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  1. Mandachord buff

    I admit this would be incredible for passionate music makes, but dumb people like me could find it overwhelming. It could be interesting if one could choose between basic mandachord and advanced one, but this would require a lot of work. I don't know how much investment DE could offer to a project like this, since they're working on bigger updates. But yes, the idea is totally cool.
  2. Am I good enough for sorties?

    Exactly! :D
  3. Am I good enough for sorties?

    You are. I believe in you, bro.
  4. Ivara is NOT Designed for Spy (Seriously)

    De gustibus. That's all.
  5. Pet muzzle mod

    If you prevent pets from dealing damage, you make them useless. They ARE useful, despite what people say. With a full Hunter set they can heal you back, like a frigging lot, they can give you almost endless invisbility, they can help you killing and capture targets, or even boost your damage and totally remove armor from enemies. But they can do this only by attacking enemies. My Helmith Charger can survive in high level sortie without going down a single time, when I take my Inaros. Like, 12k and more hp are so sweet and her attacks can heal my Inaros completely in a bite or two.
  6. I Farm kuva everyday.

    I try to make a kuva flood everyday. And when I get double drop with login, I'll go crazy for 3 hours. Worth it.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/kzVmw Prices on the pictures, going from 40 to 200
  8. Kavat 101 -A Full Breeding Guide

    Guys, I love this post <3
  9. Slots, only slots for Warframes and Weapons. Forma, Reactors and Catalysts can be another viable option but only if you're desperate, or don't have enough time to play during the Gifts of the Lotus or can't get enough Forma blueprints from Relics. You can obtain everything else from the other players, like important primed mods (Primed Continuity, Primed Pressure point ecc.) but I suggest you to wait for those, soon you'll be able to farm for pl and you will get them, if Baro won't help you.
  10. DPS Wukong is amazing

    Sounds interesting. Are you willed to share your builds? The Monkey King deserve more appreciation.
  11. WTB Adarza Kavat, willed to pay 200 pl

    Oh thank you for posting but I got one. :)
  12. WTS super cheap unrolled riven

    Dread SOLD
  13. WTS super cheap unrolled riven

    Azima SOLD