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  1. Kavat 101 -A Full Breeding Guide

    Guys, I love this post <3
  2. Slots, only slots for Warframes and Weapons. Forma, Reactors and Catalysts can be another viable option but only if you're desperate, or don't have enough time to play during the Gifts of the Lotus or can't get enough Forma blueprints from Relics. You can obtain everything else from the other players, like important primed mods (Primed Continuity, Primed Pressure point ecc.) but I suggest you to wait for those, soon you'll be able to farm for pl and you will get them, if Baro won't help you.
  3. DPS Wukong is amazing

    Sounds interesting. Are you willed to share your builds? The Monkey King deserve more appreciation.
  4. WTB Adarza Kavat, willed to pay 200 pl

    Oh thank you for posting but I got one. :)
  5. WTS super cheap unrolled riven

    Dread SOLD
  6. WTS super cheap unrolled riven

    Azima SOLD
  7. No other genes will be considered, I don't need a Smeeta, only an Adarza.
  8. Gunsen and Slicing Feathers Feedback.

    Agree. I really like everything else about this weapon, but that fancy pause is useless. I must admit it's good to see, but with speed attack we don't have the time to enjoy it.
  9. Tennobaum gifting center

    I always need forma, always. Also kavat codes and Loki Deluxe Bundle.
  10. 200 pl only for this beauty! pm me here or ingame
  11. Kill enemies without raising any alarms

    I have no idea on why, since I did the very same on other locations, but it worked on Adaro. Thank you very much! I got this: Unrolled and already pretty!! I'll sell it, I need to save pl for holidays, hehe!
  12. Ok, this riven will make me crazy. I need your help. Like, how?! I tried with Ivara, Loki, Equinox, Zephyr, nothing will work. I won't get a single kill to unlock it. I tried in a capture, on the plains, it just won't work. Any suggestion?
  13. Consider all the prices by HALF :D so the 300 ones will cost 150 ... I desperately need slots.