, soon you'll be able to farm for pl and you will get them, if Baro won't help you.
  3. I have no idea on why, since I did the very same on other locations, but it worked on Adaro. Thank you very much! I got this: Unrolled and already pretty!! I'll sell it, I need to save pl for holidays, hehe!
  4. Ok, this riven will make me crazy. I need your help. Like, how?! I tried with Ivara, Loki, Equinox, Zephyr, nothing will work. I won't get a single kill to unlock it. I tried in a capture, on the plains, it just won't work. Any suggestion?
  5. But Ignis is not that amazing on high lvls... or not? And while Zenistar is amazing, sometimes I need different melee weapons.
  6. I'm battled between using my resources to make a good build for Pox or Torid and use them with Saryn, mostly for their synergy with Molt and Spores. I saw a video where a guy used Argon Scope on Torid with a Riven to increase crit chance, it was constantly activating Argon Scope while the gas area was active, but I don't know if this is been fixed with the last updates. The only thing that brings me to get Torid is for now my riven that increases Status chance and duration. But I'm open to discuss.
  7. As title say. Fur colors are not important, I will pay 100 pl for it. Show me your screenshots or pm me :)
  8. Dude, be thankful that people actually spend platinums and money (or farming time) on this useless stuff. I've been in games where people spended the same money, even more, to get strong gears and be cool in spite of poor people like me. This is not pay to win, it's pay to be pretty. It doesn't harm anyone. Rich people can menage their money as they like. And they allow poor people like us to enjoy a game that wouldn't exist otherwise.
  9. I'm in! :D now I have to choose the frames for this, I've got so many ideas...
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