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  1. http://imgur.com/a/VbxtC Contact me here or in game. I'm online usually from 5 pm to 8 pm CET.
  2. Patterns and colors are not important. I can trade them for the other 3 breeds, Sunika, Huras and Raksa.
  3. Kavat gone too Lotus

    I'm sorry bro :(
  4. Ordis volume should NOT be taken for quests dialog!

    I could never mute Ordis. He's my best pixel friend.
  5. Sybaris Prime with 4 hybrid elemental mods

    This is why I didn't tried this yet lol, I'm out of forma XD
  6. Did anybody tried it? I was curious to try this out, without removing Point Strike and Vital Sense. Right now I'm using 2 pure elemental mods and two hybrid mods, the status hits so hard. But I wonder what would be the effect with all 4 hybrid mods.
  7. Why am I so weak?

    It's ok to die, sometimes. I suggest you to build Ember with Energy Siphon and Quick Thinking, this will help you with keeping her alive. Zenurik is obvious a must have. About Frost, go full str and armor, it will make his Snow Globe much stronger and he will get sturdier. I personally like to use Stand United as aura, it's a nice buff. Use only Stretch, it's more than enough for range. Good luck!
  8. Mi ispira l'dea di un melee puro, qualcosa a metà tra Excal e Rhino. Mi ricorda l'armatura di un samurai giapponese e mi sembra di notare che la sua armatura sia traslucida... chissà. Di sicuro la prima cosa che mi viene in mente guardandola è questo:
  9. Lato and Braton Vandal returning!

    The lack of salt in this post is so beaitiful I could cry. I'm not even joking. For the Vandal version of Braton and Lato, I'm happy! I don't know if they need a small buff to make them acceptable with modern standars, they buffed Sicarus Prime and made it nice after all. I can't wait!
  10. WTB trash Ignis riven

    Please show picture and price
  11. Heavy Caliber on Vulklok?

    Just in case I won't use it lol, I made a hybrid crit/status build with Hammer Shot and Vile Acceleration. It works great. Thanks everyone!
  12. Heavy Caliber on Vulklok?

    Do you think that Heavy Caliber is worth using on Vulklok? I usually never use it on snipers because I love their accuracy, but I don't know if this works on Vulklok too, since it's a Sentinel weapon. Does it misses the target with heavy Caliber?
  13. WTS good rivens, max 300 pl

    Ok I'll message you
  14. Do you know if killing kavats with Heliocor and Sumaris scanners equipped still gives you the chance to get two dna scans?