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  1. This would be what I say if they didn't have the app. Don't even log in to the game directly anymore except on Sunday night.
  2. I just solo afk'd it because it got boring after the first hour and they only give pearls as participation rewards. If there were performance rewards, I wouldn't have gone afk. This is part of DE's current content problems. Most rewards nowadays, especially from recent Tactical Alerts have been participation based, not performance based. The last time a TacAl was performance based was for Defection long runs. For that TacAl, its issues were mainly from the mode itself, not the rewards. Now, we have monotanous missions that have to be grinded to get everything and they are participation based, which makes it more likely to have afk playstyles.
  3. I just login daily to the app to claim and start forma. If they really wanted players to log into the game to do this, the app wouldn't have this functionality. Just give us the ability to create a queue of the same item already. They could even make it so we couldn't get any of the items in the queue until they are all done, which could hurt someone if they put 30 forma in the queue, making them think of smaller queues for some items.
  4. People always tend to forget that warframe market only benefits players on PC. Nobody on the console side uses an outside source for trading. They need to implement something, because right now trading is just watching a wall of text, and you can't do anything else. It feels like watching paint dry.
  5. I know I'm in the minority, but before this NW challenge popped up, I used to potato and forma everything (including normal variants of primes/vandals etc.), and had done everything done before NW was even a thing. Now I have several weapons that have not been fully forma'd due to this challenge existing, thus making me play the game even less than did before.
  6. I used Savage Silence Banshee to get the challenge done. Had some enemies fire at me and a syndicate showed up, still ended up completing it.
  7. The community no longer prioritizes late game systems because the players that about such things are mostly gone playing other games. The current community only wants to nerf equipment and make things easier and quicker to obtain, not have challenging and rewarding content. OT, any change to Rivens that give players more control would be welcome, they are the closest thing to end game rewards that we have.
  8. Looks like the community once Season 2 started and we got both the Gild and the 3 forma challenge even though DE said they listened to our feedback.
  9. If this was implemented, the community backlash to the IPS changes that were supposed to come with Khora would pale in comparison.
  10. This will just be the shiny new toy like Plains and Fortuna. It will provide lackluster content that vets don't need as their current gear is overall better and the new players/casuals will play it for a little before going back to playing other games. DE keeps giving us milk and cereal on paper plates. It tastes good, but its not as good as a proper bowl and the paper plate falls apart if used too many times.
  11. (XB1)dude1286


    For looters, you could look at the Diablo series and Path of Exile for endgame concepts. Getting randomized stat loot to make your builds better so you can go to the next difficulty is the endgame for Diablo III. Then you have raids in Destiny and raid bosses in Borderlands that dropped specific gear that was also randomized. The only thing Warframe has that is randomized stats are Rivens, but DE refuses to use them how other games would and now we have no reward structure for endgame missions. If we got an endgame that just rewarded players mainly Endo (Arbitrations) or Relics (ESO), most players at endgame level will just ignore them. But, before we get some type of Operator endgame, we need proper Warframe endgame.
  12. Can't forget that normal melee is extremely inconsistent with how close a player has to be to take down the bubble, no matter if you are using Orthos or the Sheev.
  13. How about Path of Exile so that Veterans can have some endgame.
  14. This "challenge", along with the 3 formas and Ayatan sculpture "challenges" are terrible. I no longer fully slot Ayatan Sculptures just in case the "challenge" comes up, which means I no longer get endo from them. I no longer forma any items, and before Nightwave I had every item available to me potato'd and forma'd. Now I just wait for the "challenge" to appear again. This used to extend content releases for me a little bit, but now the Jovian Accord was finished in less than 2 days which were workdays. Once they add new gilding items, I'll build them but won't gild until the "challenge" comes up again. Until then, I'll just build a cheap Zaw, level it, gild it, then return it to Hokk to return some of the standing I just wasted. This wasn't the intention of Nightwave, to make people do less of the game for anticipation for these gear checks. They need to be outright removed in Season 2.
  15. I used to forma and potato everything as it came out, but with the 3 forma "challenge", I am now playing the game less. Thanks DE.
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