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  1. September: A month of solidarity.

    I've lost my dad because of Leukemia. For this, I can only thank DE. You're great, guys.
  2. http://imgur.com/a/VbxtC Contact me here or in game. I'm online usually from 5 pm to 8 pm CET.
  3. Patterns and colors are not important. I can trade them for the other 3 breeds, Sunika, Huras and Raksa.
  4. Kavat gone too Lotus

    I'm sorry bro :(
  5. Ordis volume should NOT be taken for quests dialog!

    I could never mute Ordis. He's my best pixel friend.
  6. Sybaris Prime with 4 hybrid elemental mods

    This is why I didn't tried this yet lol, I'm out of forma XD
  7. Did anybody tried it? I was curious to try this out, without removing Point Strike and Vital Sense. Right now I'm using 2 pure elemental mods and two hybrid mods, the status hits so hard. But I wonder what would be the effect with all 4 hybrid mods.
  8. Why am I so weak?

    It's ok to die, sometimes. I suggest you to build Ember with Energy Siphon and Quick Thinking, this will help you with keeping her alive. Zenurik is obvious a must have. About Frost, go full str and armor, it will make his Snow Globe much stronger and he will get sturdier. I personally like to use Stand United as aura, it's a nice buff. Use only Stretch, it's more than enough for range. Good luck!
  9. Mi ispira l'dea di un melee puro, qualcosa a metà tra Excal e Rhino. Mi ricorda l'armatura di un samurai giapponese e mi sembra di notare che la sua armatura sia traslucida... chissà. Di sicuro la prima cosa che mi viene in mente guardandola è questo:
  10. Lato and Braton Vandal returning!

    The lack of salt in this post is so beaitiful I could cry. I'm not even joking. For the Vandal version of Braton and Lato, I'm happy! I don't know if they need a small buff to make them acceptable with modern standars, they buffed Sicarus Prime and made it nice after all. I can't wait!
  11. WTB trash Ignis riven

    Please show picture and price
  12. Heavy Caliber on Vulklok?

    Just in case I won't use it lol, I made a hybrid crit/status build with Hammer Shot and Vile Acceleration. It works great. Thanks everyone!
  13. Heavy Caliber on Vulklok?

    Do you think that Heavy Caliber is worth using on Vulklok? I usually never use it on snipers because I love their accuracy, but I don't know if this works on Vulklok too, since it's a Sentinel weapon. Does it misses the target with heavy Caliber?
  14. WTS good rivens, max 300 pl

    Ok I'll message you