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  1. Ye , probably because of the host migration , they have alot of problems caused by migrations
  2. Is Omega and Umbral forma still a thing or it was just a fake ? Or maybe China again have more things than us ?
  3. Still waiting for Vauban Rework
  4. So i just want to know what is the maximum percentage that you can get with a riven. E.g. I have 80% damage on tigris riven that have 1 disposition. Can i have like 80% damage and 80%multi , if not, can someone give me a web where i can see the stats and all these things because wiki doesn't say something about that
  5. Thank you for all of these but i need an arcane for 223
  6. i only asked for operator and amp cuz i use x2 nulifier on chroma anyway
  7. What is the best arcane for chroma when it comes to eidolon hunting ? And i just want to know about the arcanes for operator and amp
  8. I heard that Cryo rounds is better because i am Chroma so
  9. So i have a couple questions to ask about this: It this build good on rubico prime just for chroma ? https://imgur.com/hMVCucr Should i get a primed cryo rounds? What should i aim for on my riven? What arcanes should i get ony my operator only for chroma? Maybe that's a dumb question but i want to know if there's any way that arcane rage would be good. Cuz u know u need to stack up your combo on rubico anyway and you can headshot him for this arcane too? Also i just want to make sure that this build is good : https://imgur.com/PiXikeD
  10. The only thing that happened to this mod is that it dissapeared from my inventory and this happened to 2 of my friends aswell. And yes i did search for it on my sentinel and mods http://prntscr.com/mbmdux
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