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  1. The Sunika is sold.
  2. Sunika SOLD
  3. Thanks for the comment guys! Apparently this riven worked only when made in a solo mission. I made it with Orthos Prime, easy peasy. ... but I got a Miter riven. Sigh.
  4. My rifle riven requires to keep melee multiplier x3 for 30 seconds with an active sentinel. Doesn anybody did this with the Venka Prime? With its increased multiplier I would make it faster, but I'm not sure. Also, I did this in a group and didn't work, maybe I have to make it in solo?
  5. Contact me here or in game
  6. It does now! :D
  7. I don't think the kubrow benefits from the Warframe's aura, but I might be wrong. For the damage, I personally rather to use slots for mods that increase the pet's survability, than damage. My usual build is: two skills, armor link, life link, shield link, Medi-pet kit and Pack leader. The only one I might sacrifice is Medi-pet, I find Pack leader as the best and often only way to keep my pets alive, so I would use Maul if I must. But damage is never my priority, it's useless in Sorties.
  8. I feel very stupid because if this is true, my life is a lie. Let's say I bring Excalibur in a secondary only sortie. I join the mission with all my weapons equipped. In this situation, does Exalted Blades still scale on the melee mods, even if I can't use them because of the malus? The question is for any Warframe with a weapon mod scaling skill of course, like Hysteria or Peacemaker. Thank you and forgive my dumb ignorance.
  9. My favorite are Aksomati, Lex Prime, Pandero and Akstiletto. They all work nicely with their build and still kills everything by themselves. A simple build with crit, multishot and two or four 90% elemental dmg will be great. The 100% status build from Akstiletto works too, but I believe crit is better. I'm not on my pc and can't show you my build, I'll try to do it later if I can.
  10. Hey, you! Are you sad for Tonkor's death? Do you always kill yourself on grenade damage? Do you miss a good old aoe primary? Say no more! I offer you a Quanta Vandal for 145 pl only! ... also please buy my Secura Lecta for 45 pl. I need money. And slots. Help me, bro.
  11. I would focus on editing his augments, now. I think Oberon is fine after this rework, but a better look on augments could be what might bring him to late endgame, who knows. And his passive is ok to me. I rarely use sentinels, I love using my Adarza and Huras even at high levels, so I think it's great. Maybe it won't be always useful, but just like Excal's one, it helps only with a specific set of equipment.